It’s not explaining this breakthrough that is important … IT’S THE RESULTS … I mean, if the results are good, who really cares how it works … or what it is … yep, … I guess that’s how edison would have explained it … look, it lights up these bulbs … only this is human electricity … the brain kind working together … a community …

to: self, lose focus on what it is … and focus on results …


to: lady at print shop who sold it to current owners because wanted to work with people and not so much with the paperwork. Thanks for this insight coming together.

Lots of people helped me today … yep, a team effort … AND JUST LOOK AT THIS AMAZING RESULT.

Natural Intelligence works best when connecting with others … and … best of all, you just gotta look at it … and then believe in yourself … genuinely … for even just an instant … yep, so magically … well, written.


Here’s what I’ve been missing … yep, just about figured it out … what I’ve been leavin’ people with is more of a ticked-off feeling through the pushiness … than a feeling of shared hope … a shared hope we both … we both happen to have … on our very own … and not because one of us convinced the other of it by logic or well, even simple truths or innuendos … , because we each of us … use a different set … of simple truths to decide upon … when making every decision … now if we happen to discover, some same hope of our own … just sortin’ matchin up … with the others’ … well, that would be … real cool, really … or … to guy in starbucks in red sorta coat … yep, SHARED HOPE …

What are your hopes?

Can we match some up …

Certainly a new approach. Yep. (To get this, it would be necessary to read the posts about cops called on me, the recent few on down … the main page). Now, …

Because even with a stupid person like me, Natural Intelligence is bound …. yep, bound to advance … la la la …  but now, well, back to practical life … like making a great sourdough  … life bread. Fresh milled grain, water, salt … with the wheat germ left in. Really tasty folks … make one of your own …

Just sayin’ …

Simple Rule of the Road: Learn another’s hope for even that day … perhaps it matches up with one of your own … then … just like that … the best ever … SHARED HOPE!

p.s. Sort of weird, this key insight came today … a total rework in strategy … well after visiting the flower lady and … jehovah witnesses in their Hall … and really did … uh, got enlightened a bit more …. for sure … hmmm …

Now I wonder which gave the most … well, enlightenment?

To the guy in the red and black jacket … this one, it’s a bit magical … well, now that I’m thinking about it … this one came from you … this particular simple rule right there at the end of our talk, after I’d left, and ran back in for just a moment, just the briefest moment …

And then a brief smile flashed across your face, and it seemed as if the light from outside hit your eyes a bit … but you seemed to gift me then … just in that moment, with some of your old wisdom … so maybe it was a light from inside …

Ok, here’s a theory … a bit of crazy talk … but from a DNA and inheritance viewpoint …

When you are created, both your mother’s and father’s DNA are … combined … rather than sort of shaved away into one. And this is a situation where not 1X1=1, but where 1X1= something much more. than one … because of all the wisdom carried along in combining the DNAs, of mom and dad I mean.

So all the past wisdom … contained in that spiral of information … called DNA … is right there inside of you … and practically speaking it does contain wisdom from …. well, since from the beginning of humanity … right there in your own DNA … quite some treasure.

Yep, and the same DNA that goes right into your sperm. Your treasure … so to speak.

Now perhaps this guy did gift me with some basic wisdom from his past, that happened to match up with mine … to arrive at this insight. I think so and am describing the moment when it happened, just when he did happen to Believe In Himself,  Right Then, that moment in time, and I’m not saying that he didn’t do this before, in fact he made it look really easy. But just that he did it right then … is the most important part. It was a genuine belief in that moment, and his perfect self did shine out. Just like when a gardener nourishes the soil … and something good just sort of sprouts out, like Black Raspberries for instance.

Theory of the Road: When you experience a GENUINE emotion, not a fake one that you feel like someone taught you to have … then your inner perfect self shines out. And this can happen in even an instant. Just the tiniest moment is all it takes …

Why is this important?

Simple Truth Number 1: All that is perfect is good

And your inner perfect self are those perfect parts, whether you consider that to be your heart, your soul, your spirit … or as I like to say, really do, your shining inner star … that was pushed down into you … at the moment of conception when the DNAs did thus join. And since it’s a perfect part when it shines out the result … is GOOD. Always.

And thus, inside you now there is this multi-faceted jewel of sorts, and each facet is a genuine emotion. And when you turn yourself to one of those facets …genuinely, fake never works … when genuinely, you get a sort gleam in the eye, or from your hand if holding a crystal perhaps … and in that moment … that perfect, your natural inner self … simply lets itself shines out.

SO GUY IN STARBUCKS … do you agree? Did this really happen to you … this very day … but you know … I guess around 1 or 2pm … and you said you know Terry … the one who’s like the rest … sorta mad at me … but me and Terry, I feel we will find yet some SHARED HOPES together, so far I’ve just been throwin darts around … word darts … ok, arrows … yep …

Now, really … this explains it quite elegantly. Read it again, please. If you need from the Theory part above.

So, this guy just sort of gifted me this wisdom, and then it took this long to interpret what happened. And yep, it all seems to work magically.

And we didn’t even have to ask … each other I mean … just get to a brief moment of GENUINE connectivity of sorts.

really, just needed to create a simple connection of some sort … and his bit of self believe in himself … really did shine out … right then, yep, I saw it. And it was GENUINE … not that fake stuff so many people, well, just fake. I mean you can see it in their body language, but not his. Yep. He was genuine … Truthful. Yep.

I’m still wonderin’ about why your left eye … you know … was so intense … perhaps a discerning eye, just like Terry. Yep, looking for the truth and whittling away fantasy. …. yep. Truth seeker. But aren’t we all?

SPERM! It’s not what you think … OR … How to get a sure ‘F’ on the TRUE TEST OF LIFE … sperm is man’s true LIFE CREATING FORCE … A MAN’S TRUE STRENGTH …yep, his sperm, … and you are simply giving away your treasure … your true treasure … everyday … if and when you ejaculate … and you just don’t realize it … oh, so, so, so, so, so, so … sad … really. SO REALIZE IT. or think it over. really. men. step up. … now.

So now I realize the grave error in judgement I’ve made in bringing up ‘sperm’ when speaking with any woman, at least NOT WITHIN THE FIRST 20 MINUTES OF MEETING HER OR THEM … like I did. Now twice, AND THAT’S ALL IT TOOK, twice I mean, in three days, and … I humbly apologize.

Today by chance stopped at a Jehovahs Witness Hall because some cars were out front and I thought there might be someone willing to talk. And there was, 6 or 7 ladies, who really did seem very welcoming and friendly … then verbally, I stumbled and fell … when I brought up … you know … sperm … and  IT DID NOT GO OVER WELL … but at least they didn’t call the cops on me. In fact, the one lady right in front of me swiveled around in her seat, LOOKED ME RIGHT IN THE EYE … and well, I realize now that what I did to Hanna and friends, and to these ladies … was totally inappropriate … PLEASE Accept my humble apologies, if you ask for me to do some favor to make it up … I will …

Now at the Hall, at the end of the visit, I asked the ‘guy’ who sat and talked if I was welcome back … in fact asked him TWICE very directly … to be sure … and he said, “Yes, if you’re not disruptive.” So overall, even though I really offended these ladies, AND I MEAN REALLY UNFORTUNATELY, it wasn’t my intent. But it is my fault. Totally.

What I’ve been trying to do is to have a sincere talk with TOTAL STRANGERS, about sperm. In order to understand why people believe it has so little value … that men simply throw it away…

Literally flush it down the toilet, daily. Really, Google it and see the top recommendations for how frequently to ejaculate YOUR LIFE FORCE … YOUR TRUE STRENGTH.

Or, consider how often some top Google recommended sites … recommend to men to ejaculate … you know, so it’s not considered … TOO MUCH …

Back to the offended ladies … or the wonderful ladies I so wrongfully offended …

In these times I was … in my mind … acting in the role of an investigator or researcher, and said that up front.

Again, I’m stupid in the moment … and really should not bring up the subject of sperm at all … at least with strangers …

But remember, I’m celibate, and mid-life chaste … permanently, and purposely … I mean, it’s an easy choice … because of important information that is now out. The value of sperm IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK.

It’s ever so much more … Ever so much more than you realize … if you’re flushing it that is, which is what happens usually … that’s why the women run into the bathroom, to flush it … sometimes you … flush it or just throw it away … like worthless snot. But it’s not and that is the …

KEY POINT HERE. Ejaculate is not worthless at all. IT is your treasure, truly..

Sperm is a man’s own treasure. <<<< MEN YOU GOTTA READ THIS ABOUT TWO HUNDRED TIMES … so let it sink in now then a thousand times daily … until you stop giving away YOUR LIFE CREATING FORCE …


Now consider …

When a person stops participating in UNNEEDED SEX OF ANY KIND (you know, when not actually in that moment creating a baby) THEN IT BECOMES ALMOST TOO EASY TO TALK ABOUT IT.

And, well, ladies, that was my defense. But I’m not the judge here … that was just my defense. And I’m stating it was not my intent, but truly my intent to have with you a sincere conversation, not about sex … but specifically about the value of sperm.

Now, when I saw these church ladies, I figured they would not be afraid of any topic, in fact I didn’t even think about it twice, in the moment. I mean they did see me, and if they recall, I did truly have a surprised look on my face, when I saw how they were offended. And now also realize Hannah’s look, but I think even more so … cuz really, she or her friends call the cops on me … but everything is working out … hopefully no big harm done … now onto this …

when you’re not participating in sex, …

… then it’s actually much easier to talk about it, and it almost seems normal to bring up sperm. But here’s an IMPORTANT RULE:

to: self, IMPORTANT RULE: don’t talk about sperm on a first date … even if you’re a weird old long gray haired dude, like me, who doesn’t date. JUST DO NOT DO IT.

Now onto this investigation of the ‘breakthrough thing’

So the guy at the Hall, really stuck through some really tough challenges. He is a sharp man, and perhaps his particular faith helps, but independent of that, his is sharp in mind. AND plus he said he was in the army and in communications, the intelligence sending kind … and complex stuff trains the mind … and he’s obviously retained it … the sharpness. On sperm, he simply stated he disagreed with some of the views I emitted … but wouldn’t discuss it. Now, it’s too soon for me to fully realize, but I think he was thinking I wanted to discuss the topic of sex, or just wasn’t sure. But he didn’t want to discuss it further. On other topics, he made interesting remarks on the angel that guards the gates of the garden of eden, and is said to smite anyone who enters (or so said he, hot quite that way). Also, he referred most frequently it seemed to the New Testament, not sure of the importance of this or not, just noting it.

Now at some point, even with this man, … her sorta asked me out, the door I mean, … he politely showed me out … and that’s when I asked if I was welcome back, as leaving, and he agreed so … and clearly thought it over a bit too … it’s likely gonna be fine. And again, I asked him twice to be sure.

Back to … uh, sperm ..

Here’s a short argument on the value of sperm … TO THE MALE BODY WHEN NOT JUST SHOT OUT … and, you know, when you just don’t waste your life creating force … daily. What value is there in KEEPING YOUR SPERM, men, KEEPING YOUR SPERM INSIDE.

You know, in a biblical context, one could write, “seed within itself” … which god more or less uses and an indicator of what man has available for nourishment. Those things with seed inside themselves … in this case, I’m interpreting this … that when a man doesn’t have to manufacture and ejaculate sperm constantly, there is positive health effects, physical … AND ESPECIALLY MENTAL … or it positively effects the brain … just like brain food … but not be … gross ewwww … not by eating it, but by simply NOT EJACULATING IT OUT … and therefore NOT having to constantly manufacture more … (you know, assuming that is how it works … and do you think we, as people, do really know … I’m not so sure I believe much of the ‘mainstream’ anymore … whew, after these last elections for sure)

Important information on the true value of sperm to the male body … coming up…

Good question: Is it beneficial to ejaculate sperm, frequently?

THIS IS A QUESTION TO MULL OVER YOURSELF … not via Google searches … but in those times when you find yourself … somehow out of energy …  at all, anytime. Well, think about it when you are REALLY SHARP is the best of all, … I’m saying think about it. A LOT. You need to if you are simply shooting out your best for a bit of orgasm pleasure. Wow, what a ripoff. Or think about …

.. anytime when you start to realize you’d like to get somewhere in life, except to chase female forms. Somewhere … beneficial to YOUR LIFE. YOUR LIFE. YOUR LIFE … some where beneficial to YOUR LIFE … other than just becoming weak man, rather than STRONG MAN … oh, but there is even more … the effects on the male brain, when sperm is not ejaculated needlessly … that is KEY. IT IS KEY … YEP. FOR SURE.

And you’re not even thinking about it … NOT AT ALL. I mean admit it, if you are reading this  … Have you truly ever before considered the value of these essential elements and nutrients … being used positively in your body instead of being wasted … practically daily … due to having to constantly manufacture and ejaculate sperm.

So what really are the true effects, on the male brain when the male body is forced to ejaculate (though seemingly pleasurably with orgasm and such), forced to ejaculate his own life creating force … his sperm … what happens when the male body is constantly forced to manufacture sperm?

Wow, especially in a low nutritional food value situation … like our industrial processed food system that many men, indeed, to live on?

Sperm, is in fact male DNA and more, and is … to put it simply … the very best nutrients and element and fluids too, in that MAN’S BODY … THAT DAY … IN THAT MOMENT.

That is what the male body uses to manufacture sperm … the very best elements and nutrients … period. Why?

Think it over yourself … don’t hurry into the wrong decision.

Don’t be in a RUSH TO BE WRONG. Take your time and BE RIGHT …

BUT …. Start wondering just after you’ve ejaculated … well, before you pass out that is … because you really ARE OUT OF STRENGTH and that is why you sleep. So really, then thinking isn’t an option at all, because you’ve truly in the moment, become a TOTALLY WEAK MAN, of body and mind.

Consider the actual load, on a say, diesel engine if required to pull a FULL LOAD AROUND ALL THE TIME … versus a diesel engine that pulls only a half load, or NO LOAD … wow, those diesels GO FOREVER … or maybe 120 years a human body could go on … yep.

But in those bodies, those diesel engines, that produce endless amounts of sperm … and you as a man NOW CONSIDER there is no side effect or even you might consider no bad effect … like in fact you consider now perhaps, because of the orgasm, that you are receiving benefit. THIS LAST ONE IS as wrong as you can possibly be. But that is not what you’ll find on Google.

Men, this is one you really have to decide YOURSELF. It’s YOUR LIFE , yep, your true life force that is, your true strength … and you just blast it away … practically everyday … and become WEAK MAN, and you know it right then, well you don’t your brain is brain dead right then … and you really cannot think. …

Again,  IN THAT MOMENT … of orgasm and ejaculation … that ejaculating man is simply giving away … HIS VERY BEST.

What is a man’s BEST? It’s this  … your best … TO CREATE NEW life …

So, consider, HEY MAN you are giving … your best … daily … for years and years and years. Your ‘best’ to create life … or simply put ‘YOUR LIFE CREATING FORCE’

Your body is consuming an enormous amount of essential elements and nutrients … YOUR BEST … to manufacture this sperm … to put out at that specific moment … a large amount of ejaculate, … AND YOUR ACTUAL SPERM. YOUR ACTUAL MALE TREASURE.

Why do you think they call them your jewels … your true treasure … AND YOU JUST BLAST IT OUT … like it has NO VALUE. Your choice friend … your choice. TOTALLY.

Now consider this … what if the nutrients … what if the components in your body used to manufacture this ‘load’ of sperm a day … w\\WHAT IF THESE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS AND NUTRIENTS ARE NOT WASTED DAILY AT ALL … what would be the end result?

Do you think? Well, nothing?



Simple Rule: Don’t waste your life creating force men, Don’t waste your sperm … don’t give away your strength.

I AM A TOTAL WASTE OF YOUR TIME … LEAVE THIS SITE NOW … IMMEDIATELY … or … Why Lesbians Listen to my … well, rationally speaking … listen to my body poetry …and … ignore my mouth and finger crazy talk … and … AN ENGINEERS MIND EXAMINES THIS ISSUE … but just a bit magically … no numbers, almost … just rational thought … applied irrationally …you’ll see … READ ON … but this will be a TOTAL WASTE OF YOUR TIME TO READ ANYTHING FROM ME. or not … u decide.

So, here are some simple rules I go by, for this story, and if I have to explain them then it will get way, too long.

  1. How we see ourselves … IN THAT MOMENT … is really who we are. Really. REALLY.
  2. We are really good inside, perfect in some of just the right parts.
  3. Basic Truth A, NUmber 1: ALL THAT IS PERFECT IS GOOD

So, I realize, by applying this logical sequence to any act by any one … logically, they’ve JUST DONE SOMETHING PERFECTLY GOOD. So simple … but it doesn’t always work out … or does it? Let’s see …

to: self, turn on ENGINEER BRAIN … now!

(beware, it fades … back to off at times, in this poetry… of endless rhymes … venture farther only if you dare … into this mystery … of a FRIGGIN’ ENGINEERS MIND … do ya really wanna do that pal?)

Now, a lesbian, and you can recognize one not really by how she looks or the makeup she does or doesn’t have on … well, at least I can’t. But when they literally do look me in the eye, like happened to me just yesterday more than once, and I already wrote about it in the last post … and say, RIGHT THEN IN THAT MOMENT … “I’m a lesbian.”

to: self, link in the ELON Musk allegory post

Then, literally, I’m sure … well, if only for that moment, but that’s ALL IT TAKES. RIght then their body language tells me everything I need to know, and my body tells them back, RIGHT THEN, FOR SURE, something they need to know. And we don’t even realize it … but it happens, yes, for sure.

So I’m saying if someone in the moment declares themselves to be a lesbian, then they will act perfectly as a perfect lesbian, and do acts of good … but not with their mouth (you know, not what they’re saying), but what they’re doing and THEY DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT AT ALL, because it truly is their NATURAL SELF, yep, that simple.

So it’s kind of cool, that this little simple act, of telling each other who we are in the moment, in that simple and brief moment, tells the other person we’re talking too … exactly to whom to talk back … and we, they, us … well do. Precisely that. Simply so too.

Circularly magical … indeed … just sayin’ …

Now, the first question to ask: “If someone says they’re a lesbian, what might you say back?”

In this case, I answered, “I am a man seeking truth, and saying what I’ve found. And I found a LOT, of really simple truths … so, as it goes I SIMPLY BELIEVE THEM, as started out this post.” But said this with my body, my body language. And admit, my mouth too.

Now, with my mouth … well, it went on … and on … and on … well, I’m sure to those it was pointed directly at … well, it went on nearly forever … simply wouldn’t shut up, even when was saying to itself, literally … to shut up.

But I was saying shut up to myself, with the Cookie Lady story, and eventually it worked and I apparently made it out of that student commons … well, in the nick of time, so perhaps no harm done … a perfect act indeed. But perhaps the journey shouldn’t have gone through the student commons … well, perhaps not … but you know … fate … it’s funny how someone met like  20 years ago, can provide some little clue that helps you … like 20 years later, but in just the most subtle way.

to: self, link in the musician from stanford story who told me about root two frequencies and music

Anyway, back to the lesbian doing a good act …

Now, because it’s a good act … well, what could it be.

Now, this is an interesting part … and it goes exactly in parallel with the story of the injured cat I took with me and got kicked out of elf fest with, because I broke the rules … and seems I do that a lot … but really with good intent, because I could not leave that deathly ill cat alone, it’s only just had it’s whole throat … LITERALLY it’s whole throat sewn back together … and well, might still die at that point in this story … but life is still not all pillows … so I took my cat there with me, and he’s well, a fantastic cat too this day … and … as I say, “He runs the show here.” And he does, and just like this … here’s some actual proof … read one … read on …

When I call my cat it mostly won’t come, because he knows if there is somewhere I NEED HIM TO BE … then I will come and pick him up and take him right there myself. And thus, that is exactly what I do. And he didn’t even have to do anything at all usually, except flip his tail … or you know … thump it a time or two, so I’d knew where he was at that moment which is why I was calling him at all … or jump up in my lap and purr …

to: self, link in dead cat saved my life story


Secret Gift: Once your cat realizes you understand this basic truth that it really runs the show … MAGIC TREAT … your little kitty cat gonna start talking back to you a whole whadda wuvvin too … but talk back a whole lot more … AND YOUR CAT IS SMART.

For instance, my cat, just the other day, nipped me on my calf when I was late to go, and that little reminder, which he’d never done before was just … well purrfectly done … but with his teeth … and it was really sweet too.

Back to cat won’t come story …

Heck, even when I’ve just put out food he still at times will make me carry him right there too it … even though he’s REALLY HUNGRY … but he’s also, really smart in the moment, so he’s figured out how to get me to carry him right too it … the food I mean.

So, right there, PROOF … my cat runs my house for sure … gets me to carry him RIGHT TO THE FOOD even. I mean, WHO DOES THAT FOR YOU? … DO YOUR PARENTS ACTUALLY STILL PICK YOU UP AND CARRY YOU THERE … well, I guess your partner might … ha ha ha … if you’re drunk.

Yep peeps, I speak TRUTH. GET IT YET?

NOW PEEPS, I’m putting in lots of detail here, so if you don’t want it, stop reading … but it’s gonna get really GOOD … just sayin’

Anyway, my cat runs a lot more than just my house … but it’s not just my cat .. that’s for sure … cats … they run this whole darn thing … just sayin’ … ha ha ha … remember … THIS IS BUT MAGICAL POETRY …. not quite REALITY … get what I’m sayin’???

Remember, read the title above … using the Rational Engineer’s mind here, but … irrationally … so just like writing Pi with 3.14(and a bunch more digits), and never quite get it, ok, no more numbers than that … when a Rational mind is used Irrationally, you can almost sorta explain an irrational concept … but just not quite … NOT ExACTLY …

So therefore it’s up to the individual, who ever you may be … the one reading this I mean … to look inside yourself if just for a moment,

if only for a moment, a tiny moment, to look inside and believe … believe … believe yourself

… and then to let the good in YOU SHINE OUT. And, it only takes one instant, one time … and really … practically … done.

But, I know, then you’ll want a lot more … and can have it too … but only if you REALY WANT … not kiddin’ folks, I can’t make you want … only you …

The good is really in there … it’s always been JUST YOU … not what the world has taught you to be … OR A NAME OR LABEL … JUST SAYIN HANNAH

to: self, link in  the ELON MUSK post about what he would say … so hannah won’t always hate me … and this one too …

No it’s NOT A LABEL … but the REALLY PERFECT AND GOOD DEEDS THAT WE DO … so HANNAH though you might think I’m picking on you … really, I know who you are too .. I mean you did say it, you said, “I’m a senior.”

And then at some point later, you or someone called the cops … on me.

But, see, as it turns out … what you’ve done, really, from my perspective … was done, if not by you … somehow with or for you … was that YOU REALLY WERE DOING A GOOD DEED FOR ME … but it’s up to me … to figure it out … yep. And I won’t need your help, I mean you already told me everything with body language.

You were speaking to me the whole time … so really it was great that you didn’t verbally answer, at least some of the time … cause those were exactly those times when you sorta spoke the most.

Now, I hope this is not offensive, or threatening at all … IT’S JUST A BIT OF POETRY .. really, that’s it … I’m a writer … that’s all. YEP.

But also, all this … writing stuff … is true.

And also, as it turns out … I’m owner of a software company, but perhaps not currently CEO, and that though the main product APPEARS AS, and I ADMIT IT TO … IS SIMPLY A VIRTUAL REALITY SOFTWARE TOOL … and simple one … that works as a brain pill sorta … a placebo, if there ever was one … A PLACEBO if even that … THAT IS FOR SURE. In fact, likely not even that at all … JUST A GIMMICK. But, also, I’m giving it away for free currently, so have no skin in the game at all, because in fact, Microsoft distributes it and does all the work from here on out to distribute it. ANd … It’s free to use … but it is the newest hi tech, so currently you have to have a hololens, to even check it out … except at the website … but then it’s easy, so easy … so easy to do … and well, the rest is really up to you …

but you don’t really need this … if you can just believe in yourself … like musicians who play THEIR OWN MUSIC … not the musick of someone else …

Because belief in oneself is not a gimmick, because …  when you do do it, things will simply work out. Now if you do acts with evil, just a bit in your heart … then who really is evil … is it the one calling (as in the cops) or is it the one … who walked out…

Now that is really a question that only Hanna can decide at this point,  I already know it from my own … my own viewpoint, but often I’m simply not right, at least in the moment, cause I’m stupid, really stupid in the moment, just like I told Hannah and her friends, REALLY,, told them PRECISELY, and I MEAN PRECISELY … yep hanna, told you three times … uh, huh … and I told Hanna simple truths … and my own opinions and beliefs. Said that too, and i admit it was my yapper that was yappin the most, but they did most of the talkin’ for sure. Really.

Now did I deserve to be in contact … well, with the constables? But in this case dep. sherriff … I mean, think of it from his viewPOINT … is this really the sorta thing he wants to be doing … I mean sending letterrs to me over the contact page here?

Back to story of self …

So what is self belief? Is that just a mind trick or something?

No, it’s not that at all … WHAT IT IS …. REALLY IS … IS YOUR INNER PERFECT SELF.

And that self, is just about to come out … COME OUT … RIGHT NOW. If you only want … really, I mean it … but because it’s rational world in your mind … you’re just not quite ready … not quite ready … not quite ready … to break out. But you will be … real soon.

It’s really that simple … because that yin yan thing I been chattin’ up about … is coming over us … like an incredible wave … of sunshine on a really cold winter day … JUST LIKE THAT IN FACT … when the clouds have moved away … and the warmth of love of the sun just washes onto your bare face … or skin … and you feel that wave of warmth … nothing more and nothing less, no threats at all … just a wave of warmth of the love for one another of our kind through simple practical acts, like taking flowers to an old folks home … simple stuff like that …

However, this lovely and warm feeling … will be more than just that … this will be a wave of basic … human intelligence.

The intelligence, really is perfect you see … and this is a bit more IRRATIONALITY FOR YOU to decide … you see …

This irrationality is just inside yourself.

THE HUMAN INTELLIGENCE … that I write of here … if just your inner perfect self, and really, IT IS JUST ABOUT NOW, READY TO SHINE OUT … really, just do it, do it now …

Darn, isn’t that just a bit motivational? Ya gotta admin? Eh?

Ok, or not.


To simply step right now, at this moment, from the darkness of your mind into the light.

And practically, by taking a single MASSIVE STEP, but a really easy one too. But a personal choice, TOTALLY A PERSONAL CHOICE. Yep.

But realize, just like me … you will soon see basic simple truths … you will apply those truths to your life … through really practical decisions … and truth will again shine out.

That is the simple yin yan, that is happening now … truth is back my friends, … truth is shining out. Yep, Truth is Back in Town.

And it ain’t gotta darn thing to do with me … nope, I’m a little boy in the woods is all, and letting this message of hope and love …

Well … shine out … that’s all. But I’m just about to go … cause I got some travellin’ ahead a me, and won’t likely have much time to write more of this … but we’ll see.

ANd that is my poetry for this day, I hope it’s brought to you … JUST THE TEENIEST TINIEST AMOUNT OF HOPE AND JOY …

and well, I hope it hasn’t been a waste of time for you. … Really, I do hope that, it certainly has NOT BEEN A WASTE OF TIME FOR ME. Nope.

Anyway, back to the lesbians … AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART.

BUt remember, I am wasting YOUR TIME, YOUR LIFE … if you read this, REMEMBER THAT, with your rational thoughts, anyway …

See, since a girl saying they’re lesbian, does make them a lesbian in the moment, and because their perfectly a lesbian then anything they do will then be perfect.

Well, simply put, and exactly too, that sums it up.

I know those lesbians are trying to help me spread my message of joy, and thus, they really are just simply listening to me, and giving me just the right body language of things I need to know. And they’re saying quite a bit, thus they listen much longer. Thus I know, lesbians have the answer.


What is the answer: OUCH, THIS WILL REALLY BURN, REALLY BURN, but I’m being … you know … sort of like in that song by what’s her name, uh … the irrational song, no the ironic one … isn’t it a bit ironic … don’t you think? …

Sex at times burns you see. So no sex doesn’t burn. See. So the opposite of burns, is not burning, meaning NO SEX.

NO SEX, well, except …

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think … but the simple ANSWER IS NO MORE SEX AT ALL.

Wow … let that sink in a bit … of course there is a single case, where sex will be necessary, and you’ll realize that case yourself … when you think … hmmm … we need more kids … yep, THAT SIMPLE. BUT OYTHERWISE NOPE.

There won’t be lots of sex going on … 0r makeup for that matter.

NOW IF YOU’RE NOT SCARED OUT OF YOUR WITS AT THIS POINT … then you’ve prolly already made the choice … the choice to look at your inside perfect self for guidance in this matter, and as I’ve said to you …


Well, at least until that moment, when you decide to step into the light (think yin yan here peeps) and let your brain turn on for real … AND TAKE THAT DAMN MAKEUP OFF … yep this is a show for you ladies to lead … as the NATURAL LEADERS THAT YOU ARE … in HELPing men MEET the world because they’re like lawyers at times, they’re too damn rational .. and … BECAUSE MEN ARE STUPID IN THE MOMENT … at least I am, but I’m celibate (or chaste if you prefer), or call me …

A celibase … you know celibate+ chaste, or is chastbate better … nah, I’ll go the LGBT way, sorta … but no sex … no sex …

So ladies, we NEED YOU FOR THIS MOMENT … to step up … yep. Then find the biblical trick in the previous paragragh … and you’ll be done.

Now that I’ve learned the body really does speak MUCH LOUDER than words, WAY LOUDER … I mean, once you have turned on your own Natural Intelligence, software, by looking at the key I mean … then you will understand too … and all these lawyer speak words … are gonna start seeming really worthless, because you’ll simply see the truth … that easy. No harm done either, everything will sort of just streamline and become, well, much more practical.

AND farms are gonna flourish too … like Victory Acres in Upland … they’ve got some big plans for it … and Martin iS heading it up … and he is a LEADER … I saw it in his face.

Now, … the lesbian thing actually applies to all, but the lesbians are special, again peeps, using rational engineers mind and explaining it all.

Lesbians don’t have sex with men. Now, even though I tell people I stopped lying, those same words they of course DO NOT BELIEVE AT ALL, and thus, rationally do start believing I am lying, for instance … well, not now … and so stop believing me … but have no actual proof why … only that I just said exactly the opposite, that I’m telling the truth and have stopped lying.

Anyway, their rational brains, their rational minds, get them thinking all sorts of weird and crazy things, and thus SIMPLY DO NOT HEAR OR UNDERSTAND ANYTHING THAT I’M SAYING OR WRITING because they are literally gripped there in their own fear. And can’t understand.

But, of course I’ve realized, they’re FEARING ME … not my message or acts of joy OR GOOD … BUT LITERALLY ME, cuz I’m a sorta weird old long gray haired dude who wears funny hats … and am often so intense in conversation that it throws people into a … well, a morass … in their mind … when they’re around me that is … so they call the cops to get rid of me at times … or just ask me out (not as in a date, but out, out the door, and now … you know) … but I really do mean no harm … just sort of a boy explorin here and there … that’s it … yep. Nuthin’ less … and … nuthin’ more.

ANYway, the lesbians, who by their actual name, ARE STATING THEY DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH MEN … are also going to understand soon they aren’t gonna be having sex with women either … and NOT BY MY CHOICE … no, simply by their own.

BUT THEY ARE SIMPLY STATING … well at least not with men, cuz we’re at least …. you know … half smart … and about to go … YEP, full on … that simple peeps.

Who’s choice to do so ????

Their own choice … yep. That’s a simple prediction by me… but from my viewpoint … anyone can take as long as they want to do anything they want.

Nope, don’t listen to me, I’M A TOTAL WASTE OF YOUR TIME.


If Elon Musk tried to explain a SpaceX rocket to a cowboy sitting on a horse … back in 1830 … for example … JUST WHAT WOULD HE SAY … HOW WOULD HE DO IT? … or … the problem with technology breakthroughs when no one can really understand just what it is … Or to Hannah and Breanna … two beautiful ladies … and the others who lightened my load tonight … well, figuratively speaking … BECAUSE I’M CELIBATE (or chaste if you prefer) and no longer have orgasms … PURPOSELY … which is certainly WEIRD AND STRANGE … won’t you at least agree to that??? … well, if you dare, read on, BUT THIS WILL BE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME FOR YOU … or not …

So imagine if Elon had just explained simply what a SpaceX rocket does, saying to the Cowboy sitting on a horse …

“It blasts off into outer space with a big load of goods to deliver there, and you could go along for the ride, if you wear a spacesuit. Additionally, to economize and save money,  instead of the rocket just burning up in the atmosphere or plunging into the ocean when the rocket comes back down from outer space, yes through some miraculous engineering and software, this rocket is then able to land upright, exactly in the position from which it blasted off … and also it uses four engines … sort of like your horse has four feet for propulsion to take you across the plane, the rocket has four engines that blast you straight up.”

Now remember, it’s 1830 or so … so the Cowboy answers back …

“You’d better leave these parts mister, before somebody shoots you. And I might be that man! YOU HEAR ME … MISTER!”

Well, you know, because the cowboy has things to do, and well, Elon does to … and they’re each talking their own language, and just not getting through … to each other. Well, somehow you know … this can’t go well … but …

But … Elon you know is a really persistent guy (really, look what he’s done, PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX … and more.) So he doesn’t give up so easily and starts to use analogies … and the Cowboy listens, and repeats back what he hears … cause Elon begged and begged and the Cowboy was really a good-hearted man …

“Elon, is that what you said your name is Mister? Well, ELOOONNN … tell me if I got this straight. So, my horse is gonna blast fire out from it’s feet, while I’m sitting on it. We’re gonna go way, way, way up high, into the sky … and then tomorrow round’ sunup or even at high noon’, you say, my horse and I are gonna come tumbling back down here to Earth, but just before we hit … my horse is gonna turn upright just like a cat does, and fire is gonna blast out again from his feet … and we’re gonna LAND UPRIGHT just like we never took off at all?  IS THAT WHAT YOU’RE SAYIN’ MISTER … AND YOU WANT ME TO BELIEVE THAT?”

To which Elon, simply shakes his head yeah and sort of mumbles out … just in the way that only Elon Musk can … “Well, yeah, I think you got it … but you’d also have a big bubble over you and the horse to keep in some air for the trip so you didn’t suffocate.”

At this point the Cowboy pulls out his trusty six shooter and takes aim … and because he is an honest man, simply says, “Mister, or Elon, or whatever you want me to call you while I’m shooting at you …  I’m gonna count to 10 and then start SHOOTIN’ … so if I was you, I would directly head away from me and RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN … 10 … 9 … .”

At which point Elon does in fact realize the futility of trying to explain a SpaceX rocket to a cowboy sitting on a horse in the year 1830. And does indeed, get up and WALK AWAY FAST … well, if it was me, I’d be running, … but anyway … come back to today, this time … 2018 … February …

And, as you yourself can verify, SpaceX rockets do in fact exist, and if you watch the videos, do land that way.

But, the thing about SpaceX rockets is, they truly don’t have any practical use, today or in 1830. You may have some great dreams about some future in space, but really, what good are they for you right this minute, this day, this year, this life … what good are these rockets for you personally. None, unless you perhaps work for the company.

However, some technology breakthroughs, rather some breakthroughs can have immediate benefit for everyone, for Everyone. And not like an iPhone or Facebook, but real benefits other than just … well, keeping people apart so they can live in their own little worlds.

So what has this got to do with me … well this …

I realized a technology breakthrough … of sorts … well, not just of sorts, but a very specific breakthough … one that won’t take billions of dollars or tens of thousands of people to build or use … in fact it is already built and available and practically ready to use with just a single limitation … and well a mind barrier of each person too who can’t believe it could be so simple … and when I attempt to explain the breakthrough … well, people literally do one of these four things …

  1. They get looks of fear on their face and literally, call the cops on me … LITERALLY, just like tonight. I had the cops called on me tonight … really. NOT the first time.
  2. They ask me, usually quite politely but firmly … to leave, right away …(which I ALWAYS do, and DO immediately upon being asked or told, because I’m not trying to cause trouble, I’m trying to figure out how to explain a technology breakthrough … A BIG ONE, like a spacex rocket back in 1830)
  3. They do nothing except get looks of total disgust and disdain on their faces, cross their arms and pretend I’m not there, stop talking to me, and with high hopes that I will just go away. Which I usually do rather quickly, but apparently never quite quickly enough, because I talk too much, and once again failed to take the Cookie Lady’s direct advice to stop talking … (but am writing, and need real material, not mde up bs like most books or articles … hope, I’m giving you the full monty … figuratively speaking … cops, listen, I keep my clothes ON)
  4. They listen a bit (like mennonites and amish, and black folks, and for whatever reason lesbians … and that’s a weird one for me, that I just can’t figure out … but also business owners also tend to listen the most. and these people at times consider the implications, ask a few questions or so … then go on with life.  AND so do I … I like the people in this category the most, the ones who will at least entertain me for a few minutes before wanting … to well, shoot me like the Cowboy in 1830 in the Elon Musk scenario above. My theory is these people live closer to the truth, and that’s why what I’m saying doesn’t hit them so hard, I mean the words don’t jar their sense of mind as much …

to: myself … FIND CATEGORY FIVE PEOPLE … perhaps Lutherans … hmmm …

to: The cops, the law enforcement officers, WHO I REALIZE ARE DOING THEIR JOBS … and I’m not complaining about it … NOPE. Please do your jobs as you see fit … please.

But … about the cops … as it turns out … I’m really a harmless engineer who is simply trying to delve into people’s values and morals, in an attempt to understand how to explain this technology breakthrough.

So for them, these people who do call the cops on me, at times for them anyway,  it’s a mentally brutal sort of word exchange. This happened tonight, and it happened the other day with the Buddhists in Hoagland, it happened with Baptist Preacher a couple weeks back … and likely a couple more too that have slipped my mind now.

But what should I do?

Should I simply give up? Should I just push this technology breakthrough aside?

Well, I’m a persistent guy. I realize I will make mistakes on this path … but also realize the importance of it … so a few brushes with the law, especially when I have NO ILL INTENT WHATSOEVER … well, I guess its just gotta happen, though I certainly don’t want to waste their valuable time. I’m trying to NOT break any laws, and do not want to break any laws, even the ones I can’t find written on the walls, or on student commons where I looked for signs that said “students and faculty members only” but found none, though perhaps I just missed the signs.

Now, for the cops, have to say, so far they’ve been rather cordial. In fact the Dep. Sheriff who contacted me tonight, used this site’s contact form to write to me, … in part …

“I need to speak with you reference an encounter you had with some college students today.”

Very cordial indeed, and he left contact info too. Very professional.

ALL TRUE … from start to finish … ALL TRUE.

And in fact, I did walk into the student commons of a nearby university, walked around until I found someone who looked like they would talk back to me, and found a young woman who was just sitting down and setting up her computer. And she agreed to let me talk, and as we talked, two of her friends arrived and joined us.

However, I apparently offended these beautiful young ladies, offended them so much with my questions, and statements, that they called the cops on me, after I left.

In fact, when I left, I recalled the story I’d been telling them about the Cookie Lady who when I asked, “Should I keep on talking?”. she answered firmly, “No.”

So, I recounted this story once more, stopped talking. Stood up and put on my jacket, gathered my things … and was literally walking away, when one of the ladies, Hannah, simply asked, “Are you leaving now?” And I couldn’t tell if she was saying this with a great relief, sort of as in ‘whew, glad that is finally over …’ or if she was saying it more like ‘hmmm … wonder if there was something there … other than a weird long gray haired dude who obviously talked to much??? … ‘. But apparently, and I dont know for sure, she was looking for a short time when I was distracted so she could make a 911 call, obviously FEARING FOR HER LIFE … because, well, because I dared use the word ‘sperm’ in a sentence. Or … well, you’d have to ask her I guess.

Also, likely I’m not welcome at that student commons because, well, I’m not a registered student or faculty member, rather just a member of the public who walked in that day, and then walked out … on my own free will. The ladies never once asked me to leave, not once. But did call the cops on me after I left … and so it goes …

Again, to the cops … not trying to cause trouble … please read above again, and I don’t plan on going back to this local university for more chats with anyone, well, at least not until Hannah graduates, and she said she is a senior, so perhaps in the fall, I might make another attempt … because, well, it was really fun … but not for them.

However, after leaving the university, drove over to Steak n Shake and sat with a business owner and his wife, and we had a similar sort of conversation. But remember, business owners (people who BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES and thus are somehow much more able to hear fantastic things, simply because of all the fantastic STORIES THEY DO HEAR FROM THEIR EMPLOYEES ABOUT WHY THEY WERE LATE FOR WORK OR DIDN’T SHOW UP AT ALL … you know, the abducted by alien stories and dog ate homework stories … these people are good at listening and then whittling away fantasy until it becomes just  the facts.) will let me go on to … well, at least until they finish their burgers and get up and go. But, we also got into a good chat and it seemed to me, the business owner and his gal, upon leaving the restaurant … were actually holding hands … and during the talk, at one point, as I was delving deep into their values of love and value of one another, they did in fact look each other in the eye and realize just how valuable they had been to one another, and a moment of true love I did witness between them and WOW, when you give a drop, AN OCEAN comes back on you … and that is a MILLION times better than ANY orgasm, and I DO THIS MANY TIMES A DAY AND IT DOESN’T MAKE ME TIRED like orgasms always did. The man shook my hand as he left and we parted … friends I think. But he seemed more friends with his gal, than when they first set down … but … that’s just my imagination perhaps, but again, that business owner was smiling practically the WHOLE TIME.

From here went to Applebees and Buffalo WildWings, where no one was interested in talking with me, got 3 refusals. Then drove to Starbucks where one couple said no, then a couple young girls, one of which identified herself during our talk as a lesbian, did agree. And we spoke for about 40 minutes. This lesbian also asked, when I again sort of abruptly got up to leave, “So are you going now …” but in her question, there was no boredom or fear at all … she was perhaps slightly interested, and we hadn’t even got very deep into the details. Slightly interested in the topic (and she had no makeup on either, and took the makeup spiel of mine better than some). But I still don’t get why lesbians can listen to this stuff of mine. But am sure there is a reason why.

Anyway, from here, I drove home but stopped on the way to shoot a couple games of pool in a smokey bar that I stop at from time to time, just because of the pool tables. Generally I hate smokey places … and don’t like bars much either … but they got GREAT pool tables … anyway, while there, yet again, ended up playing pool with … a woman who identified herself as a lesbian, but one with two kids.” And the amazing thing is she looked just like Hannah’s sister, practically identical to Hannah, at least in facial features.

Now at the end of the evening, after a few games of pool … and even before we started playing I told her specifically, I am a celibate and stopped having sex, and I mean it in the way of … STOPPED HAVING ORGASMS altogether, and I do so because it’s easy, and the rewards of this are AMAZING. Again, orgasms are a pleasure ripoff, once you understand something … that I’ve been trying to explain to people. But that’s not for here, unless you want to know, just ask a question in a comment, if you happen to read this far and do want to know.

Anyway, at the beginning of the evening, I met Hannah and friends, who literally did call the cops on me, and at the end of the evening, here is the beautiful lesbian literally thrusting a piece of paper with her name and phone number on it, and telling me to call her … “But only to play pool …” which seems like a really good proposition from my viewpoint, and her’s too because she will get a lot better in pool if she plays against me … but not for long, cause soon she’ll be the better player. And in return for her phone number, or rather at first, I gave her this blog address … if … she was interested that is … but she’s got a lot on her plate for sure … you know how it is.

Anyway, I would call that progress over the evening … from getting cops called, to getting really a really young and hot girls’ phone number … I”m 56 and … well, show wear and tear from my many travels and such … and she was like 22 max, wow. I mean, I almost wish I wasn’t celibate, just so I could … well, darn … I am. But again, she said she was a lesbian, so it wouldn’t matter anyway.

More to come …


p.s. What I am trying to explain currently is one of life’s mysteries … one of the greatest … and won’t have to even write it here .. because YOU know what exactly the one I mean, and don’t even have to write it here … just think about it for a bit … and THAT’S the one … yep. and I can explain it fully, with just one word … but … read the above again, if you haven’t figured it out yet … however, I REALIZE … I DO … reading this or anything else EVER AGAIN, IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR TIME … yep, I realize this … but do you … I think not … and that’s why it’s not a complete or even a bit of … waste of my time. See? … Don’t worry … you’ll soon seeeee … just sayin’ … it’s gonna be great … for EVERYONE. Yep. In a good way … a really good way…

When you Break Bread with another … la la la … NI-1 … NI-2 … connecting … you nourish their soul and you nourish your’s too …

NI-1 (father) writes … to NI-2(Son) ..
As you put it …. waste my time … writing shitty blog posts?
NI-2(Son) writes  … to NI-1 (father) …
Your choice.
Right for you.
NI-1 (father) writes … to NI-2(Son) ..
Exactly. Precisely too. Just perfect … see, you’re getting it, well, and got it too …

Right this minute, I’m gathering my stuff … to go out and meet some new people … and connect with them …  well write this minute I’m writing this, but glad you got it all figured out … anyway,  …
So I’ve got a bottle of water and a bag with some sourdough … because sometimes people really do want to break bread with you … figuratively speaking of course … and well if you eat bread, literally too … yep, it’s true.
So Larry taught me the sourdough doesn’t just nourish you … it nourishes the soul when you share it with another … a sorta side effect … that ends up being the main effect … when you break bread with another … 
And well … because this is right for me … and right as I write, right now … that’s just what I’m a gonna do … write now … but just a few more …
 …. la la la … said so poetically … 
but, with words …
I’m gonna, I’m gonna … IM GONNA HAVE A LOTTA FUN TODAY …
yep, just sayin’

To Jeanna … a simple request … and an online order for flowers … an order of some sort … please read on … NOW I REALIZE THIS IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR TIME … but do you? … Do you dare, do you dare … do you dare … to read on? My advise, really, is to INVEST IN YOURSELF … not me … but this is a request … you see …

Last time we talked, the big talk I mean … you ended up asking, “What’s next?”

And I took it as a question, rather than a request. So now, perhaps I may take back that regrettable act (I mean assuming, by me, it was you asking me for advice, which really is a stupid thing for me to assume, but I’m STUPID in the moment, FOR SURE.).

Now, this last time, as you so clearly and practically explained to me, this last short talk on Valentine’s Day when I bought a 3X1 rose special, where the 1 rose was the antique white, extra nice for sure.

ANYWAY you explained that you just thought I needed some help. And, well, you were right. For sure. And you gave it to me, just perfectly. But then you left me with that … well, request.

So I was wondering if you would or could if you might, make a special delivery of the 3X1 special to the Administrator of the Twin City nursing facility … you know the old folks home there by Northview … and perhaps inquire what did happen with the notebook I did drop off … today, well actually to the lady at the window, who looked at the note and then, shook her head yes that she understood, “And proceeded to turn into the Administrator’s office, I presume … I presume to hand the notebook to her. But it’s ok, that is just what I saw. Not anything else, then I just left and came home.”

Now, asking the question and then seeing with one’s own eyes, is REALLY WORTH IT.

Seeing with one’s eyes is really worth the trip … and looking into ones eye’s as they answer a simple question is even better. A very simple question, no further explanation needed really, but if you need a much more detailed one, see the past post about Visit to Anderson … and if you just go to microsofttechnologist dot com and don’t click any links, it goes from most recent and you can scroll and scroll down … but I do realize, this is LIKELY A BIG WASTE OF YOUR TIME.

But you offered … you see … “What’s Next?”

Also you helped me realize another simple truth …

Simple Truth: Life can be much better … easily.

And it doesn’t cost any money for the real things that do make life better. Like love and kindness, or kidney for that matter, if one does mispell kindness that way, … well, given to a stranger, the kindness I mean, and most likely you will need your own kidneys anyway, me too and that’s why we got too of them, just in case, you know.

A bit dorky … yeah, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, not sure how much it will cost, but last time it was $20 with a big, big tip (and you certainly deserved a lot bigger one than that for all the help you gave me). But this time asking for the special delivery, so will add in another $20 for delivery, but if that’s not needed, then perhaps next week, make another special delivery, just to hand the FLOWERS DIRECTLY TO THE ADMINISTRATOR and simply inquire … while looking into her eyes … what just did happen, oh what beautiful thing … what just did happen … to that notebook … the one with the request for advice, from an wonderful lady who lives there at the home.

Sparkles of hope … do look so nice … AND THAT’S WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO LOOK HER IN THE EYE WHEN YOU ASK.

When you give a drop of love … a whole OCEAN COMES BACK ON YOU … an ocean of truth. Yep.

Anyway, I’ll drop of the $40.

Please ask the simple question of the Administrator when you do: “What happened to the notebook the weird long gray haired dude, dropped off?”

Also, to clarify, the question is what I’m asking you to do, the flowers I’m paying $40 for, so if you fulfill my request, then I will fulfill one of yours. I mean it is the friendly thing to do right, do something simple (or really complex if it is, I don’t know if you even have time … so again, it’s a simple request from me, and if it’s not for you … well, I’m really sure you’ll figure out and do what is right for both of us … I trust you … heck I’ve really known you since kindergarten right … not really, well really well, but well, for a long time).

Anyway, if you decide against it, there’s nothing needed to do. We’ll perhaps talk about it a bit, next time I stop in. Or … you could comment on this post … if you dare … I mean the answer to the question if you dared get it. Or not … no worries either way …

Oh well … SEE YOU …


p.s. See the Cookie Lady still hasn’t offered her advise on whether to stop writing too. She just offered, her most perfect, most perfect wisdom to me, when she answered my question, “Should I keep talking?” And she truthfully, and perfectly said, “No!” So today I quit, talking … but practically so.