Here are some of the various Microsoft technologies I develop with …

  • Hololens and Holographic API
  • Dynamics CRM (3.0, 4.0, 2011, 2013, 2015)
  • Lync Server
  • Biztalk Server
  • Sql Server from 2005
  • MVC, ASP.Net
  • C#, Javascript (and many js libraries)\
  • Node.js
  • Azure (service bus mostly but getting into more now with Cognitive APIs)
  • WCF

Here are some of the industries/areas and/or products I’ve developed for ….

  • Business software, especially high performance, highly available engines and real-time systems
  • Iot Command and Control for Emergency Power Systems, the engine, connectivity and real time UI
  • Customer service for sales/support in travel and automotive industries
  • Specialized software services for financial and receivables management
  • Educational software for online training, cloud based repository, social networking and analytical features for course management
  • Security software to monitor and alert, with video/audio processing for alert triggering using existing hardware assets for data gathering, inside a CI/CD process


Now, more recently, I realized a technological breakthrough, well did it a year ago, but realized what it was about two weeks or so ago … a breakthrough of the mind … but a really good one … that more or less … or EXACTLY LIKE THIS … well it’s a brain vitamin, but a placebo, because it’s visual. Actually it’s SIMPLY A GIMMICK. Yep, a gimmick. Nothing more, not even a placebo. But it worked on me … anyway, I’m applying it … the breakthrough … in very practical ways to improve life in a totally nowhere place, or so said the Good Witch (actually she called it something like a hell hole, or utter pit of hell or something like that) .. so applying it,  in nowhere, right in Gas City … as a test case anyway. So watch what happens … the blog is just one long page … start at the top and work down until you find a post that is there for you … and start reading. If you’re a cat person or a kid or a man or adult or preacher too … well, see what’s for you. And there’s even one for Elon Musk, but heck, he’s way too smart for this drivel … and YOU SHOULD BE TOO … and are … so leave NOW and never come back. THAT IS THE RATIONAL THING TO DO. So choose … be rational … or irrational, but perfectly so.