Here are some of the various Microsoft technologies I develop with …

  • Hololens and Holographic API
  • Dynamics CRM (3.0, 4.0, 2011, 2013, 2015)
  • Lync Server
  • Biztalk Server
  • Sql Server from 2005
  • MVC, ASP.Net
  • C#, Javascript (and many js libraries)\
  • Node.js
  • Azure (service bus mostly but getting into more now with Cognitive APIs)
  • WCF

Here are some of the industries/areas and/or products I’ve developed for ….

  • Business software, especially high performance, highly available engines and real-time systems
  • Iot Command and Control for Emergency Power Systems, the engine, connectivity and real time UI
  • Customer service for sales/support in travel and automotive industries
  • Specialized software services for financial and receivables management
  • Educational software for online training, cloud based repository, social networking and analytical features for course management
  • Security software to monitor and alert, with video/audio processing for alert triggering using existing hardware assets for data gathering, inside a CI/CD process