Crazy guy gets Microsoft to … update software??? … unfolding now … Please don’t hate me Microsoft … but a lot of others appreciate the results … just check out the xamarin forums … seems when I started spouting this sorta … crazy … well … talk … Microsoft updated a key library … just today … yep … That they hadn’t touched for 4 months … Just for me? who knows??? … just sayin’ … well … read on … Egor … you da man… … I wonder if he’s from Baronovichi

This software is just a placebo at best. I mean the ‘object’ or whatever it is … is just a sorta stupid geometric shape of sorts that some call sacred, so it’s not stupid really not at least for some, and since for some it is important, well … perhaps they’re the ones that are right? Time will tell … tick tock …. tick tock …

I mean face it … well, actually that is just what you do too, you turn your face toward it …  yeah face it … what can it really do? It’s fake, it’s virtual. It’s reality. Virtually.


Here’s the library that got updated:

A release today, previous one 4 months ago and that was just a pre-release then, at that.

So … Microsoft did wake up to this ….  perhaps … you’d really have to ask them … I’m just seeing the facts … that the library did in fact get updated. Also someone posted on the xamarin forums that the publishing bugs appear to be nearly worked out … tick tock … tick tock … well time to code some more and get this version out.

So did Microsoft happen to coincidentally … you know … just happen to get back to this right now … this bit of software that opens up the door to many more platforms … well, I’m not sure how it will work on those … yet anyway. We’ll see … perhaps.


And so the sun rises just a bit higher this day … and Ramon, he’s the man of the hour … and I’m looking forward to getting some tacos de lengua Friday. Yep. Ramon is the man … for that anyway. Ramon is seeing some truth these days … yep. He brings a little bit of Manhattan and Monterrey way out into the boonies … or so they say. No better tacos de lengua any where around. Those tacos are the best because they are made the most simply … and delicious just like that too. When food is simple you can tell when it’s been prepared just right … and that’s how they do it there … just perfectly. Ramon … he’s the man … but, well, not the cook. The cook is great too, obviously.




Awakening Moment

See yourself as never before … the perfect inner you … and let yourself shine out!

Wake up to truth … it’s gonna be grand!

Awakening Moment … virtual reality software … just what does it do??? … simple …

Let your perfect inner self Truly shine out … !!!

Yes, simple …

It will Wake You Up to the Truth. A visual vitamin for the brain. A virtual reality breakthrough … of the mind.

That is what it does … wakes you up to truth … and you only have to look at it. Too simple … so it can’t really be true right?

Now, elsewhere I’ve written gimmick. Yep, I have, elsewhere I have written this software is a gimmick. Yes, elsewhere … it’s true. I have done just that.

And this software is also available now in an older release, a bit harder to use is all, and still free, but currently can be had even now … if you have a Hololens. And the current release is not hard to use either, but simple and different as it’s almost all voice controlled, and almost too simple to use and purposefully so. There is a need to say a few more words with the current older version than with Awakening Moment is all. Same results.

This simplified version, Awakening Moment, will be released as soon as Microsoft fixes a publishing bug regarding some Hololens platform issues with UWP and release builds … and then the Awakening Moment version of the software will come out.

So how is it used? Put on a Hololens, calibrate it for you, start the program, say the word and let your mind go to the question that everyone who sees it asks … asks to themselves as they observe the object, so simple at first, then somehow, almost unrecognizable. And the key is in the door, answer the question and … well …

Look at it, answer the question, and … done.

Then of course very practically speaking … your life will go on … and the rest is up to you … now that you will have awoken from a long, long slumber … from, well, from the truth.

Awakening Moment …. Awaken to Truth … For You Personally … truth, not someone else’s truth. Your own truth and simply so. What does that mean? Well, it’s personal, you’ll see.

Now if Awakening Moment isn’t a defining description for you … as another person put it, “That description doesn’t sound right for me … for me it is more of a ‘Mirror of Truth’ or software for the mind,” as it seemed to come out. Anyway … Awakening Moment virtual reality software … Virtual Reality Software for the Mind … is …

Available soon … and only on the Hololens, currently … but …

Now, heard it from Miguel dei … yeah that one, the one of some not minor fame … in a post on the xamarin forums today …  hopefully we won’t have to wait, NOT FOR LONG …yep, soon it can be released on lots of virtual reality platforms too, and perhaps I’ll only have to switch a few libraries … making it rather simple to do. Looking forward to that but only because the Hololens is in limited release and most people simply cannot access one at all. So hopefully soon Awakening Moment can be released on many other platforms too … yep, the sunrise is a comin’ … a sunlight of truth. And so simple to do, and simply so. Adieu … for now … but not for long …



What is it, what have I found … perhaps a shorter or simpler explanation … individually tailored prophecy … found within … not from without … Or … personal key to enlightenment, and it is a key, a visual one … and so simple … well, too simple to believe … do you?

How do Prophets or those who ended up as true spiritual or religious leaders with obvious and recognized spiritual blessing actually start down the path?

I mean, what happened to cause that person to start walking the path that a Prophet walks, usually changing everything in their life and starting with a first step, that first step,  at some point in their life, a life that used to be different, much different up until that first step anew?

Or what is that awakening moment an addict has … when they make that very first, that very first step (of a long journey, as any addict knows), the long journey down the path to recovery, but one THAT TRULY STARTED with an ‘awakening moment’ and a single step …

Back to carpenters and princes …

What happened to that person that caused them to leave their previous life (say a prince, or a carpenter) and start walking a more pious or righteous path … was it, was it a Godly act indeed? I mean … what caused the very first step, when they began to walk it … their newfound and true path in life … not the path of a carpenter or of a prince … but their new and true path?

Were they blessed from God, did the clouds open up, and a light shined directly onto that person, filling them with hope, with truth, with clarity, with inspiration indeed, with inspiration to go out into the hard, hard and dangerous world in ways they’d never done before … speaking to others … and at great personal risk, even risking death … in order to promote … a path they see as correct? That is some motivation.

SO THE QUESTION HERE IS: What was the prophet’s (or addict’s) very first STEP … ON THIS ROAD OF PERSONAL ENLIGHTENMENT? That very first … that first small step, that they alone had to take, the decision they had to make? And then take the first step … and go … or went.

So what caused that ‘NORMAL’ person to become suddenly abnormal (abnormal in a really good way …), and take the first step DOWN A NEW PATH OF … say, righteousness? … or recovery? It’s the actual moment of change under observation here. That actual moment of true change that did somehow occur. That moment in time.

Was it truly only an Act of God? Or, perhaps something else … that in the moment, was just missed? So the only rational thing anyone else could propose … was it had to be an ACT OF GOD … nothing else could come close to explaining it.

Until now … but that is how new technology is … it waits until its time … then it appears, as if it always was … as if it always was here … just like it is now … right here in front of us, and all you gotta do is look at it to begin.

What is an awakening moment?

Perhaps it was that day, upon opening a second bottle of wine and being late to teach a Sunday school class …  that awakening moment to even begin to recover. That first step … to even be able to begin … just that very first, smallest tiniest step … TO BEGIN.

I mean Siddhartha Gotema did, Jesus did, other biblical prophets did … find enlightenment or the way, and tell others about it … such that to this day … MILLIONS OF PEOPLE attempt to exactly walk their own personal life paths in line with the paths of Jesus and Siddhartha (Buddhism).

Now, what if this same sort of personal enlightenment, THE AWAKENING MOMENT, THE ACTUAL FIRST STEP … could happen, not as if by an actual Act of God … but in a very practical and easily repeatable way … with no clouds opening at all, and no light shining down from heaven needed (I’m not saying that doesn’t or can’t happen, but promoting the theory, that it can indeed happen without God intervening … ) … consider … could it happen practically? Simply? Affordably?

Sort of an Enlightenment pill, for the individual. But one that can be more or less readily applied … to the masses, but still individual choice.  Applied so it was really … not a big deal … just something simple that anyone can do … like a good deed, for the self … and just by looking too, nothing else required, to get started.

Now, if true … and applied … well … if it’s not a gimmick, and if it works …

In such case the individual would then start making better choices, choices tailored for bettering them self, in relatively short order, say over the course of a few weeks or so … choices that vastly improved their lives … but through, again, very simple and practical steps. And as several months or a year or so passed, successfully vanquished all their internal demons, so to speak?

But ALSO, and this is important … simple and practical steps TAILORED to that individual … true personal choice … rather than following someone else’s way … rather than trying to follow someone else’s path (… but like Paster Kal said, sometimes you need leverage, like for the big rock in his yard … and counselors and addiction programs can help … give you practical leverage to succeed in addition to your own new found personal advice).

As an example of self direction vs. ‘the system’: While doctors can prescribe pills for this or that, there is still reliance upon the doctor’s wisdom and advice and prescriptions … to be tailored perfectly for the individual … but often this doesn’t quite work out. (As backup, I’ve spoken with several people over the last few days, who would agree, as would myself … some medical issues end up …. with lots of expensive and complex medical testing, and no end in sight, when perhaps that person’s issue is so personal and simple, even the very best docs and expensive techniques just can’t quite figure it out. But personal advice might be to, say, to just start taking magnesium, and suddenly, the pains … sort of go away … or in my case, gravel root tea, an herbal blend of sorts.)

And if, suppose, everyone did, individually so, get the enlightenment they needed to … well, get to the same place … a good place, but by following their OWN INDIVIDUAL PATH, and at their own pace … to get there. Or, for addicts, an easier path to recovery, well perhaps not, but getting the Awakening Moment without having to hit bottom, first.

An Awakening Moment … without having to hit … rock bottom. Too simple, right?

Well, the initial step … to do such a population wide process … is what I’m proposing I’ve found … without … say, divine intervention … but just a Microsoft Hololens (new technology, not yet publicly released for sale … but Microsoft’s newest …and best) … and a simple, and currently free … software program of virtual reality … which provides a sort of brain vitamin … visually, and that is all that is really needed, to take that first step. But the program, the virtual reality program, though free, is a very special program indeed. …

Yep, a sort of brain vitamin … but taken in visually. With a kicker of sorts too. And, that’s it …  an Awakening Moment happens for you … and perhaps that is a better name for the software.

Awakening Moment … take a moment of your time today … and give it a try … I mean it can’t hurt right … and all you have to do is …yep, LOOK AT IT. Done. Well, that path to recovery then begins right then and there, and it depends on your addictions and how you choose to repair … your choices, your speed, … your life. So live it … without addictions. Have your Awakening Moment … now. Even if you don’t need woken up … but you just might … take a look and see … what … happens … next …




p.s. Let’s dream on about this a bit …

OF course if you have no addictions, will it do anything for you? Try it and see.

Yes,  what if somehow … these tailored and individual steps lead each person, eventually, to the same place … yes, … to a special place, where no addictions exist anymore … for anyone at all … “Well, that will never happen.” you suppose, it can’t … of course … or can it?

Now, after all is said and done … somehow all the prophets, or these masses of people … masses of prophets that are just people … while walking their own paths to get there, regardless of nutrition or exercise or whatever needed (just for that person),  what ever that individual found they needed to do on their own individual path … DID INDEED END UP with everyone else … IN THE EXACT same place … recovered, healed … or more or less, enlightened from their previous life loads. A grand and easily done repentance of sorts …

And ended up … in a sort of Garden of Eve, or a mutual nirvana … call it mass enlightenment … but beginning individually … and then with the end in mind … everyone sort of ended up … in a type of addiction free heaven … more or less … but while still here on Earth.

So instead of an individual prophet leading the way for the masses, each person became their own personal prophet, each person walked the path THEY needed to walk … in order to get to the same end point as everyone else. Mass prophecy, but individually … each person becomes their own personal Prophet … for them-self.

Or, one might dream on … the Gate is opened … come on in, and all you have to do to begin, is simply to look to begin. And … Done. Look at the object in the virtual reality program I mean, look at it, and done. A very special object it is indeed … I mean what’s the harm if it’s just a gimmick? Then will you have really failed yet again? Or not. Take a look, and see what happens … your life, so take your time … tick tock, tick tock … just sayin’.

Too simple for you to believe. Right?

Yep, just what I’ve been sayin’ … for a couple weeks now … but … there’s more than me that have woken up to this … not just my voice anymore. Just watch, and see what happens …

Natural Intelligence … here’s what it is …

Consider this …

I’ve found the gate to the garden of eden. It’s not near Iraq, it’s not hidden at the north pole … nope …. the whole time it’s been right there in our minds.

I found the gate … let that sink in.

It’s not about religion. Nope …

Another way to consider it is this …

I learned how to turn on the whole, the full, human brain and it’s oh, so simple …


The Story of a Man’s Strength and The Gift it Brings … not what you think, way more touching than anything you’ve ever read. Just saying …

Have you ever met a celibate man? Really? Have you?

You might think of celibacy as an interim period between orgasms. But true celibacy is not just fewer, it’s none. Yes, none, no orgasm except in one very specific case. (See the Book of Simple Truths for Men and the one for Communities).

Well, won’t the prostate explode or something? You might think.

No, it doesn’t, in fact physically you immediately notice benefits, if you can keep your mind clean. If you struggle with it, you’ve not approached celibacy in the right way. Again, the Book of simple truths and the one for men, you must understand in order to understand true celibacy and how it will benefit you. But when you understand a simple truth, then there is no room for error, you’ll simply see the truth. It won’t be hard.

But what is the gift of celibacy, that no one has ever told you … your whole life … what is it? What is the most important benefit of all … and it’s not for you … keep reading.

The gift is you stop seeing people as sexual beings, you stop seeing any ugly at all. Rather you start seeing people, all of whom are perfectly beautiful in their own ways, but if you look at them with sexual thought glasses on, you’ll find ugly in everyone. It’s that simple.

When you look people that way, for their true beautiful self, it’s not really so much a benefit for you as it is for them. For many it’s the first time in their whole lives anyone, anyone at all has ever truly seen this inner person, rather than the painted on face or expensive suit.

A celibate man is a strong man, strong in body, strong in mind and thought. Everyone around this man quickly notices, he doesn’t need to say anything. They trust him fully for some reason. But they do understand, he’s a strong man.

Yet, no one you know is a strong man, everyone is a weak man. Every man you know is likely giving away his strength on a daily basis, and the community is filled with weak men.

A community of strong men needs not the laws we have strangling our communities, it’s just due to a community full of weak men that we need these laws.

A community of strong men doesn’t need to pass laws against sexual activity, pornography and so on. They simply stop paying attention because it has no value for them … and the evil simply fades away as if it was never there. And the community, just a like a tended garden, thrives, easily.

Clean up your minds, and all around will beauty be created by you. Men, learn the simple truths, clean up your communities. No need to wait.

Of course if will go a lot faster … if you go look at Pi and turn on your Natural Intelligence.

Bring back love people. To the whole planet.

Now I’m telling you .. the sunrise is already on it’s way. So really, no pressure at all. Just friendly advice to let you know you can step into the light. Or keep living in darkness.

It’s totally, and I mean totally, a personal choice …

Pastors … how to have the best 30 second sermon of your life … ever … well up to that day … and it’s gonna get better yet.

Do this …

Gather all the children you have up at the podium in front of your church.

Then tell everyone in your congregation … “Don’t move a muscle.”

Then ask everyone who is not physically touching someone else, to stand up.

Those not holding hands, or touching legs … those not physically in contact with any other human being.

Then ask the children if they would scatter through the audience and sit with and hold the hand of a stranger while you tell a nice story to every one.

Of course it will be awkward for the situations where there aren’t enough children, but you’ll know what to do.

Soon everyone in your congregation is going to be a lot, LOT happier.

You’ll see … and that’s how simple it really is.

Bring back love people … go look at Pi!


Try to relate this to us leaving animals sitting alone in cages at pet stores. How cruel we really are. Wake up people, go look at Pi. Cometogether, right now … just do it.