Tesseract lets you see rhythmic movements in four dimensions reflected back into our three. And you can manipulate and replicate with the Instant 3D Builder engine … just say the Perfect Word … Tesseract.

Tesseract with Instant 3D Builder operates in the fourth dimension and reflects a hypercube holographically into our three dimensions letting you see periodicity of the fourth dimension.

Additionally, the Instant 3D Builder engine coupled with Perfect Word Voice Scripting and the full set of Instant 3D Builder commands lets you quickly prototype your idea in augmented reality.

Powerful imagination is but one word away … you decide which one.

Say “help” to get started … or just say “Tesseract”.

Then watch what happens …

Author: Zen Master of Mind

Hard core coder on the human mind ... the visual kind ... I code your mind with visual mind keys ... and make your brain work FOR you not against you. Self actualization. Author of 3+Passion 4021 ... mixed reality software that mixes You into New Reality.

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