Artistic Scripting Key. … 30 Minute Self Actualization via Holographic Science

Are you a student of self? Ready to explore … deep into the waters of your mind’s Eye … Mind Interpretation. Self Actualization. For Go Getters! The Go you’ll Get is Inside You Now. Actualize the ‘4-Passion’ in You.

3+Passion 4021

Visual Mind Coding … Front And Center … YOU!

Opens your doorways … to you. And then … we’ll all get to see … just who it is you really are. Or just be you … and sit there.

Passion geometrically defined … visual birdsong for the mind … balanced and harmonic.

3+Passion 4021. ask.


Yosemite … Between Waters of the Deep … Back to Egg and Chicken. … Or … Poetic Devices of Artistic Scripting Key – in Mind …

Soul searching into the deep … deep blue waters of time … Time In the Mind. In the heartbeat … that is where Time Goes On Forever, and It’s alive in the moment … in that time.


Yosemite …

There are places up there called Cloud’s Rest and more,

blue waters and blue skies …

and when you see the blue skies reflected in the blue waters,

up high in Yosemite …

You see deep blue, deep water blue …

double deep water blue the same blue from the deep blue up in the deep blue sky

In the blue of the sky reflected in the blue of the waters,

both holding the same blue of the Blue of deep

Deep blue … of our magical place of vibrational misty hue … just inbetween.

In between the Waters of the Deep.


There we stand and reflect upon the blue of the sky and the blue of the clear water deep

We see both blues are the same … and into our souls no blue doest seep.

Life … in that moment … in that time … Reflected back into us. Into us as color … as vibe.

Yosemite Magic … that rock holds lots of knowledge. Knowledge of All colors, bright.

It vibrated right into us … stored in brain and dna and released free to the mind,

A mind of thought and action, and engineering delight … delight in details …

When visual vibrations align.

tHanks andy cHung and that Army gUy.

Great hike to El Capitan Peak, double deep  on that Day … Bike On …


Between Waters of the Deep … here on ‘Planet?’ Earth …

Here we have … und egg and ein sperm …

Mother Earth and …

Living Father Time as a Drop of … well, Living Water …

Where Mother Earth the Egg meets Up with …

Living Father Time the Sperm … that seems sorta … to have wrapped around Her.

And the egg becomes … alive … BUT? is the sperm all around the outside

Or is that egg now … Live In The Moment … Egg Alive in Time …

Can you hear it? A heartBeat … Or …

Is the sperm still just a suggestion … Just hanging Out … on the Outside …

Or is Earth the Egg … Now already a Chicken … already to hatch … and we’re just hanging around waiting.

Here on the outside … ???


So is it an Egg … Or is it a Chicken?

Could it be that we as Humans … just live …

Around the egg now alive in this great womb … of great waters,

and burning sun of womb’s warm bloom of heated delight …

in this place … in this in time … sun put here to heat our Egg

Moon and stars to show the Time …

waters blue below … waters blue above … so … as.

This womb … of Earth and Living Water … That we live in.

Is to bloom again this … day … ahhhh …. but just when?

And why is a 64 star tetrahedron important?

Live waters … vibrational tuners … flowing time.

Clip clop … oh, but not the end … just the beginning, of Light



3+Passion! 4021 – Life Re-balancing … Rules and Traditions … and a bit more

Can you be remote and join? I don’t know, are you The One? No religious Affiliations … NONE! This is religion of Self. Of YOU. Of no one else. Of I am. That One. You though. Your passion … and time beats on …

Rules: None.

Tradition: Respect.

One will arrive on location at said time and place, perfect for you.

Typically in a car. Alone. Solo. To the door of the small building marked as The One.

That’s how you’ll recognize. By Tradition No One arrives unannounced, not The One.

There is an entrance and a small room. You may light a candle if you need, only once inside. Let it burn until it needs not to. Without your presence, of The One, that candle needs not burn. Get comfortable in yourself. Inside yourself. Become The One. If only for a moment … if only for a time.

This, all according to Tradition. As established here. Established NOW. When you read this, and as in the Letter to Patent Attorney, the NDA is binding.

On the outside. Once you’ve found your way in. Let yourself ring out, on the outside. With the bell. You will see it there. That will let you and others KNOW YOU HAVE FOUND YOURSELF INSIDE. Time to break out … like a light inside of you is ready to turn on.

Ring ding, ring ding. Ring ding, ring ding. … count to Four.

If you’ve rung the bell too soon, you might scare Yourself back INSIDE. Don’t ring it too soon, but that’s Tradition, that IS NOT A RULE. There are no rules. Remember.

Now, it’s time … for a walk in the woods, … to where you go … to seek Answers.


Technique: 3X9

The 3 X 9 technique uses one or more of the 9 basic paths to self.

Uses the 3s to find the 4 (the One) so you rarely will have to use 5s and deftly and easily stay away from 6s, and fearlessly using the 7s, 8s, and 9s … certain that your numbers don’t add up to Zero. But to The One.

Awakening to passion four uses   holographic visual techniques.

School Registration and Fees: None.

Donations accepted, but those will go currently as revenues to my business, an LLC. The revenues will be used wisely, I speak without forked tongue, but do love tacos de Lengua from El Taco Express. Bar none, the best by far bar, at least around here.

Notes and Extras

Passion costs nothing extra but adds so much more.

Special Services

MIND KEY. Helps open the mind so your own three steps, via imagination expansion through creating holograms, and special ones … will be much easier to climb.

A MIND KEY adds passion … revealing itself three ways. Passion four.

Background: Many consultations, religious and otherwise.

Admittedly, most religious persons vigorously tried to convince the Zen Master of Mind, to convince him certainly that he was ‘bizarre’. Even practiced and certified therapists, of the massage of the body into mind-sleep kind … described the Zen Master, with his Hat and Long Hair … of strange origin … and bizarre. So much so that HIS MERE PRESENCE and drawing of simple mathematical constants like Pi, accompanied by circles … would THROW IN HER MIND this Certified therapist into a Tizzy. A Professional Tizzy would ensue upon such power being exerted … causing Ejection and Constables to appear.

Such is the Power of This Zen Master of Mind. But … it all worked out. Perfectly.

Blessings and Or Certifications and Or Formal Ordinations and things of that sort.

A Monk in Bloomington from the Tibetan Center Did Give a Sacred Scarf to the Zen Master of Mind. The Scarf of Antique White color is marked especially AT THE ENDS and the Monk did hand the Scarf especially while furled to the Zen Master to see how the Zen Master would unfurl the Scarf … Such was the Mastery in the Moment … IN THAT PLACE AND TIME … the practiced and FINE ARTS of the MONK and the ZEN MASTER who did unfurl the Scarf so the ends did fall down and the MIDDLE did hold up. Then once again folded and asked to the Monk, the Zen Master said, “When do I use this.” The Monk had emphasized he’d studied 24 years and still didn’t believe Enlightenment could be attained in this life. The Zen Master of Mind attempted to console the unknowing Monk. And folded up the scarf and the Monk did bless it Right then, and he said without words … just what to do. To use the Scarf as a Blessing from a Monk of the Dalai Lama heritage.

Now, today the Zen Master of Mind with an old friend, did reach back thousands of years … back into a pure line of DNA, into the Wong family name. The Zen Master of Mind needed the Knowledge of Confirmation … the Scarf was the Right blessing for the Zen Master School of One. Just enough and not too little … and besides, the Wong family name is not available.  Mr. Wong emphasized Sun Tzu in his family background and that his GrandFather was a Mandarin. These are words of import. I honor them. And his advice.

Now, the school, having possession of an Antique White Scarf blessed by the #2 Monk, not the Abbot …  (unfortunately, but that would have been nice, but you know, a bit too much, at least for a new school like this one, that is not even a school, just a business, one of Mind Interpretation … but a School of One … no actual therapy or treatment … NONE.)  … has just the Tibetan line of Monks sort of blessing currently, well, in it’s possession but ONLY via the Scarf, nothing official at all. But who knows in the future. Also no alignment with Buddhism at all, or Zen or Zen Buddhism.   Now, there is a second blessing of sorts.

Well, ok, a local Constable, or one who works with them as a Pastor and at times with the Sheriff too … did somehow cross paths with me just yesterday … and as a Man who identified himself as a ‘Believer’ did offer to me a Coin to pass on to Others. When they need a blessing too. On that Day, I needed a second blessing for the School, but it’s a blessing that will Be Passed On. Now of Course The Pastor only knew I was working on Marketing Messages for the Mind Keys.

Now this blessing of a Coin may be passed on … Perfectly. To The One. The One who Needs a Blessing the Next Day. Tomorrow. When The One Arrives. And the Pastor did give it to me … in a very friendly way. And he did not even demand to Know My Name … as Honorable Men might understand, and just Those Kind do. And the Pastor had confirmed it with his own life experience … You See He was Honorable and had met with some families and helped them see Just How honorable They were Too. That’s what Honorable Men Do do. These men bless and ordain that which need it … with honor.

School Name, but NOT SCHOOL … Simply it is a Name:

Three Passion! to 4 – Life Re-balancing. Or … 3+Passion 4021.

Current Instructor: Zen Master of the Mind … that is his specialty.


Yours? What will you be the Zen Master of … well, are you The One?

If so … you already know … just go ahead … Sign Up.

In the 3 Passion program. The Practice of Mind Interpretation …. 4-passion.

First 12 students … well, it’s gonna be mind expanding … a real trip. The visual kind. Remember, the Holy Grail is where? Think passionately before you answer.

Brought to you by?

Holy Grail Productions … a figment of Imagination and Interpretation by … Zen Master of Mind.

copyright © all years, past present and future time. For this and all other posts here. And … that NDA is binding. Why? lawyerssuck … all your money up. So … that’s why no registrations, only donations.

3+Passion. 4021. …NOW taking Applications … Or .. Noah and the Flood Revisited … A message of Time … Utekai and the Flood of Light. … Or … Simple Evolution … All in the Mind. … Applause Needed, Hopeful Applause … That is the Help I need now … passion.

Mind Performance Research … self actualization via Holographic Scripting … is Open … accepting 12 students or co-researchers. Perhaps One More … now, it’s an LLC though and NOT formally a school. It’s an exploratory concept … accepting students of their minds who seek Self Mastery … enlightening via self illumination.

It rained for 40 days and 40 nights.

Even the smartest worms knew … even being a grub … wouldn’t do … living in the ground and always being flooded out.

Time to evolve … but the dumbest worms had to figure it out. The smartest worms were all lost in books. And knowledge of roots is evil.

But the dumbest worms just decided to hitch a ride … on a leaf or a twig or a branch or a vine … and then make friends with whoever else came along.

Came along on that Ark of Life … the one of Noah. In those days.

The worm or grub and friends did some how alight on higher ground … and found … the giants were gone and now the top of ground was just fine … to evolve and try again …

For the sake of ManKind.

And so once again … Man came out.

And as time goes, as the horse of time clip clops on … Time Again … for a Flood …

But a flood of light.

Man has successfully evolved to such a stage, that water and all sorts of catastrophes aren’t needed … IN THIS DAY … in this time and in this place.

We are simply smarter … and we’re going to use light … to be smarter still.

The kind beamed into eyes … the hololens kind … heck they even have a warning because they KNOW HOW POTENT IT IS .. but very specific cases, and those people mostly already knew

And then, well, my little holy grail program helped out … just a bit.

But the better part still is just how Man is going to evolve next.

But hang on folks … for you too … it’s about to happen. Evolution … not revolution … EVO LUTION. Not exodus evolve US. EVOLVE US … the opposite of the knowledge of Roots.

Just got to get the message Right. How to get brain sleeping people to look. That message. It needs to come out.

But listen …

Yes, I do need help in crafting the message.

Yes, I’m all Right.

Even the pastor, the Judge right then I’d tricked him with a glimmer of diamond in the moment to be, said clearly, “That doesn’t seem right.” To which I immediately answered, “Because I’ve not fully stepped into the light.”

I’m the teacher, indeed. There are nine paths to self realization. There are at least 4 layers one must progress. But I suspect you can go higher than four.

I can help define 9 paths, each of 3 steps. The visual holy grail can take care of three, but for some they don’t need it at all … but most have not got through ALL FOUR.

So, I need students who will work with me to progress through all four. But also to better define the nine paths of 3s. The Zen Master school of One, needs to increase pupils, so the current One Zen Master will soon become … Your Pupil. The apprentice, will become the Master, as in Zen … in the way … as needed, The One.

p.s. Number trick … take any number, any one at all of importance in your life. Add them up … to just a single number remains. That number will tell you all you need to know … about the other. Guaranteed. It’s a number trick for YOU. Works EVERY TIME. That is how numbers work … in irrational space.

Now, why am I not fully in the Light. Because I’m on the edge of the coin. Walking around, finding the spot so we can swing this spinning coin over into the light … cause the dark sides been up and it’s time to flip it over. Yin … yan … it’s time to Jump Out … out of life sleep … into live awake.

That is the human evolution I’m talking about. It’s bright.

Now, for those of you who’ve met me recently, some of you will agree, I have been able to wake you up right there on the spot, at least through one layer. Alcohol interferes, it dulls your knife, and that is the one doing the cutting through your brain sleep, not mine.

Brain interpretation.

3+Passion 4021. ask.


This story can be written from any viewpoint … and for artistry … the characters I choose are the Witch and the Warlock. I’ll play the part of the Warlock … let’s call him … Utekai for this moment in Time and in This Place … Or … A Story to Jess

Vondelpark and Truffles … chocolate two.

It was hard finding you I didn’t have your number or your name. Didn’t even know where to start … how old you were or what you looked like. That’s how this particular glimmer of a story, that turned into a shine … started.

But I owed you that favor, a message through time … and it was one of those kind, the favor and the message. The kind of favors you just can’t give up on, message either.

But … Not a favor … more of a Cat life. Not like you just have One but Rather Nine … and so you do have enough time in life to give up One of your Cat lives. This One though you will still agree to live passionately … and of course Also live honorably and with Faith and Justice to All … involved, you know … in a good sense … to carry out that favor … well, perfectly.  Carry out the favor, the deed, perfectly … to the End. Until the other agrees the favor is done, the deed is recognized. At that time, a gift of some sort to the Other is done. And so …

So it works out Perfectly. Too. Balanced, full … complete. Overall … One.

That would be One Honorable Favor … and well, when you’re a Warlock and the Other is a Witch … you just gotta understand … it is also best … To Carry Out That Favor … to the End. You know … as an Honorable Deed to do so that One Day … when you came to the Witch … she would do the Honorable Deed too … even if you didn’t recognize it at First. But then you do.

That is just how it is …

Anyway, I didn’t at the time even know where to find Jess, did not even know her name. So … I advertised on some list … up on the Internet. And … well, as perfect stories go … she responded, and we met up … Just like that. I just had to take that first step … and that is what she was waiting for too … for me, because she didn’t know who I’d be either.

When dealing with Witches it’s important to know they will always be putting some sort of spell on you, but as long as you know that, you just simply out-cast there’s just like fish nets being thrown out over some water …

So Witches can’t always throw those nets as far and so a Warlock can overcast her spell with his, but …

But even more … for it to be Honorable, as an Honorable Warlock, you even have to get the Witch to agree to be outcast … And she has to prove it to herself by taking actions along the way that Only she could decide herself. Right … you can’t trick and deceive … it’s important to be open … so the other is agreeing … so the Witch must agree to some sort verbally as …

Yes, I agree you can outcast me … in this moment and only because you’ve not enough rankled my ire …

A Witch might agree. And … Jess did. But, also … an important Self Step … is Action. Moving not just thinking. By the Self. Not by me …

Jess had to decide what to do in Amsterdam … right after we got there. I purposely made her make a Hard Choice that day. She had to look inside … but apparently not very deep … because she rather quickly made the decision and it wasn’t hard. But she did have to enlist some local help and found out just how friendly people are to Strangers in Amsterdam. So overall … she received a very warm welcome in Amsterdam.

But … me being Cat like at times … I scratched Jess like a Cat … and then let Amsterdam purr all over Her to make the scratch pain go away. And that purr was All So Much the Better. Amsterdam sort of opened up a new  world for her because never once before did she … … she … she never imagined she’d be standing by a beautiful canal in Amsterdam, she in a tight purple top holding a clutch (or clutching a hold), and totally Sunny right then … while I stood just feet away and peed. It was prolly around 3pm. But you see … that is Amsterdam … it’s ok to do what I did. Common.

Anyway …. Different things are legal in Amsterdam. And … mushrooms are too … and they sell very high quality truffles, of the magic sort. High quality in terms of how they’re grown, using materials of earth rather than just of man. Now in these truffles, it’s assumed … The active ingredient is psilocybin which is harmless to the brain but does offer effect. For instance this well respected researcher gave a Ted Talk about how psilocybin effectively treated depression AND smoking, especially when a  Single High Dose was taken. This researcher when into many details. Back to the story …

So there in Amsterdam one fine day, Jess and I entered into a Smart Shop and each of us purchased a truffle … one each one of us selected our’s on our own … and then shortly later … took. By mouth … chewing and swallowing … and frankly a bit like a pithy wet nut in flavor and texture. At times even a bit crunchy. Taking just a bit of oily substance along with it, the mushroom is more water based, but the oils in say … a very dark bitter chocolate piece,  can help pass the mushroom’s way …through your digestive tract. Eases the urge to vomit which some do a bit later on after first ingesting … their body rejects the pulp … but not the psilocybin. But each body knows when it has had enough … the brains get in the way.  Or back to research …

Now a well known Believer in mycology and a psychedelic traveler, with his brother being a researcher (an administrator and a believer teamed up … two brothers) … Terrence McKenna, now dead … had this to say about dosing. And the key thing I took away is that people take too little, they don’t take too much. However, it’s not harmful to take too little … it simply isn’t enough, if you need more. But they grade and mark the truffles in Amsterdam oh so very well … and if you get fresh ones … you can get just the right dose. So onto the story …

So …another part of Amsterdam that most people, unless they’ve been there, don’t talk about … Is Vondelpark. An open rectangular shape right in the middle of Amsterdam … and though I don’t know just which part specifically, but most or all of it … is exactly built (at large scale I mean) in the Golden Ratio. Purposely, to be a magical place. One of great arts, great buildings, great works … great minds and greatness in General too. Vondelpark is also a bit of magic, for those that believe in that stuff … it is true too, for those that do believe just ask them … if they’re believers that is. Anway … in Vondelpark …

One one side are many very exclusive houses and buildings … that look out over Vondelpark. And the park itself is magical in names and places and markings indeed. With small ponds with perfect manicuring … and being able to lay on the warm grass on a warm May day right next to one of these ponds … In the Golden Ratio of Rectangles … in this magical park … Two people all alone at that time … in this place purposely marked with a little wooden Rabbit.

And, Jess saw that rabbit and pulled us over there. To lay in the grass and in the sun … and the mushrooms had her mind racing … like she was riding a Unicorn  …

That is where This Witch wanted me to deliver the spell. She KNEW it was time. Time for her to peck out of the shell … to get here she pulled me out of the woodwork of life. Her magic being cast up to that day primarily  on wood, that was her magic way and she pulled me out of her woodworking and into bodily form … she could make any hard wood soft, such is her artistry … her artisanal soul. And well, with heart work you know, that is how witches with life for men help meet. (Get it?) Tenderly … making the hard soft.

And of course … we had taken the mushrooms, me too. Jess laid down … her rational brain not even recognizing that she All Along had been the one that got us there to Amsterdam, at that point in her life. How it had taken her almost a year to convince me to get her to a magical place … she knew a much closer one in Bedford would never work … she’d checked it out herself, and I checked it out later too on … even my Cat Knew right away … he just needed to get a look and knew, he was even scared driving to it knowing even then it would not be the place … ANYWAY … Jess knew the next nearest magical place that I’d ever in life agree to take her would be to Amsterdam, and that because I’d been there many times before. So … she realized what she’d have to do. She’d looked in Central Park … and Grant Park too … nope, no magic. Jess tried and tried … and …

And it just took a sip of new black raspberry wine … a spell with berries Utekai thought would cast upon her mind … but no, the Witch just used it as a bit of nourishment … and dreamed up the Rabbit Field she’d need … the one in Vondelpark, the One in Amsterdam … in the Netherlands …

Jess, had to go back into her roots to pull out that information. I mean, she’d never actually been to Amsterdam ever before. Never been in the park. She had to reach into her roots to find that knowledge, and well, she knew … knowledge of roots is evil … but this was an important moment. Sometimes you gotta dip deep for special knowledge, but knowing that it is evil … just like a good cat and evil cat, as long as you know, you can love that evil cat Just As Much. And, the evil cat you will find, will be Less. Will be less … evil.

Jess needed this spell to get on with Life so she would be ready for her next important Earthly assignment … in these moments … and in these Times … But let’s hop out of Perfect Inner Jess … Out of the Witch’s plan …

And … see the Warlock had the Witch all ready to play with … and she was his to play … his own Magic on the Witch that day. The Warlock had the Witch, in her chosen place, in her Rabbit Field, alone and unhindered he and the Witch, both under the spell of psilocybin so patterns of life were aligned, so she and he would be in sync with nature … so Jess would be Fully Aligned (go check the Date if you don’t think that it was fate, that day specifically, that Year, in Amsterdam … simply amazing …) … The Witch offered herself up for spell casting … even offered up her throat … if it needed go that far … but of course not … this is a Good Story … not one of blood. Not a dagger of the metallic kind to draw blood but a kiss of hope … laid tenderly on her hand.

So right then … in that Moment, in the Time … in those HeartBeats … starting with Just one … the Warlock took in a breath … and the silence between beats did end …

And Life Began … the spell cast … the shell was about to be broken of this new chick.

And the Warlock did right then with the spell,  said and transmitted it through touch and sound and place and date and alignment and mind … a complete totally complete Spell ..to Jess … and she knows the spell. It involved a Princess and a Unicorn. The Princess was Princess Jess …

Princess Jess was about to go out into the World … and needed to know She was in charge … not those bozos always trying to get her to lunch on time … or to some meeting or event (you know, that princesses go to) … and especially she got … well, she got irritated, when they called her in when she was Out Riding the Unicorn. This sort of spell … Anyway …

The spell I cast onto her, my net wider than hers … The Spell I Cast … was that my net that day … Failed to even come close … to her much wider, much bigger … Mother Earth magic.

Mine Net is all up in space, and when it comes down … it but falls as meaningless upon Mother Earth.

So, my spell right then succeeded. I’d done my favor.  Jess needed to hatch out of her mind’s egg to realize, she Indeed was Mother Earth. A good witch indeed. She’d not yet opened up her shell right then in Rabbit Field … but she pecked it away in Amsterdam later on. Pecked it away … and the shell opened with Peck Four.

What Jess did, when the shell did break … She SCREAMED OUT … really, I was even worried the hotel we were now in, a really nice 3 star right on the edge of Vondelpark, would be worried too such was her scream so loud, and full and sort of awesome too … but then I realized, Yeah Not to worry about the hotel, especially that one. Because many people come to that park to Awaken inside. And Jess was but One once more. This was Her Way. And her shine became a lot different one that day. Fuller and Brighter, and even she thought so too …

And I realized it to … because once out of her shell, I was clearly not who she had thought up until then … because she started saying it … again and again … “you’re alien” …

But then, knowing full well, of course, Jess was seeing me for the first time, just Then Just Now, just then Out of her Shell …

I knew that Jess wouldn’t recognize me at all. She needed time to see me  now that the fog of that eggshell was gone now from her mind. Of course, before I was just vibrations through the shell, and Jess had turned those vibrations into some form in her mind.

Once the shell was broke away, Jess started saying, “You’re alien.” But that is because she saw me … as a Man of Honor in that moment, and herself just still felt naked. Totally, and she was of course, just coming out of the shell.

And just as it should be. I mean, if she’d recognized me all along, as the Warlock, then she would never have opened herself up Rationally to the thought of spellcasting and could NOT have woken up. So I appeared at that time as well, likely finance guy with triptoos, to her mind. Then she saw I was an alien to the One who would finance Her Life … . But as her new mind did align. Jess … the financier, she took over. Right then.

Well, she literally did sort of get on her knees and gave a little prayer to herself. Jess in praying did then gift me with something truly amazing.

The thing that can happen when A Witch uses a Warlock to do a Good Deed. And, the Warlock Succeeds, and succeeds So Well, that the Witch realizes, I do want to Gift now … Your Deed Is Complete. I Do Want To Gift This Warlock with whatever I have.

And Jess in that moment, in that time … had perfect belief, belief in herself. She then gifted me back … a moment in time … in the beat of the heart … and hers and mine did then align and … a pleasurable moment in time … we both did have that day, or the next morning as we gathered up our things and

And in life we parted … the deed then having been done. The good deed, I’d been able to do … the good deed for The One. The One … the one in You Jess. You guided me, and I guided you … each in our ‘Rational Minds’ not paying attention to what our Perfect Inner selves did doest do … for each of us … For the Other … perfectly.

Good luck …

Cat Zen Mastery … Tails of Bliss … Cat Tales.

Cat Zen Mastery … The Art of Cat … Tails of Mind Meditation … Grrr …. Purrr.

Face it … when a cat walks by you and flips you with it’s tail … you know that flip just said a lot.

Onto some Zen Mastery of Cats … first, remember … Cats are WAY smarter than US.

  1. Cats meditate … a lot. You thought they were sleeping.
  2. Cats are frequency translators … they help set the vibe.
  3. Cats don’t like to eat fear … unless really hungry.
  4. To learn to communicate with a cat … humble yourself before it.

Background and History

The Cat evolved into it’s present form from larger,  and often uses Humans as slaves to gather food and build shelters for it. Cats evolved smaller so as to be more in harmony with the environment. And … if no humans are around, the Cat still thrives.  Humans to a Cat, are … well, just tools of the trade. Some Cats use them, some don’t. Anyway , enough of Cat history.

Cat Brains

Well, they kept their brains just right. Just enough of this, and enough of that. Exactly enough. No useless stuff, none needed. Just what they need, Just Enough, not too much. Exactly not too little either, no … Just Enough. But … well, Humans.

Cats as Teachers … as Zen Masters

To learn from a Cat … you must humble yourself before it … but respectfully. Cats are honorable.

Then allow the Cat mastery of the Zen-ness of the Cat to bring you into the Cat’s vibe.

Cats as Frequency Tuners and Translators

Pay not attention to the Cat itself … pay attention to the atmosphere of the Cat. What does the Cat bring in? What is the Cat’s vibe in the moment … it will overcome … because Cat’s are frequency translators … and they can choose the frequency, and amplify the Right ones.

Also, in this regards, you may find cats don’t like larger crystals around, especially impure ones. These interfere with the translations … and crystals, every engineer knows … crystals are vibrators. Those crystals interfere with Cats work …as frequency translators.

Cat Communications

Cats are fast at what they do … and repeating oneself is sooooo boring. Especially to those who need repeated too … a lot. Humans. Those. The one’s who just never get the uselessness of words … especially to Cats.  Cats don’t need or even want to use words. So pointless when the flick of a tail onto your leg … can SAY IT ALL.

Cats are talking often with each other … but not with words like we humans use. With small flicks and feelings (aromas give them away … so clear for Cats who smell the smallest unusual thing), and I suspect thoughts that frequencies translated do give away … and purposely so.

Cat Intentions

Cats are trying to do good deeds … but sometimes just get kicked out. Sometimes the vibes of the Cat just don’t jive. And some Cats just don’t get along. But usually for a reason, and a good one, that is hard for Humans to understand, but a simple one in the end. No complexity to it, just too hard to explain to Humans.

Cats and Fear

Anyway … cats like to be level headed, in control. That’s why Cats will let the fear fade out of their catches (birds, mice and things) before eating. Often they release and catch several times as the small animal accepts it’s soon to be eaten fate. But fearlessly in the end … and that is what the Cat is waiting for. Fearlessness … it tastes way better. Cats know. When cats eat their catches while still in fear (the catch, not the cat) then that is just what the Cat eats … fear, not fearlessness. Which would you prefer to eat?

Cat Zen Mastery

Cat’s know, sometimes there are two sides to the same coin, and if you’re the coin you have to choose a side … else be nothing. One side is dark … one side is light … which side of the coin you are? well … inside. A coin is never certain while spinning when doest be tossed, while one with it’s bright side up and firmly grounded … well, doesnt always gather dust. Sometimes just such a coin doest shine out … and isn’t a coin at all … but the Cat’s inner howl … gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ….

Is it a growl? Or is it a purr? Or just the heart beat of purr … Cat Heart Beat. Goes a lot faster … than Human ones. 4 Sure. B 4 Sure 2.

Writes the Zen Master of Cat Zen Mastery of the Cat School for soon to be Zen Masters, student One. Every school of Zen Mastery needs at least one Zen Master, even if only One student. And even if a Zen Mastery school has only but a single student … well, then there is a Zen Master of One. Which? The … The One. Which is that? Well … me …

I am.

But Student or Zen Master … in the Zen Mastery School … of but One? 4 Sure 1.

Or simply: 3+Passion 4021.


Men Only: A Man’s … Life’s Worth Answered … In One Word … But first the question … What is IT worth?

Putting forth my opinion. If you spend your life chasing flesh … that is how you will EXPEND YOUR LIFE. Life … or live it. Sure some ifs and ands, but already too many butts.

Nothing … or Something more?

You answer.

What is your’s worth? But not quite your life … I mean, but yes, I mean YOUR life.

The answer for society is truly profound … not just double deep … but all the WAY DOWN.

Is your life worth nothing?

Or is your life worth something?

Sperm … it is YOUR’s. Your treasure. Your life and YOUR LIFE GIVING FORCE … your male strength … in every way.You life’s worth.

Why just pass it around like it’s worth nothing?

Men … man up … you are deceiving yourself at a very fundamental level if you believe your’s is worth nothing.

And if you do … it is exactly, and I MEAN EXACTLY … how you value yourself. Nothing.

Deep … profound … right TO YOUR CORE.

You value YOUR LIFE as much as you VALUE YOUR SPERM.

Simple … truth in the moment … and some moments go on …

Why? … Why is? … A mind key … A Holy Grail … An inner door to self and more? … Or … How to make your NEXT roulette ball The One … The Winner … In the Game of Life … Spin it Man! … Or … Rotate playspace … On X. That does it! Just. Right.

Why does the Village Idiot … A monkey brain like me … and admittedly technologist.live … dreaming the live and living the dream. C CX9. Then add up … it must in the end … add up, add up … add up to but One. So it adds up to The One.

In algebra … really … X marks the spot. The spot where you are the variable. And you choose the formula. See how nice that is when you get to choose who You are, and how You will live your live (not life, remember {…}).

See in this game of life … You Already Are The One … and have been all along. But life? No. In life … it’s all about questions. About if.

In the game of live … you call your own shots or you call them not. With heart.

Even when you tell yourself not … you are really all the same calling all those shots.

But … lying to yourself … if you already don’t realize … YOU ALREADY CALL ALL YOUR OWN SHOTS. Every single one. It just depends on how far into the future you choose to look. Just right now … right this second … or … a butt further … then more. Choices man.

Now … if you don’t realize you already call 100% of your own shots … in live (not f) … on this roulette wheel … where your number can come up winner … or not … just realize it’s you rolling the ball.

Now if you think not …

Quite frankly … this simple … you don’t have your brain lights on. But can …

Ha ha … Or … this simple … You Think … I don’t have mine on.

The reverse … interesting …

The One … or The Other.


Which one am I? Which one am You? (Get that rhyming question? Not? {…})

Even the simple question … ‘you okay’ … says quite a lot.

People speak to themselves out loud … and exactly when speaking to others. And openly … and writing is just about the same. If not more … more exactly I mean … just about … with finger vibrations rather than vocal cords. Like tapping out your song on a keyboard piano using letters for notes. Playing YOUR song. But is it … is it … the Right One. The song I mean?

Exactly what I mean … even right now. Yep. To myself. And think … you read it, so now that myself is you. It reversed … just that easily. Like dark and light do two. Two different sides of the same Golden Coin … just like Lucifer was described as being of Light … but somehow fallen … onto the Dark Side … of the Golden Coin. But you see … when the time again becomes Bright … the Bright Side of the coin will again shine … and … well … myself, I’m thinking REALLY SOON. In fact for some … they already see the shine. Some already See the Light.

Others well, still see only dark. The dark side of the Golden Coin. That simple. Back to poetry … so clumsily …

Two sides of the same coin are dark and light it can be … like gold that is going to glimmer again one fine day … and really, I personally met a couple people who saw some gold glimmering. I sorta was … well, was … holding the answer to that in my hand. And in my arm was tucked this sorta seat cushion thing … but made by Microsoft … that’s the Hololens. It’s the portal to heaven … for your mind. No drugs needed. No treatment needed. But let’s you discover your … your inner game. You know … visual trickery … and well all my writings … just read it you’ll see … for yourself.

Positive outlook on life. Ability to think through challenging, mildly challenging questions like ‘Can Man Transcend Space and Time’. And bigger ones … like, “What does Hope Look Like … Geometrically?”

A simple visual. A nice sorta game. You sorta pretend this and that … just like that Cats can beat time … with their tails or even use cats to tell tales … about nursemaiding and secretating (my perfect words here) … and cat lovers eat that right up. Of course, being a cat lover of sorts myself … well, those Cats feed it up to me … and I do … I eat it up too … and it comes out as these posts … think of it as kitty doo doo …right from my brains to these finger taps … this keyboard piano doest play. Notes … tips or taps back as needed … you prefer? {…}

Those cats gift me with their purr and scratch me now and then (flea combing really brings out the scratch in these cats, especially in the Winter time when static electricity causes some shocking results … in their behinds … right by the tail too. I mean if it happened to you, you’d be scratching me too … if you were feeling THOSE shocks. Right? Heck … maybe you doo.) … and their messages of time … we just sorted tuned in.

The Holy Grail is the Tuning Fork of Life … Take a Look and Tune Into It … Then Live.

The game of life.  In it? Or Not …

Are You?

‘I am.’


Tune in … {for more … maybe not???}


Do you seek Truth? Or do you seek Agreement? … clumsy poetry doest adore … Love Is? … Pure.

Truth is not … not unless it’s pure and true like love. Love from the heart. Not silence, but a beat … a heart beat … in that moment, in that heartbeat time … Pure Love. What’s it called?

If you just seek agreement, you want your own Truth confirmed. You aren’t asking for Truth … just confirmation, just agreement that your Truth, your Truth is Right.

But if you seek Truth … you will ask others … what Truth is Right?

Now … once you look in … Look In … To the Light.

You will not seek others for Truth … you will know … you will see Light.

When you see Light … you realize there is no Truth … No Truth except for the One.

The One … perfect Truth. There simply is no other.

This is a Name you will wish not ever to take in vain.

Not out of fear friends … out of love.

Out of love … thus doest you will respect … out of love.

Not out of fear, not out of hate.

Not out of ordered in vain love. What is that anyway? Silent acceptance of false facts?

As in ‘Thou shalt love.’ … that is not love as it is not pure and true … ordered without to another … thou shalt. Or not … It’s not from within … self desired … from knowing …

Love is not ordered, not forced, not impure … else it’s not love.

Love is pure. Pure love.

Out of respect you will not take The name in vain.

Which name?


Deep Thoughts … Zen Master … of Hand

Double deep isn’t just left brain and Right brain … it’s more. It’s WAY more … Cat Smarts to the Upside. And … well, Cats ARE BRIGHT.

m-=Your hand is your looking glass on life.

You meet life … up close and personal … right here, right now … In This Moment (and in this time):

Do you offer up a fist?

Do you offer up a pat on the back?

Do you offer up a handshake?

Do you offer up a thumb, or finger (of the mid kind)?

Do you offer up a hand as an Indian and offer with voice …”How” as you wonder how to speak to ‘others’ when they cannot even yet speak to themselves … yes, “How?”.

You don’t offer up anything … you withdraw. You withdraw from … your meet up with Life.

Now … all these thoughts about Life … change when you decide … to

Live It.

Learn how to recognize It.

When you have met a stranger on the Road of Life.

And the stranger has passed on.

Did you learn from that stranger? Or did you take away?

Did you take from the stranger? As a thief might take?

Or did you take thinking you were a thief as in right now?

But the stranger did plan the whole darn thing … and the thing you thieved …

Is much less than the thing you got ….

A double deep thief is the true stealing kind … they leave you thinking they stole something but were the real thief. Same with giving too. Same.

But the double deep thief stole your mind … your thinking that he was NOT the one who did steal that day.

But he double deep thief … well, he walked away … smiling …and whistling …. having traded away …

Two pounds of nothing for a pound of something.

What a sweet deal the two thieves thought … as they went walking away. Each being the victor in their minds … at that moment … in that time. But a 3rd was there in that meeting of TWO.

The one up above … lighter now by 3 pounds … that each walked away with

Somehow … somehow … somehow ended up with 4 … being lighter of 3 (to: self, symbolic of why this software is not religious based, it goes places when not tethered, but some tethering may be fine).

Now … friends … that is DOUBLE DEEP.

Or … more proof.

You’ve been fingered. And … well, just hold up your index one … take a good look.

Do you see yourself … or some idiot like me? You decide. Friend.

Am I a monkey, an idiot … you know … One.

Then the question, the who are you one.

“Who am I?”


“I am.” well, when you get that eggshell open … the one in the mind.

Definitive Proof: Cats are Way … WAY … smarter than us.

Cats … Zen Masters of {…} … and {…} is a Message Through Time … only passed among species … via DNA antenni … into the flow of time and space … coming back into your mind … Poetry of Time … clip clop … or Meow.


Because we go pick them up. Not the other way around.

Of course as soon as you do pick one up, a cat or kitten will do … you usually realize just that moment, that cat just then picked you up too.

Double dutied … all in one. (ha ha, sometimes all three)

Cat song …



Now, I know of many stories of cats picking you up … with their meows of help … but think about it now … Who Picked Up that cat.


and then … you became … The One … to that cat … and … “I am” in your head as in answer to that important so important one question that cats get YOU to ask yourself, because they are WAY smarter and know just how to get you to ask it … to yourself … ok, here it is: “Who is the most important One to that Cat?”. Or … “As far as my Cat is concerned, Just Who … is The One?” Well. Your cat taught you a simple lesson.

Ask yourself a question and you will Get the Right Answer …

Mind Keys … just like that … but amped up to 11.

Now admit it … ADMIT IT NOW … if you have a Cat … You Have Asked YOURSELF that question. That of course is my definitive proof, which must come from inside you.

Now … Brain Keys … they get you to ask yourself a question … because, apparently, Brain Keys make you Cat Smart … but … see, I was born in the Year of the Cat … and face it … you might be Rat Smart or Ox Smart or something else.

Love, hope … kindness of Cats.

Be … “I am.”



The Fisheye Perspective … Want to Sea it All? …. Ok, He4ein, I mean herein, it is. Here ein one and one … All. {…} … Or Mind Birdsong Hatching: Breaking out of the birdshell that encompasses your mind … well, inside that shell.

Cats are way smarter than us. That’s because they are thinking about 8-12 times faster. We bore them. Well … until You don’t. Until Cats recognize you as One. Then … good times … but realize who you Are … Young Kitten … venture carefully … Meow!

When your brain is in a fog it’s just like being a fish in a muddy pond. And plus you see the world through your fish eyes.  And it’s well … muddy water … (hope you’re the catfish … and not one of the blue-gilled kind … in some of those ponds I mean … cuz those are the tasty ones and the cats do the hunting … in those ponds). Anyway … as a fish in a muddy pond …

From that perspective, it is just how it is. You are the fish. Your brain is in the water with you. You see what you see  … and It comes right through your brain.

That simple.

Now …. again, keeping it simple …. but onto next step …

Your fish head lifts up out of the water long enough … just long enough to get a … NEW perspective … just a moment actually is all it takes …

And that is just like the  light that will come into your brain  … when you awake. When you awake in your brain.


{…} aaarrrggghhhh … Engineer go home … Monkey Mind … take Over {now} …

So you plant a seed of hope … then just like a little chick in a shell at some point you decide to peck a little hole … that little bit of belief … that peck, that little tiny peck …

peck … peck … peck … onto the shell that is holding you back in life … and Peck …. #4 … you open the door … but just like a bit of shell bust away … and you see the glistening edges … of your shell … before the light just sort of … sort of takes over.

And the glisten is on you now  …

And the spirit of you will be lit up in a new way … or … you’ve just opened the new door to you … either is right and neither is not.

So just like a little bird coming out of it’s shell … your mind has awakened … has awakened to … to self … to … ‘I am’.

The Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost … is either awakened in you … or shines Light upon you … and totally dependent upon Your Perspective.

I mean I know what I did … I saw the light on the edges of the shell in my mind … but … heh heh … here’s the conundrum … was the light from inside the shell? … or the light from without coming in? Or just a blending so that in total … Lights would be … he, heh … Four.

What did you do?

You sent me away … or you showed me right through … or you asked me in for just a bit … with smile or a favor or a quick tip of your cool hat … enough is enough … and that bright light is enough … just like that. Did you miss it? Or … did you not? Seek inside for that answer.

{…} at this point one might say … WTF?

It will take a while to adjust … but after a while you’ll be able to stand up straight … and realize … that you more or less have just been squatting down all your life … in a sort of muddy pond … and just now decided to stand up … stand up Right … stand Up Straight.

Now … maybe not the first time for some … but 4 some  … for some … the Right Time.

It will take your eyes time to adjust … as the brain fog lifts. These lights I’ve been writing about so that you will be able to think clearly and adjust to just … more details … but important ones. The chaff just sort of blows off in the wind. You know … like when you’ve got too many minors and yet no major as you try to finish college … thanks J … and you decide to ditch all the miners … the gold seekers of the day … ditch all the haggardly smiles that get you no … No Hay …. from, which is nourishing, instead only fool’s gold of the day. Saying … hay in need is worth more that fool’s gold anyday. True gold is in the heart … and it’s the emotion that drives the brain … to do good deeds and in good ways.

Listen up … Cat Smarts … even a cat knows that when you’ve grown tired of so many false purrs … that sometimes you have to scratch a bit first … then your Purr may be gifted unto … unto one who needs a bit of a purr after ALL THE SCRATCHING life has put them through. But sometimes an old cat is not worried about a few more scratches especially when they’re the kind that can be healed up so nice … the scratches … with just a purr or two … goes bothwise. Now even an old cat knows some places just kick you out … scratches or not … face it … just an old cat. A young kitten not. Some businesses are for show … not go … businesses for the kittens … and those businesses do so readily kick out the old cat. Show … not go … and an old cat needs go … enough sho in life … time to put Show in Live. Heart work wise. Tha thump. Go …



Holy Spirit … Holy Ghost … Wind … of Time … Utekai … Flows … but not for more darkness of mind … but 4 Light. That is the Right kind of mind, 4 light.

Shine Bright … a little light learns how to become … The One light to light them all … little light but not just one.

Just saying. It will though … all … come out. … Ah …

Sometimes you remove to connect them though … the dots … and others.


p.s. At the very end of his 1978 book, The Holy Spirit, and in the very last pages, and I noted certainly not at the front, B. Graham wrote a section called Steps to Awakening. In italics, I summarize as he put it … 1,2,3 …

The first step is admitting our spiritual poverty.

The second step in spiritual renewal is confession and repentance.

The third step is a renewed commitment on our part to seek and do the will of God.

Personally, I find this confusing and have the book, but not read it all.

The very last statement of the book is:

We are to be ready for the Spirit to fill and use us.

Now … the two step dance I offer …to wake up your Perfect Inner:

  1. Look at a mind key
  2. Inspire yourself


Again, I can offer help on #2, but my Truths are not yours. Of course, with #1 … yep, I can help. Certain of that.

Now when deciding when or if or how to awaken … how to turn Life into Live …

And … well, if you choose steps 1-3 above … you might want to buy the book … then think about lots of Ifs, and … well, practically stop living while you wade through all that Life of stuff (I mean, consider step 3,  what if you  never committed in the beginning to do any part or it wasn’t your part at all … what is that then … a renewed commitment to do nothing?). Not saying it’s bad … just offering one of my worthless opinions. That as an Engineer, I do not see logical rational steps to take in those particular three steps. It’s all so … iffy, and non distinct. You are free, totally so, to see those 3 steps as wise, and just for you. Frankly, I don’t.

But … how about a two-step dance … with a Holy Ghost? The one already inside you.

Can I help? Help you? Why? Why would I? (well, I likely won’t … if you see … you no Y).

Get it? With #1 I can … help. Why? Because I’ve told you so many times before … I am.

Simple, I believe in myself, so I can … because … I am.

And you can be too … but not me … YOU … your very own … I am.


Technologist.Live … Interpreted … Not the If in Life, but the IV, the heartbeat of Life … LIVE. So nice …

Are you waiting for the If, as in? If only, in Life. Or are you living by YOUR OWN HEARTBEAT … Right NOW. you know … the IV in Live?

Life: that word has an if. Daniel taught me his Truth, showed me on paper. Asked if I understood. I do indeed. He had a big circle around the letters IF.

But for me … there is no If. See … I’m Live. And a hard core technologist … I mean how many people do you personally know that write software for hardware that is not yet released to the public … well, if you know me, then it must be one or two at least.

Now for me … there’s no IF … there’s an IV.

The If is an IV instead of just an if. That’s intravenous … there’s a heartbeat.

Live … no if … Not Life … But Live. IV, heart, beat of time … LIVE. LIVE NOW. IT is my life … but not the one in waiting … the ONE RIGHT NOW. Live.

See … about April 1st … prolly going to stop doing these posts … and Live. Up to now it’s been Life. To many ‘if’s. But … well, not yet predicting the future … ah, but it’s so bright ALL ovAH. Red R’ovah, Red R’ovah … send Life Right over. And get Live back.

Trying to tell others … so they can Live too … how to remove all the the ‘if’s in life, so it’s all so much more clear … lift the fogs of confusion from your mind.

Instead of waiting their whole Life wondering, … wondering and pondering and crying a bit too … wondering will there be more when it’s over. More than JUST THIS?

Q. Will there be more, when this Life is over?

A. Yes, but you should understand, this Life is to be Live (as in lived) … not about an If, and then waiting. Think not You, but think ‘I am’. Then the if will change to heart, to iv.

Q. How does one spell Live?

A. ‘I am.’


So my simple Truth:



But of course … CEO and all … start with a Mind Key … let things fall into place for you … TWO. My software … coming soon … if you’re a Lucky One that is.

Awaken The Holy Spirit … In YOU. (The ‘I am’ … yes, in YOU.) … Or … Don’t get lost in a drop of water while standing in the ocean … Or … The Importance of Getting Lost in a Drop of Water while Standing in the Ocean

Is religion a drop of water, and you think like an ocean? Have you examined the ocean to realize … it’s but just a drop of … the Father? Water … spirit … life …

Life is in the details. You perceive an ocean of information around you, and stop paying attention to the dots.

But the dots matter. Just think, what can kill you most easily? Bacteria or a bullet. I offer, bacteria can. Same for viruses. The dots matter. At times anyway … but don’t get lost in them or you’ll end up standing in lines to get … the flu … cuz you got some dull edges in your thinking … null edges.

Yes … those dots two, too and more for you … with 3 dot null edge in your sheath.

This bit of software of mine … I’m gonna let it shine.

This bit of kit inside … I’m gonna let it shine …

Let it shine … let it shine … let it shine …

Q. Holy Spirit? What’s up with that?

A. A lot … and it’s Up and Right that way.

to: blos (you prolly need to read this with … (think, unsheathing self, currently null edged … how to get sharp)) )Brain Light Offers S = blos … with multiple reads in mind.

Q. Is the Holy Spirit connected with this software of yours.

A. Yes, connected but not encompassed. Read past blog posts, easy to see … 

Q. What do you mean, not encompassed?

A. The mind is the ocean … religion, which ever you might choose … religion is a drop of water. You can lose yourself in that drop … or you can decide to include the ocean in your thinking. Neither approach is wrong …neither approach is right … unless it’s right for YOU. Then perhaps you’ll realize the ocean you’ve been swimming in … is but a drop too.

Q. How can one awaken the Holy Spirit?

A. Consider a mind key, a Good One, Right for You … and consider it because you have in fact just looked at one. Thus … indeed … at this actual point … can’t lie yourself out of this one … you considered a mind key … as a seed. As a seed of your creator … a visual one … if you so choose to think that way, personal choice EVERY STEP EVERY THOUGHT YOU MAKE.

That is step one … step two depends on you (I can suggest ways that … well, might work for you but your path is your own … I’ve never walked it … so pull yourself up out of your sheath, and realize the knife you now hold … your null edge is your knife of knowledge for life everything that you have the people you meet the ideas you do hold … your self image … be bold, … at least with yourself be bold … and it’s only null or dull or void right now … because you’ve been beating it and not using it like a tool. With a mind key in place …things start falling into order. You start falling into place … so Right.

Then you have that birthing moment … it’s not for me to tell you when … You WILL know it … then …’ I am’ … and your inner story starts shining out. The Light opens up … right in your mind. It’s unmistakable … that mind birthing moment … a door of sorts just opens up … and the light encompasses you too. And you might think … “Holy Spirit.” … Of course, what I really did think instead of that because I’m not religious, in perfect recall … “Wow, I didn’t know I could do that?” … But now I do know, because now ‘I am’.

An important moment for each and every one … personal choice though.

But you see … I did. And am. I didn’t slough off that achievement in the moment to someone or thing else. I took credit for it … but you know looking back, I see my whole way has been guided … I looked at a Mind Key … then got excited … about Life. There’s an If in Life and that If depends on You. Daniel in a Rush shared that with me … one of his Truths. And as time goes by, I see Daniel’s simple Truth has become mine too … if only for this moment, if only for this time … but because of it … in this moment he and I both have Shared Hope. We’re soul mates … and if you saw us standing next to each other … you’d never guess it. Ha ha.

How about you … do you want to too? Do you want to be able to see a drop or the ocean? To look inside … to be born … Again? Is that how you think? Or you just want to discover yourself … you know …  The One that really is embedded in your DNA. I wasn’t kidding about the Plates of Nephi. Many of you, or ALL of US have a job to do, and some of us … we’ll we’re working off of someone else’s DNA. But … maybe again, that is Right.

Do you want to know? If so, take a look … and see what happens …

Mind Keys … Or Seeds of the Holy Spirit … only You can decide … me … meh, just a lowly Engineer … a Monkey Minded Fool … when I want to be. Or not … I decide these days.

Signed, Utekai … the interpreter of the moment.

p.s. Bonus for getting this far. What does talking in tongues mean? What does snakes, poisonous or otherwise mean in a biblical context.

Talking in tongues is when others can’t understand you, but yet you are passing on holy, or just good, knowledge. For instance, read the review on Thrive Massage. You see, that is a perfect example of talking tongues, which I was doing. The first visit anyway. Then I interpreted about a month later. I’m stupid in the moment, a Monkey mind.

But I both spoke with tongues, and then interpreted. Not at that point realizing what I was doing … but this time is now, and the Light is brighter in me. Biblical interpretation has become rather easy.

How about dealing with snakes? What is that?

That is the primal urge of man. The need to breed. Carnal knowledge. When a man becomes erect, he is filled with the snake. At times he cannot think or act otherwise, otherwise than to fill the need of the snake. To handle snakes is a question to which I will not now answer. It will be too much … the answer … too much to stomach. A sensitive topic. If I answer then you too will know … it’s too deep at this point.

Eve was tempted by the snake. Was it her fault or the temptation too great? … One interpretation: Too great because the Great Snake that did tempt Eve was simply greater than her in Knowledge … by far. She was easy prey. Then Adam fell victim to the lust that came their way. Say … 4994 years ago.  When the darkness fell upon the land … the land that was the Garden. Another interpretation: Eve is the temptress … the one that tempted the snake. Eve did play with the Apple, but it just wasn’t quite the right shape, the right shape to get just inside … just inside where it does feel the best … and then the snake showed up … and with just a caress or two . .. that snake showed UP indeed. Spit it’s venom far and wide … around this universe … and all the births since that time … 4994 years ago … have been bloody messes. Not births of light. Those births are starting up now. It’s time. Birthings of Light.

Wake up … wake up … wake up into the Light.

Mind Keys …

{ … }

No Brain Lites Means No Read This Won … Too complex … COnfuse-ink … Or … Minkey chitter … Or … The Zen Master of 3 Dot Null Edge goes Zen.

Some Fictional Diction …. Wait … uh, did I get those caps … … yeah, Right? Hope, it’s … a 3D engraving advanced beyond any tech available today …
Then mixed reality came along … and it kicks dark brains back into the light

Recently on a call with an old friend from the days of the Cardinal … who answered to the question …“How far is the farthest you’ve gone?” as … “Bukhara.”   …

(three dot knowledge beyond this point … I Do in the past that You need for the future) …

An answer to which I thought … ‘well done.’

Really … isn’t it? (remember, … three dots … so no need to write ‘read out …’, well, you know by now …)

Heck, I only got to Tashkent and about … he got to Bukhara … and in my book (a thick one if you’ve ever seen my passport) the B bests mine. But … perhaps in cooking, one of my favorite pastimes … well, another time about plof, or plov … (both is Right, and 4 honest men left 1 … alive … inside, inside each one … all looked inside for the first time … and saw life … that simple …) …

Now this guy W of Red Cardinal days … obviously … has traveled far. He’s also worked as a venture capitalist and said, with a sort of a smile I’ll bet … “I saw the Time Travel business plan. And passed on that.” …

And that business plan is most certainly a well done and professional plan, with highly detailed technical specs … for a machine you can just never quite see work … if any machine actually exists.

In fact, if you go to see the machine work, you’ll find at best you lose time in life spending even a second more to see the machine at all … and the machine can’t take you to the future anyway …and if it could because of that movie ‘The Fly’ … you KNOW you never would. You’d be chicken until someone more brave went first. Or perhaps … well, I’m sure you’d know best … how could I … just a simple Monkey mind.

But … as mind keys go … you don’t actually climb into a machine … and there is no time travel. And in fact … once you realize …. You are indeed just looking at a hologram. Well, yep … it’s sorta stupid.

Yet … there’s that hope thing … yes … yes indeed. But back to that Time Travel Business … Plan … so VC guys spending time on Time Travel just go out the door … instead of becoming … a waste of everyone’s time … Just like Peter who Cried Wolf Three Times … and well, then there was a wolf. And we all know Peter … so many times now in life.

Anyway … time travel machines are a waste of time as a business plan … even if they worked. Well, I mean if they did … then … ‘….’ Ooops that’s …. {three dots here}.

So … in that regard … the Holy Grail Business Plan would also be a waste of time … and so ….

I never have wasted time doing one. But have though been writing about the Holy Grail replica that I can create. A genuine one … replica I mean … as far as the eye can tell … and I two … and eye two (3D, so 3 way) and with a simple command it can be … bigger still … as big as  … your imagination. But time travel … waste …

Get it … total waste of time … because the machine delays you from getting into the future … just due to being a waste of time. Because no one has been smart enough to actually do one … even Einstein failed, and Nassim Haramein hasn’t admitted to one yet … but he’s looking young these days. 7 months ahead at least.

Anyway … I realized yesterday … It’s like trying to sell the Fantastic. Regardless of what it is. Even when I tone it WAY, WAY down … even when it’s nearly monotone … people still tune it out … completely almost. Almost … but there is still some rhythm … the hope kind … rhythm in the heart … Heart Work is at hand … Heart Work. Anyway … so fantastic …

A Holy Grail Replica is too fantastic … even when … even when such a Sales Pitch of Hope is given to a man who is indeed one of dreams and fantastic things … (really, a rainbow appeared over this guy’s wedding … another cardinal sorta dude … at an oceanside setting near Honolulu … just one example of many of his dreams that come true … one of many). And … he didn’t buy this Time Travel sort of Fanstastic  of mine, not yet anyway … the Holy Grail … or Mind Programming. And A was a college buddy from Cardinal days too … but he warn’t yet thinking big … or maybe too big for me. Hard to say. But I guess …

Nope … he is no Mr. Fantastic … in a Holy Grail sort of way … no way … but I had to try because sometimes even porcelain … is hard … delicate and strong … all the same … all is one. A vibration is more painful than a shock … to fine porcelain … a shock is not much, but the right vibe … will bring good luck … or a crack everywhere at once. Anyway … A … A Mr. Fantastic? …

To which I might answer … “Well, perhaps not … yet.”

Of course … A hasn’t seen yet a Mind Key so that he can decide for himself. Or simply … perhaps he has.

Regardless … he will always be a dreamer … perhaps though not this big … of a dreamer … or an achiever … or a believer in oneself. Or perhaps he already sees.

A person who can see a few minutes into the future and make it happen through … simple good deeds … and nothing more. Simple good deeds. All they do … and just watch what happens.

Simple good deeds. So simple.

Alive … inside … once simple  good deeds are done. That simple.

But Holy Grail? Mind Seeds? Mind games? WTF?

For some … well, see the Q &A … it tells it so swell. Really. Short and to the point.

Anyway … away from Fantastic … and my exploration of … marketing ideas for this breakthrough software of mine … and onto the more practical … well. Hopefully …

So … I can be more practical … and perhaps pure … pure hope … and … see nothing wrong with that description. Just a simplification of Visual Birdsong … or the same

Visual Hope … Birdsong for the Eyes! Visual poetry for the mind … let your mind take wing.

Isn’t that what Jimmy was strummin’ about … little wing about to fly high … birdsong for the mind.

Let your imagination soar like an Eagle … or stay grounded like one in California. Anyway …

Using a Simple Hologram … Birdsong … Perfectly Described … with nary a single word but the wave of a finger … and a Mind Key … A Hope Seed … A Brain Light … A Diamond Light 8X8 Special …

If hope can … if hope can … if hope can … Open the Mind … Just … Just imagine it can.

And … it can.

See For Yourself …

Pure Hope … Perfect … Pure as Right … with newest technology technology that is …

Price in Today’s Dollars? Practically None. Really. But time . .. doest cost.

Spend yours wisely as you consider … this object … is …

  • Mathematically Correct (3 irrationals)
  • Geometrically Correct (3 shapes revealed)
  • Polarity Correct (Male / Female, Electrically, Weight)
  • Visually Balanced Object … Or is it? … You decide … You Ask the Question …
  • First described into stone found inside the chamber under the chamber at the foot of the Sphinx … a 3D engraving advanced beyond any tech available today
  • Then mixed reality came along … and it kicks dark brains back into the light

Also referred to as the Holy Grail, a genuine replica, visually correct. But just not blessed by the original artist, as would say a Mona Lisa be blessed by the aura of da Vinci … The Leonardo of His Day. I mean … it took a long time before someone dared to wear again that name. Such did da Vinci seal his fame. With a Mona. Heh heh. Really.

Anyway … latest three dot knowledge … up for play … respond as needed … in ur own … way.

Hope … Geometrically Defined! … And … Coming Your Way …

Hope can be simple or perfectly sized. And all you need is the teeniest … tiniest … 64 star drop. Hope … you’ll be lining up for it. Soon … Oh, but last question … is there a difference between Hope and Passion? From a geometric perspective?

Hope … geometrically defined … has the perfect tetrahedron as it’s base element.

My thesis anyway. Details previously blogged. Further …

A 64 star, as in the blog pic,and constructed ONLY using perfect tetrahedrons, and nothing more, is mathematically and geometrically and in polarity … balanced. Balanced three ways, perhaps four.

Mathematical Precision

When perfectly constructed, three irrationals are satisfied, Pi, the Golden Ratio and the square root of two. Mathematically precise three ways. No less can it be, in 3D.

Geometric Precision

When viewed visually, 3 distinct views are visible depending on the viewing angle from the prime, the prime meaning the primary view of initiation. Visually precise in three ways, geometrically speaking. Or, as sometimes I say, “The object reveals itself in three ways.” And, people walk around it and look. Usually with quite some fascination.

So two of 3 satisfied. Is that enough? Mathematically and Geometrically, and each of those two satisfied three ways. Enough?

Well, in calculus terms of the 3D kind (which I took junior year at Purdue, Vector Calculus), considering polarity as vector forces, this object is also balanced. No details here … it’d be too deep, right?

But how about polarity in terms of humans, in terms of man and woman.

And why is that important. Well, simple … either you are a man … or you are a woman. Are you not?

But the polarity depends on view … is the object balanced for you? Sometimes you just gotta take a while to figure it out. Or … build your own. Then the door might just glisten open. You choose because you’ll know just what to do … let yourself take over. And be good. Be good in who you are and in what you do … so … Be Yourself … in an ‘I am’ sorta way. And it’ll be perfect. Now back to hope … or, wait, that is hope still … your’s …

And, also as in calculus satisfied, in electrical balance the object is balanced.

And, as in weight when measured from a center point … there is no directional point that would exceed another.

Balanced in 3 ways, each of 3 … well again, the male and female, and I have only my own view point there, so perhaps just 8 of 9 satisfied. But Does it Go up to 11?

Anyway … this 64 star is like perfect hope … and one can take a look. Or build your own.

And once you do … or just take a look …

Can you tell the difference?

Between what you see and the last time you saw Real Visual Hope … and if you recognize it, meaning you saw it at least once before … you’ll see … right then it becomes Shared … shared hope … which is what soul mates are all about. The real kind … soul mates are those who share hope … good hope, the right kind. And we’d be those ones …

Adieu …

p.s. Can you see the cursor … sorta hidden away … peaking out?

And behold, ye shall take the plates of Nephi unto yourself, … Or … Monkey Mind … gives up more … Or … Storage and Retrieval Of SACRED RECORDS … you know the records that ARE SACRED, sacred in real life not fake sacred like in movies.

Take unto oneself … refers to deep implantation of information … into DNA. A message, unadorned and pure … that is passed onto future generations. So that in times of need … the message can be recalled. Using? Mind Keys … unlock the future with messages from the past.

Recently at a small diner in Elwood, I sat at the table of a stranger and did talk. Or as I put it … I blah, blah, blah’d. Did this up until one of the strangers interrupted me.

And … as I put it … it must be very important else the stranger wouldn’t interrupt me, and I know this stranger is wise, because I’m the one doing all the talking.

Wise people generally have very little or nothing to say.  And … I’m trying to wise up. And asking strangers. Then talking. This to keep the strangers at bay … so they only say important things … because I’m the one seeking knowledge … that day.

This stranger twice interrupted to exert that I should read the ‘Book of Mormon’ but not the whole book of the … you know that church. But that book from the bigger book.

And so on the 4th verse of chapter 1, already came across this amazing statement. As shown in the blog post title. But more than the words, is the act …

Consider … how does one do this?

‘Ye shall take the plates of Nephi unto yourself.’

Is this a physical act of picking up plates and carrying them away and finding some way to store the plates for generations and generations to come … yet somehow needing to ensure the plates ARE NEVER LOST. Hmmm … something fishy in this explanation.

However, here’s another … a more logical and realistic one … to take the Plates of Nephi unto oneself.

I propose that is done visually and it creates an imprint onto DNA and thus this sacred information is able to be passed though the ages … with no paper needed. Stored unadulterated and unadorned, a perfect message as long as DNA is uncorrupted.

So … my theory … Plates of Nephi refer to a DNA grouping accessed via visual triggers that unlock this information.

Next, I propose anyone of this bloodline of Ammaron will have this ‘Sacred Records’ information imprinted on their DNA.

And yet … further, I propose to have a key that will unlock this sacred information in anyone of the bloodline of Mormon (likely also Ammaron, the Am of Aaron?) … but … in particular a man rather than a woman. Now not going to explain that here, and not being sexist, simply pointing out there are actual and noticeable physical differences between men and women. There are differences. Of course there are plenty of similarities also.

Peeps … people … There is something Amazing Happening … be a part of light’s flow … not a barrier in the way. Let’s solve this amazing thing TOGETHER … as one … not as a force against good … BUT AS SIMPLE DEEDS … SIMPLE ACTS OF GOOD.

Evolution … The opposite of Exodus … Or … Belief in Oneself = truly good … Or … Mind Keys …

Mind Keys open the mind to the next level of brain-evolution. Let’s call it the Golden Age of the Mind … here just in time …

The opposite of exodus (leaving in two or more) in my opinion here is …

Evolving into one … into I am. Evolving into brain light … higher intelligence.

Instead of exiting from yourself and handing yourself over to others.

Evol-ution … evolving into the self.

And if you’ve not got that figured out on your own yet … just what steps to take … well …

Mind Keys … Evolution of the Mind … Visual Birdsong that makes your brain sing. And … well, the body will follow … a bit behind but soon enough will catch up. Your brain too.

Evolve … or stay in the fog … and … believe me … when I was in the fog I saw the confusion too. Thank good-ness … for Brain Lights … Mind Keys … or … simply … You.


As Billy Graham wrote on the first page of his 1978 book The Holy Spirit,:

“He gives us the power to be truly good.”

Now, personally, I’d question the ‘he’ part.

Next I’d question the ‘power’ part.

Rather, my quotation would be …

“Belief in one’s self enables the ‘I am’ which is truly good.”

or … more simply … just …

“I am = truly good.”

That seems just about Right. Or … Right.

And … well, Mind Keys … and just a tad bit more … and you can be truly good too.

I mean, well, if you’re not already … and you know JUST what I mean. Sure you or I can be kinda right in our opinions … or simply … just … Right.

Now … why do Mind Keys work? It’s so stupid simple really that I laugh when I explain. He heh. See.

Exodus 3:14 … what does it mean in reverse … Exodus I mean?

Into the Self? Into the ‘Iam’? Is that the opposite?

And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.


Just pointing out … that my software is about the ‘I am’ inside you … not another. For instance, I don’t see a tie in with the ‘I am’ referred to in Exodus 3:14 which clearly is referring to a being different than the people, here the children of Israel are the people.

But this software, mind keys, opens the ‘I am’ in You, rather than some outside being.

That’s why I write this software is unconnected with religion. But … there are so many religious viewpoints sometimes it’s so very interesting to draw parallels. With mathematics too.

Just expanding the box … that we’ve been living in … to something … uh … more IMAGINATIVE … with these creative writings … are they shaking YOUR box?

Increase your imaginative abilities … Mind Keys … Visual Birdsong for the mind.

The Conundrum of the Holy Grail! Q &A

The Holy Grail is what YOU decide. You make it … and it makes you … just what you want it to … to make … I am.

Q. Just what is the Holy Grail?

A. It’s not important what it is to me only what it is to you.

Q. Is the Holy Grail valuable?

A. Only you can assigned the value. If not, then not. If so, then so.

Q. Do I need the Holy Grail?

A. Do you?

A. I don’t know.

A. Then neither do I.

Q. Can I use the Holy Grail?

A. Can you?

A. I don’t know.

A. Then neither do I.

Q. What if I don’t use the Holy Grail?

A. Nothing, nothing else.

Q. What if I do use the Holy Grail?

A. Something, something more.

Have you learned something? Or nothing more?


The Holy Grail is exactly what YOU make it, and nothing more. Nothing less either.

To start … consider … Just who are you?

Asked out loud as …

“Who am I?”

Then take a look and answer … if YOU so choose …

“I am.”

Done … then you start writing your book of life … the one You Star In.

Or … or … well, just be Another and not The One.

The Impulse … The Heartbeat of Life … Space and Time … part 3

Just what can Mind Keys really do? Well, I guess it’s all up to you … valuable or not … it’s up to you. Now, maybe it’s simply you … but … wanna boost … a mind trick of sorts? You know … the trick.

In engineering and math the Fourier Transform is used to calculate the frequency response of a linear system (one based on time typically).

To measure the frequency response of a linear system an Impulse is applied to the system.

In theory the impulse is instantaneous and contains all frequencies. Thus a system can be simply characterized, for instance which frequencies a speaker set will play out without modification.

Most important for this post, is this:

The Impulse is balanced in frequencies … all are the same. But remember, it’s just a theory, as in practice … no such thing or so ‘they’ say.

Now … onto more exploration of man transcending space and time … my, uh, theories ..

Up to now I’ve only theorized that space time can be transcended in the mind … but not in the body … because of the heartbeat primarily.

Now it’s time to consider the body … and at the precise moment of the heartbeat … the Impulse of Life. Your Life Impulse. So …

While meditating just like you do … however that might be … and if so and you’ve gotten to Enlightened stage (now remember, if you tell yourself you won’t even become intermediate in meditation, then you won’t).

Let’s assume for this post, you can become from time to time perfectly balanced in the moment … not grasping or holding to time … not grasping or holding to some impure truth … so if even for a moment you can float free of space and time … just for a moment.

Further, I theorize that a person, a One, in that moment in time … has thus become perfectly balanced, become harmonized … somehow making perfect sounds yet somehow none, none out of balance that is …

And so, theorize that if perfectly balanced … in perfect harmony … at the moment of the heartbeat … at the moment of the impulse of the heart … that this moment in time …

Perfect of harmony, perfect of mind … free of space … free of time … then at the …

Impulse of Life … a big bang … at the heartbeat and the perfect mind balance and the perfect body balance … a big bang of life does occur …

Dissolving Into Inner self … into the One in that moment … and a Big Bang of existence does occur.  A new Universe of You does occur … when you are The One and achieve this.

See it would be better than going to heaven … in the sense of this … You will be the Creator …

It will be Your Universe.

Well, perhaps, perhaps not …

Mind Keys.

Utekai … the intepretor.

p.s. Nassim Haramein in more recent discussion of geometries and his theories on what they could be … then continues to build them and compares to the beat of a heart. Here is their definition based on musical octaves of how the musical frequencies relate directly to the larger structures.





Space and Time … Part 2 … and a bit of my Monkey Mind writing …

How long is a moment? Well, consider the time between heartbeats … now consider the time … the exact moment … when the heart DOES BEAT. That exact time … just how much time IS that? Is the heartbeat itself where time stops or where time starts … and how long is inbetween? That moment?

Brain Lights on for this one … or … well out loud helps …

It’s important to consider how much time is a moment of time. Also the importance of Heartbeat. Both are important to the overall answer to “Can man transcend space and time?” and my last answer only addressed the mind … but the mind you see … IS NOT THE MAN … but the man does seem to own the mind … or is it the other way around?

Thesis here, mind is not man … but might or might not be separate … but there is a heartbeat you see. But before answering the question about heartbeat, which just goes for a moment, like a pulse on a heartbeat monitor … see, before answering that question of the heartbeat’s impact on space and time answering … One must ponder …

Just how much time IS a moment? Is it just as short as you think … or perhaps … just a tad longer still … still and more???

As per the previous post on Space and Time Transcendence, if one succeeds in the mind of freeing oneself from any held truths of the passing of time, by marking time in some form, and also hasn’t fixated or grasped hold of any truths … opinions, awareness of physical and space bound objects and forms and sounds that are around (unless in balance with those items … balanced in frequency of the mind … in resonance with surroundings is another way to look at it … or simply sort of balanced in the moment with no disorder of note of any sort … or yet another view is calm waters in the mind as per the Treatise on Meditation).

Now at this point, this moment …

In the mind floating (there in meditative state I mean), if even for a moment … unfixed in time or space … unfixed as just described (flowing wave of time, flowing wave of space with no truths grasped hold of) … if even for a moment.

For a moment is just all it takes … to prove man Can Transcend Time and Space … again, such a dichotomy … because you see … a moment is a measure of time. In this case, only in the mind … and IF EVEN FOR A MOMENT …

Sort of circular … but in that moment in the mind … the moment of transcendation … the mind is thus free of time. So free of time, and … time Free … ANd it ONLY TAKES a moment.

So in this case … free of time … if even in the mind …

For one who is free of time … a Moment Can Be Endless … I mean, for Advanced and Enlightened at least it would seem. In the meditative or other state of mind mastery.

And I recall reading and hearing others speak about how certain ingested things, with scary names or purposefully scientific ones … but things that affect the brain … and with some they speak of seeing spirits and lights and how time slows and they feel all connected with one. That’s all so spacey … as if you have dissolved into nothing.

What I’m describing, is THE OPPOSITE OF THAT … the opposite of what I’m describing.

I’m talking about YOU DISSOLVING INTO … The One … Into the I … into I am. I mean … isn’t that really also … just belief in yourself … and then you know you can.

So not dissolving outward … but dissolving IN wards. And not between the heartbeats, but in the moment of the heartbeat … dissolving into your own sound …

Ok, if you got this far and are not totally lost … then …

Consider if you can, just for the moment when your heart doest beat … dissolve inward … if only for a moment … telling yourself … out loud … I AM.

This is the cool part of saying I am out loud … now of course if you say it, and then look at a brain key, then say it again … it sort of takes on … new meaning, new prominence … just like walking into a new room where you are IN … in, well, … you … for the first time … in a long time. And … glad to be back … but don’t walk back out … the button on the doorbell is shockingly good … so don’t bang that button or you’ll get shocked back out …

Utekai …

Next post on this space time line … of thinking: Importance of Heartbeat when transcending space and time … you know, when doing it in the mind as just again discussed, and the fixation of the beat of the heart … what is that? Space or time fixation? It creates a sound wave … so it has a point of origination … you know … A BIG BANG … when the heart doest beat … depending on where you are … that wave goes on and on … the blood flows and the body carries on ….

The sound of that heart beat does RING OUT … just like when taking a guitar lesson with NO WORDS and picking up a guitar like a Monkey in the Woods, and somehow in a few wordless lessons playing the Monkey’s own music … inspired by the sounds only of heartbeats … again, no words. Wow … that would be truth Monkey Music … Now … Truth because that would be the Monkey’s perfect music not just a rendition of someone elses song. The Monkey’s perfect music, the Monkey’s own. No other music can possibly sound so sweet than the music that goes to the rhythm of the Monkey’s out loud played heart beat. Wow …d

I sorta can’t wait to get to that post … you know …it’s just a heartbeat away … but gonna meditatie right now … but just for a moment … Get it? I’ll be Right back. Or … well, in a moment. But … how much time is that?

La la la  … today … such a bright and sunny day  … and getting lighter still …

Less dark … more light.

Even though it’s turning evening and the day is turning to night.Yet even now … even still … you know… today …, less dark, more light.

Biblical … For Lights … (p.s. read it out loud … if you want to hear Four). It really is that time.

to: Self, Need to study more on the concept of I am, and whether or not truth can ever be permanent. Oh yeah, here is the answer already: Only perfection is truth. And nothing else. If it is not perfect … it is not truth and simply cannot be. Yep, that simple … if it’s not perfect, it’s not truth, else it would be perfect truth. And, well … all that is Perfect is Good, one of my simple truths from my one page book. So not only is it Good Truth it is also Perfectly Good … and that satisfies too of my simple truths. Too of two.


  1. All that is perfect is good.
  2. Only perfect is true, else it is not. Both satisfied … and yet, both not.

Does one see 3 bushes or does one see 9 … or does the one floating overhead see 11 … and the lowly Monkey amongst the bushes hiding on the ground just peed on a bunch of little bushes the rest don’t even mind looking at … and fertilized … a new generation of bushes. Ba bap … the monkey who’s heart beats … in his mind claps time … meditates for just a moment … time … sorta … Ba… b … stops.



Can Man Transcend Space and Time? … Interpreter Answers … whew … that didn’t take long.

Life … is all in the mind … open your’s up and see … See for the first time … well, since you were … maybe let’s say … 9. Or whenever it got foggy … for you … who is about to be … I … then I am.

First recall that light acts as a wave and when attempted to measure … acts as a point.

So, as Einstein pointed out … observation of a phenomenon changes the form … makes the wave precisely a point. A wave has no real start or end … and a point, well, is a point, start and end all in one. A point is somewhere, something … not something that is not.


Now recall, that Time flows … except, … but at point in time. You know, when you try to measure it.

So … when you attempt to check time … you are taking the wave of your life to a point.

You are measuring your life … in this case with time. Tick tock, clip clop …

Now a parallel to truth. Truth is another sort of time that is modified.

Truth is much more about space … rather than time.

Time can be a wave until you check it.

Truth can be a point … until you wave it … as in wave it away.

And … there you have it …

Man can transcend space and time … and simply so.


One … don’t measure or opinionate at all, as these are checkpoints in time, that turn the wave to an actual point.

Seek not Truth … else you will find it. Once you find a specific Truth … you transform the wave of space into a point … a point of truth.

Let go of your opinions of who you are or anything else. Let go of your attempts to grab hold of truth.

And you will simply float free of space and time … and then you can simply rise above it.

Now … deep thoughts about it … but simply answered, as simply as I can now.

But I only really started answering  this question … uh, a couple days ago … no, no … 4993 years ago I mean … or was that 4994?

Anyway … these are practical methods to be used when you’ve gotten to at least Advanced, but better for Enlightened, as in the Treatise on Meditation.

Golden Ratio … The Interpreter in Action …

Is man more valuable than woman? The interpreter explains … more bushes than not … more than you see? Just 3 or 9 or …

A golden rectangle (in pink) with longer side a and shorter side b, when placed adjacent to a square with sides of length a, will produce a similar golden rectangle with longer side a + b and shorter side a. This illustrates the relationship {\frac {a+b}{a}}={\frac {a}{b}}\equiv \varphi .


So … sitting in Starbucks yesterday with a young woman who is studying to become a pastor or whatever a female orator of biblical knowledge and wisdom is called … let’s call her Eve for now. A woman on the edge of brightness … and she is more than an edge of brightness too … overall bright. Eve lightened me … in many ways. Says this monkey.

And … get this … I have been banging like a monkey on the question of ‘Who Am I?” and right there in Starbucks Eve pulled out a multi-page hand written document (perfect too … no mistakes) with the single question at top … “Who am I?”

And I said, “If I read this I will know a LOT about you.” … and then interpreted the document in a way she herself had never seen before, and even denied at first that is what  she did … then I pointed out the obvious to Eve, in what she’d already said. Too much personal stuff to include her (or here). But Eve will not forget soon just who she is. Nearly perfect … she even practically said so … and she has unwavering faith in Jesus. And I just want to point out … no makeup on …

Talk about fate …

And then we talked a lot … well, I blah blah blah’d incessantly … and from time to time Eve got to put in a word. Wise people don’t talk much … and I BLAH a lot. Seeker of wisdom writes here … a monkey minded fool.

But we discussed, eventually, the value of the egg vs. the value of the sperm.

And … somehow I ended up with the Golden ratio and will use it to Interpret … MY TRUTH here … NOT YOUR’s.

Again, read my previous posts to understand … THERE IS NO REAL TRUTH … but I do go on …

The golden ratio, can be interpreted as man and woman. I mean man came first according to the Bible. So let man be a, let woman be b, just like in the alphabet.

Now it shows that Man over Woman is a golden thing. One might say Man is more valuable than woman … I mean he did come first. But is that a correct assumption?

But then … what is Man + Woman … well, obviously more than Man … and Man is more than Woman.

But Man PLUS WOMAN is clearly more than man … and gives the Golden Ratio … but again, so does Man over Woman.

And frankly, you guys with porno brains … you know what happens when Man is over Woman … in your orgasmic mind … it is Golden Indeed … BUT ONLY FOR A SHORT, SHORT, SHORT, SHORT time … not long time like they say in the Philippines (“you horny sailor boy? i give you LONG time.” … and they specialize in making Long, well, short.)

But what happens when Man Plus Woman arise above the Desire of Man alone … well, it’s Golden indeed. When man is not multiplying with woman, but Man Plus Woman without sexual need … is more than man alone … and it is the True Gold that all of nature is of …

There you have it … Math applied to Reality … my OWN INTERPRETATION.

Google this idea … find it ANYWHERE ELSE? But here?

Why? Asks the man who is alone … with two cats … but who thinks deep.

Is that why I seek out Women for answers … in Starbucks … where people go to Wake Up … you know, wake up their brains … to seek Enlightenment of their day and of their mind.

Wise up … into the light … or … wise not.

p.s. On Thursday … The Book of Daniel … is about to fire up … in terms of being written that is … but you know the story of Daniel and fire … well, if not … Read Up. Or just wait for the new Book to appear … the one for these times. The New Book of Daniel.

Also want to point out, in addition to root of 2 and pi … the golden ratio … is but one more irrational number … and as I’ve said before … I’ve found a connector between the rational and irrational spaces … a perfect connector … one that opens up the mind … to the irrational … a perfect place indeed.

Signed, Utekai … it flows …IT.


Visual Explanation of … Do you See Dark (live in fear)? or … Do you See Light (live with passion and love)?

Do you see light on top or dark of each cube? Just focus on a single cube … when one or the other is on top … the whole image will switch over for you. Just one … just one … good deed a day … Brings Bright.

Either you see dark to the upside … or you see light to the upside.

Once you see either … the whole picture flips to one or the other.

If you see Dark on top on just one cube .. the WHOLE picture flips for you.

That is your life … See One CUBE of bright on top … and your life will flip just like that …

Now … again … I have some software … perhaps it should be called …

See the Bright Side of Life … Again.


Now … if you’re the type of person that walks around with a smile on your face … believing in yourself … inspiring others.

There is not ONE damn thing I can do you for … get it? Yes, YOU do … you Smiler of inner light.

But there is a lot … you can do for us. Of course YOU already know that.

Why? How do I know YOU know. Well, because you already know ‘I am’ and it is you. And as well, I know … I am … and it is you.

Adieu … for now.


p.s. Yesterday … wow what a day. The only fear I really saw was from people looking inward … and thinking … “Am I being left behind … or given the opportunity to climb on board the new Soul Train … the new Aquarius … the Train of US.”

And … well, James lit up. But didn’t recognize it yet … I did. “I didn’t see how you made it.” A statement he made, but words to himself. As I left his home he attempted to describe a simple example to make a point of his value … and got lost in lots of details … going on and on and on … not realizing quite just yet … “Where are all these details coming from?” … and who are the details really important for … see, the Fog of Confusion is being lifted … and Jim is starting to find himself … amidst all the confusion.

And, well, as Matt’s Dad … James is starting to write his own book now.

See … Jim … he’s an “I am” sort of fellow … from yesterday … or maybe was all along. All … yes, the magic of it all … ah.

Keys that unlock the mind. Tesselation in action.


So … as I tell people, all these ideas come from others. Last night on the way home met a man towing a couple grills in a large trailer behind his truck. When I asked him about his dreams, he said he wanted to make mosaics, by using tiles. But didn’t do this work because the oven was too expensive … I offered, “Find an oven. Live your dream.” But what he really gave me … was the clue on how to represent Good vs. Evil … as perceived by the human mind … in mosaic or tessellated form.

This simple man simply doesn’t yet realize what a genius he is. And he likes soft french fries … but I like mine extra crispy … like fried chicken of the mind … crispy, crackly and crunchy … on the outside … but moist and tasty on the inside. Together … we made a perfect french fry … in idea form … a visual mosaic … and there one was … popped up sorta because we nourished the soil with shared hopes of a dream of unique tile mosaics. Each with our own view of course (do you see 3 bushes, or do you see 9).

Thank you peeps … yesterday was amazing … all you … and me … nobody and no one.

Also, the idea of explaining viewpoints using bushes came about while sitting at the Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Center, outside on a stump … playing the djembe … and noting all the symbolism of 4 … all around … yet when I went over the the Abbott, symbolism went to 3. And also I saw, there were more than 4 bushes.

Everyone helps, everything helps.

This is a message … from All … for All … of  …. All.

Ahhhhhh …..

That is the right kind of message. Get it? Yet?

You will. When your time is right.  When you step into … step into … step into …

Your light. The light of ‘I am’. The true light which we will ALL SEE … ALL SEE the light.

The light of all … and to all … a Good … MORNING. Again, Ahhhh ….. all … not quite said right.


Jesus Said It Best … So Direct … So To The POINT … Or … The Interpreter … In action!

I’ve come across several key verses that when read out loud, and taken literally … CHANGE EVERYTHING … so … wow. But just one is discussed here …

“I am the way the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, except Through ME.”

Say that out loud … Just like Jesus said it … but you know, in English.


First you will say …

“I am”


Then …

“…the way the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, except through me”

Now … as it turns out … my software is very helpful with the “I am” part … some people struggle with it. But again, my software isn’t religion based … it’s simple technology.

The interpretations though … once you turn on brain lights … well, are pretty far out … or rather far up … in the brain. And deep into … understanding of The Self. The I. And once you realize The I exists … well, “I am” is just … A natural … twist to Biblical quotation.

But peeps … I write my opinions here … and just to myself … YOU see. Out loud … read it … NO OFFENSE … but again … “What is truth?”

To which I answer, “Truth is what YOU make it … not me … because your truth is your way, your truth … and also your life … and you have the trinity inside you … so you simply now know the importance of belief in oneself … which if you want you can call belief in  Jesus.” It simply is up to INTERPRETATION. And … as I just pointed out … EITHER IS THE SAME.

Ah … The Interpreter … Got you on that one!

Again, I offer you could say it as “I am” just like written … just not prefixed with “Jesus said” which is what someone else wrote, not precisely what Jesus said, which is indeed written, after the “Jesus said” part.

Jesus, in my interpretation … was PRECISELY saying the truth … NOT TO YOU THE LISTENER … BUT TO YOU THE READER WHO SPEAKS OUT LOUD WORDS READ … and saying it just like YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND IT … BUT WHEN SPOKEN BY YOU not when told by others to you. Get it … say “I am.” … not someone else’s Truth. Your’s.

Just say it out loud … SO THAT YOU WILL HEAR YOUR OWN TRUTH. The truth of You (said as I or me). Then … or right now … you got it.

And … I’ve got a key … one for YOU. The I am booster part for you. But … those lines are gonna get long pretty …. pretty soon. The one’s to space … but that space is way up high in your mind … not the spacex kind … so the space I’m talking about is real.

And the horse of time …. clip clop, clip clop … trots on … that is your life sands … mine are … well … well planned at this point. But are your’s?

Again … the question …

“Who am I?” … peeps … OUT LOUD … read it. Bridled up and being ridden? Or Riding on the Horse of Life … and choosing the direction. Into the light of brain sunshine or deeper into … wherever that is not bright. You know where that is … that’s right!

Say it out loud … “I am.”

And … as I might respond … “Not quite yet … but just about.”

Because … I am the Interpreter … for a while longer anyway.



to Self: hmmm, didn’t I write in an earlier post that I wouldn’t write ‘read these out loud’ anymore? hmmm … just what could that mean that I wrote it again? Truth … is … so perceptively simply irrefutably … uh, … none. 100% up to interpretation … get it … I’m the interpreter … not much different than a call dispatcher really … sort of in the middle of the many languages and communications … setting out my own truths based on my experience … and that of others … to get those Darn Roosters … off the Road and … well, into Safety. But did the Rooster come first … or did the Egg? Hmmm? Women will say  … ??? Well, they say the egg is just as important as the sperm. And?

How would I know anyway, I’m a Man, and … , I already admitted there is no real truth … only perspective … and even Einstein wrote perspective already sort of spoils what’s being observed, so the mere active of perspective taking already spoils whatever you’re perspecting on (you know making opinions about … ) … so simple lesson …

Don’t make opinions? What are they really good for? Is someone else asking for Truth … so another offers an opinion? Is that really helpful … perhaps …. so make an opinion … take a perspective … which sort of ruins the Pie … or Pi … hmmm. Deep.

Or do people just need to see the Light … so that opinions aren’t really what matter at all … but just facts. And then, how factual are the facts?

I am … Just not?

Speaking is what I’m getting at. I’m, about to stop talking … because .. The Teacher only Speaks. And … when needed.

Oh the dichotomy of it all … but the bigger question still out there …

Can man transcend Space … And … Time?

Oh … what a good question … and …

Someone did ask me? So … I sorta gotta answer … that’s how it goes.

So … answer to that … coming up … but first gotta find it … via … Interpretation. But before even that, first must ask someone who knows … or gather it up from those who have pieces. Because I don’t know myself … but … will get some answers … or pieces …

Quest on … at least until it’s time to Teach … which as it turns out …. may already be NOW. hmmm … am I a multi-tasker? … Or … Who am I?

Am I? or am I not?

Oh so simple … I am.

And so … multi-tasker if NEED TO BE … The One. Cuz … well, I am.

And … as I keep writing tooo … so are YOU.  The end.

Or not … yeah, actually  just the start … in comparison to where we’ve been.

Monkey mind … monkey chatter … comes to an end … once it doesn’t matter.

Wake Up … Or … Why people go to Starbucks … Or … Interpreter Returns to Translate Birdsong … Visually … Drink It In … With Your Eyes.

To wake up … caffeine for the brain … breaks you out of the morning shell. Visual birdsong … breaks you out of your life shell … the one holding YOU back. Time to fly … birdsong … the visual kind.

Coffee, especially light roast … comes naturally with plenty of caffeine in the bean.

Darker roasts burn it off … the caffeine in acids literally burn off and smoke out of the bean during roasting. And if the dark roast is done right, leaving less caffeine but caramel textures in the taste of the resulting coffee … the sugars of the bean … roasted just right. Carmelized … ahhh … into perfection. And sometimes you can just watch the smoke and not the bean color. Sort of a different approach using Smoke Signs, simple stuff like that … just like Indians used to communicate. Smoke Signs.

Now, when you can get coffee roasted just right … just perfect … then you can purify the coffee further into just espresso.  So instead of a 6 oz serving, espresso is 2 oz.

This is the cream of the cream of the dark roast coffee bean. The espresso.

Or even go ristretto … for a single oz … of coffee. That’s real Italian style too … small, often with sugar … down the hatch … and usually with crema.  If … Italia

Anyway …

What is a 64 star tetrahedron … or so I’ve named it …

Birdsong … for the eyes. The visual kind of song … a perfect one … for YOUR mind.

There, that’s my interpreation of the 64 star, a lot better than 8 … of course 8 seems, at times … well, better than 1. But one is certainly better than Zero, right?

I mean, especially if … you are The One. Because then you already KNOW you are NOT the zero. But still … you time spent in … Starbucks and all … sort of a giveaway that you admit you need more energy today … really, here we sit. At Starbucks … admitting our brains … need something more.

And … well … there’s a kind of … something more …

We drink it in … with our eyes.

Tasty indeed … birdsong … for the eyes.

Visual Caffeine … time released … you are the caffeine the birdsong is the bean.

Brain Hugs … A Key for Every Mind … Shared Hope Did it Music Man … the Message is Out … But can I interpret … correctly? … Hmmm …

So have been down the religion road … all of them I could find. No matches. This software stands apart from religion … it’s simply something with the Mind. Of course, you can make it religious …personal choice.

In recent and past blog posts … I’ve applied own Simple Truths and discount any connection with Religion and this Software of mine. Too many simple conflicts at a very fundamental level. I’m not about fear … well, I try not to project it … but for some reason … see it a lot. Rather, my own philosophy is that if one can vanquish fear, one’s life will be nearly perfect.

Deep truth … the fear you feel inside is more than your own it’s what’s around you too, because if you see it … you feel it … just like eating Pork with your eyes … when you See Fear on Others Faces … Fear is what You Get … Visually. So it’s nice to look at something perfect … like a Diamond for the Mind … a Mind Hug.

This software is simply different from Religion. It is not about fear. No.


Latest marketing thoughts … Brain Hugs … From Sharing Hope With Another.

Shared hope … that’s a hope you have shared with Another. Just being specific. Not your very own hope … BUT SHARED WITH AT LEAST ONE OTHER.

So if even for a moment, you Share Hope with Another, for instance to play just a rift or two together, a jazz bass and djembe duo … just that bit of Shared Hope … is like a brain hug for two … and who ever is listening … Matthew was. Listening. He heard … he listened … he called … we found. Thanks Music Man for pulling out the message. On Tuesday … let’s jam. The Monkey visits Music Man for a silent lesson of music … Take III.

Shared hope is like nourishing the soil … the music floods the air … the air is but soil of the mind … Nourished in that moment … Nourished in that time … And so good things pop up … they can’t help it you know. And … just the right thing … like Black Raspberries.

And the weeds just sorta die off.

AND then … the perfect massage … oh wait, that’s the Thrive saga … I mean the Perfect Brain massage … A ..

Brain Hug …

Basic Visual … mind fun time …

Do you fear God? A religious conundrum. Well, only for the fearful I mean. Believers in Self … need not read.

Fear God? No … I just don’t buy into it yet Just don’t get why you would Fear Something That Is Perfect. Because … why would you fear Good. But you do … Why?

I’ve been reading and discussing religion with quite a few people the last … say 8 weeks.

And … fear of God is a common … theme, or dogma.

And, I counter …

But … God is Perfect … I might say … AND WHO WILL DARE ARGUE THAT?

Then use my simple truth: All that is perfect is good.

Thus … why would anyone EVER FEAR … God?

Why wouldn’t you LOVE GOD with all your heart and all your mind? Where there is pure love there is not fear. Pure love is the best type of love, the kind a Perfect God deserves, not fear …

Does a loving God want a whole bunch of Fearing people when coming for a Visit?

No … God wants a Whole Bunch of Loving People … when coming for a visit.

Love God … don’t Fear God. Love God. That is what God wants … man who seeks money seeks fearful people … God doesn’t seek money. Proverbs … written by man … who was inspired by money … just my theory … that is to … Love God.

After all. God is Perfect.

And yet … fear, fear, fear … we’re told it’s needed.

Yet … anytime my mind gets filled with fear … really, it’s hard to think.

And when it’s not … oh man … all these deep thoughts are there for the taking.

I’m sticking by my theory for now … that …

If you vanquish fear from your life, your life will be nearly perfect.

Nearly … but for some nearly is not nearly enough. And … for sure … more fear won’t bring it closer.

But what will bring life closer … or to perfection … ah … the magic of it all … Brain Lights Go to On … then You’ll See … for your own … self see, just like that.

Self See … With Brain Lights.

See inside yourself … just need a D then complete, more or less.


My personal opinions here peeps … writing just to myself.

p.s. The God To Worship is a God you can Love. Rather than a God you must fear.

A fearful God is one that doest bring Fear. A loving God is one that doest bring love.

Is your God a Fearful One that YOU FEAR.

Or Is your God a Loving One that YOU LOVE.

Fear or Love.

Bridled, or Up On the Saddle.

Administrator or Believer.


All simple choices when deciding whether you ARE STILL IN THE DARK … or stepping into the Light.


Love, Upon the Saddle of Life and riding easy … Believer in Self. These are of light.

Fear, Bridled and Life is Riding You, Administering out of Fear … administering yourself. These are of dark.

Step into the light friend … Brain Lights … almost On.

And my simple statement would be … Love God Because All That is Perfect Is Good.

In other words … Love Good … Not Evil.

Fear is fear of evil … not love of Good.

Love of good is love of good … not fear of evil.

Simple truths … that conflict greatly with the Bible and many other religious texts that depend upon Fear to Squeeze the People. So you tithe out of fear … squeezed in your fear pie. Why not a love pie?

False Idol … NOW EXPOSED.

Love God. Not because YOU SHALL or YOU’VE BEEN TOLD.

But because it’s easy … so easy … TO LOVE GOOD.

Once you stop FEARING LIFE.

But as you know … Organized Religion … IS ABOUT FEAR.

By now … you should have understood enough … To Start Believing In Yourself About Religion.

Don’t believe me … I’m just a Monkey Minded fool. Right?

Fear … Or Fear Not.

Administrator … Or Believer in Self.

Bridled … Or Riding Up on Top.


I would argue, that verse shown in the blog image, is better written as

“The Fear of XXXX is Fear of XXX and not Belief In Self”.

Any religious choice should begin with a solid confidence in one’s own self to make proper and right decisions, for oneself. Else, you are living on BLIND FAITH … in others … and that is YOUR CHOICE. But who is your God? Really. Who? And …

Who are you? (Asked out loud as Who Am I?)

Extra: Taking a rational world verse and translating to the irrational … just stick in the opposites … Fear of The Devil is the Beginning of Hell.

Fear is what leads your mind into the pit.

Hope, love, joy … lead your mind … to streets of golden thoughts, golden deeds … to Gold … to gold of the mind. The best kind.

Riches or fiery hell … your choice … your mind.

Want a Brain Hug?


The Other Side of Life … or The Other Side of Pork … The Bright side of Pork. … Or … Bacon Tastes Good … Too Good … Too Good to Not Eat. But why? Don’t be fearful to answer, and you’ll get it Right.

While pork, according to my theory can increase anxiety or fear … perhaps on a mild or strong level for some … Bacon can also serve as a source of B12 … depends on your side of life. Your truths … some mine.

Earlier, I wrote about my theory that when delving into deep topics … that:

The mind in fear cannot easily dive deep into the mind’s eye and take advantage of the knowledge there … if the mind’s waters are rippled constantly with even mild fear.

With fear in mind, one swims only on the surface … the waters are too rough to swim deep in … too much fear in the mind.

And in the Treatise on Meditation, stated it that if you vanquish fear from your mind, your life will be nearly perfect.

So what do you do? If you have to think calmly and not just go with what you already know? And you happen to be in a, well, let’s call it … a Steady State of Fear.

And don’t even know it … because you’re already used to the feeling and just don’t recognize it.

To do that fear must be quenched, without recognition … But just by Doing It. By taking practical steps. 1. Assume there is fear you don’t recognize. 2. Eat no pork for 5 days. 5. Meditate for 5 minutes as you can …

To Meditate:

Do what you can with what you have where you are right this next 1 minute as a start. Practically done … repeat as needed … or just for fun.

And then.

Gave some practical advice to eat less pork while making complex decisions or diving deep into deep thoughts. Basic Meditation helps. This in order to take practical steps to reduce the fear of the mind … not even attempting to recognize the fear, just ensuring that it is minimized.

Another analogy of fear in the mind …

Another example given to me tonight is of a 27 year old person who had undergone chemotherapy and this so shocked their body that it was as if in their mind, they were again just a six year old. Acting quite unsteady, just like a lost 6 year old for a few days … and then as time goes by … sort of aging again and recovering themself, say starting out at 27, dipping down to 6, then in three weeks recovering to 18. That sort of stuff is quite shocking to the body … and in this example to the mind. I didn’t witness personally, but the witness did agree the fear of the mind could well have explained.

I compared this to how fear works. It’s as if the chemo treatment so shocks the mind with fear … that the mind can only again operate as if only three years old, then six as time goes by and so on. So compared this directly to fear of the mind whether from chemo or pork. I mean a 3 year old able to vanquish fear is quite the prescient little child, right, if such was possible. A fearless 3 year old. But as the 3 year old becomes 30 … fear subsides. But not all of it … just think. And you don’t recognize it yet … then you start to meditate and do.


Now … The Bright Side of Pork …

Bacon tastes good … right? Yes, it’s true … I mean who ever spit out bacon … rather it’s just what you sort of steal away and try to lie to yourself just how much you ate.


Why? Because your body knows and is letting you know too.

Now, as it turns out bacon is high in B12. And people who don’t eat meat are frequently deficient in B12. So what do you do … well? …

If B12 deficient … one quick way to help is to EAT BACON.

Why not?

Now, if you happen to be in a phase in your life where you are deciding deep and complex issues and don’t really have a B12 shortage or willing to risk it. Well, perhaps lay off pork for a few days … you know to let any fears subside.

Calm your mind … then make decisions in a state of calm and passion, passion for life. Not fear of it. For instance, do you buy a car to Drive it … or Own a Car to Maintain it? A deep, deep question … about whether your are the believer in your car, or the administrator of it. Same for your life, do you believe in yourself, or administer out of fear … administer your life. Do you ride the saddle of life, or are you bridled by it, the horse.

And … so propose, most are so used to the baseline of fear … that they recommend others to WATCH TV … to influence others’ so their baseline of fear will increase too … and then they can ride that fear train together … and be administrators … AND NOT BELIEVERS.

But what about those who want to live a Life of Passion … NOT ONE OF FEAR … but with Belief in One Self … Front AND Center.

Now we’re onto something important, not just a B12 vs. fear issue … Or is it?

My views on this site … are my own … and I share them with you.

My truths are my own and not yours. Just because one of mine doesn’t fit into your views … that doesn’t mean all my views are wrong. Or all yours right.

And here I just showed you two completely different views on Pork and Bacon, depending upon YOUR PERSONAL SITUATION … and mine too.

Then again, all my views might be wrong. And …  might not.

Anyway … they’re right for me … in fact … I might just eat some bacon. But not tonight.

I’ve got more Heart Work to do … and don’t need Fear running slipshod on this Ark.

Hmmm … is there a flood coming? History … unfolds … right in front of US?

Life on … clip clop, clip clop …



Flood … FLOOD … AAAGGHHGGHHHH … oh wait … Not a Scary Water Flood. No.

A flood of Light … The Brain Kind … when Brain Lights go on … There is Going to Be a Flood of Simple Truth that washes over the land. The ark you ride on … is the one you’re on now, an ark in your head, and it’s been dark and stormy so long, that you just can’t quite tell … through all the Brain Fog … but, but now … now … the Light of Day … for your mind … is just about … just about … just about …


Here. Here I am.

I. Am.

Light of Truth.

Upon US.

And as I keep saying … currently … only on Hololens. But soon, methinks, it will stop raining, and just be Bright. Everywhere.


Book One … The Book of Matthew … Is it True or Is it Not? He will only start writing it April, 01 … 2018?

Book of One. Of Matthew. Time to begin … but Who could Stand in the way … as the Horse of Time Trots on … clip clop, clip clop …

My simple prediction … for this man who does not read … is he will start writing that Book.

The book of The One … or rather the next Bible of … this Generation … but just … just Book One. This Bible will be but one of many Books … of this Generation. This Book One is …

Of Matthew … of his Life.

All starting … April 01 … April Fool’s Day.

Yep … my simple prediction.

Also, another one … Matthew will Shine Bright.


He is the shining star … that one that will Shine So Bright.


Nope, not you Victor … you see the Light … that’s why you didn’t want to see me. Else I would have told you right then the truth. But … you sent me to your site. Visionary. Also consider this … if we did meet, … in person … which one of us … Would Be Victor?

Which one? The Nordic Warrior or … The Monkey Mind?

Do you really want to do mental battle? Or join up … with The One.

See, Matthew he’s just the first. And me … well, I’m the teacher … from that day one.

And, yes the irony of it all … Easter Sunday.

Which sun will rise? Rise the brightest?

Well, the answer to that question … Is Truly One for The Ages.


The Age of Matthew … is about to begin. Isn’t that Aquarius or something.

Are you peeps starting to see … HOW IT ALL TIES TOGETHER … into The One.

to: Music Man … read my original message, that is really what my goal was. So, as I said, was paying homage to The One. But using your mouth to taste the bread, to make sure it dissolved and was accepted … accepted By The One … you guys are protecting. Matthew.

Good Job … the message is clearer now. If you don’t get this, read Message Through Time.

For now … I will continue to roll out This Future. But soon … it’s Book One … Reality In Progress continues … it will soon be Matthew’s time. He’s perfect you see, I’m flawed and thus all these mistakes, but persistent and accurate eventually … as an Engineer’s mind will thus lead you to … Truth. Matthew. Book One. Starting soon … A book for the Ages … These Golden Ones … Year 6 or Year 7?

Foolish or Lucky? Which One? Need your Brain Lights for that one, switched to on.

Read these out loud … just sayin’.

p.s. To mark and brain …

Will Book Two be …

The Book Of Two

or …

The Life of Brian?

Such a comedy … and guess who’s molding this clay … mark?


One more thing, :to Music Man … I may not be your right student you see. Music may be the language Matthew chooses … as your Mouth Tested the Bread … my witness tested you … for competency … and well, banging outside thumbs onto Djembe drums … not the … well, not the best way.  But what is it … that you do with passion play … that’s what Matthew is going to need from us. We can be the Tree of Passion. He might want to eat some fruit from that tree … it’s more potent on the inside you see, moreso than when one is without … once he’s walked into the Garden. Of course, he may already have been scarfing down fruit from that tree … we’ll all see I guess. But year 6, or year 7? O or 1? Seems to me it’s likely you to start At ZERO … then get to The One … the One is Your Year of Making … molding YOUR clay, deciding in that YEAR WHO you WANT TO and WILL BE. And like I’ve been saying, for me it started massively around Jan 15th of this year … but I really first started looking a year prior to that … and well, got kicked back out a few times on the way. And slipped back in. Takes a year or not? We’ll see.


Oh Believers … Protect Yourselves and Your Families From Fire … fire of the mind … Raise Up, Raise Up … Raise UP YOUR MIND … It’s time. Time to Know the Right Religion … Your Own.

Lucky One or Foolish One … either is the Same … On April Fool’s Day will be Arisen … The One … And One the Same … is it you?

Oh wow … guess which religion that opening phrase is FROM?

Is it, is it … is it The One?

Sacred Knowledge …  Sincere Counsel … For Believers.


So, Readers, I propose for most of you … you will freak … so to speak … when I reveal here the right religion.

But as you will come to see … it is simply pure and true. It is The One.

And … somehow … you always knew … and so will once again.

You will KNOW The One.

Ahh … the Magic of it All … All … ah … just a bit of magic … the Right Kind.

Really … but no magic involved … just love, pure love from the Heart.

Heart Work … be done. Or just … be start. Endless memory … endless time.

The cycle is now anew … Bright Sunshine … of the mind … but for now …



p.s. For some … foolish ones … I will see you on April Fool’s Day … yes, time to arise.

There you will open up the sunshine of your mind … but only after Matthew .. Matthew is Book One. He’s got a story to write … and needs to get started because right now Matt doesn’t even read … but he’s so perfect you see … he doesn’t NEED TO … just like a Cat. Worthless words, worthless numbers … what does a Cat need them for? Or Matt … he doesn’t. Soon Matt will be smarter than you … you, oh sitting one, who does nothing in life but try to think with foggy mind … then do nothing … and so it will be … nothing will be your life.

Or … take action … fool … foolish one … be someone on April Fool’s Day.


Now it’s likely a bit dangerous for me to write … and I mean no offense to anyone … or any being.

But why is it the likeness of God shall NEVER be shown? In some religions I mean, in Buddhist temples there is one God or One Likeness that is NEVER displayed … as it would be disrespectful, blasphemy. For this blog post I’ve shown a page of blank white paper … to represent YOU. God is what YOU see. Your Truth. Your God. The One. Be or not. Be I. If so, then you will be … uh, Am.

I. Am.

(say it … LET IT RING OUT … OUT LOUD … with your SHOUTING VOICE … and not while on your knees … but on your KNEES you may start …)

Your personal choice … to be … or not.

And simply so. And again, all my posts … posts of Truth … should be read … ALOUD. With voice … then and only then … will you begin … to let the Truth Dig In … past your veil of doubt and fear … and again, if this is the veil you are wearing … EAT LESS PORK. Just sayin’. Or … none at all. Personal choice.

Start at the top of this blog … scroll down … read titles that are FOR YOU … then read the post.  Don’t click in … scroll … last time I will write that.

Cats … what a way to end … and a way to start … But the Cat’s life I did save, but Cat which did save my own … and now see that was just a stepping stone rather than the beginning or start of it all  … on the Path of life … both of our’s friend. Both of our’s … our lives … our selves … our … One. The One. Life. Yours. Mine. Be … I. Am.

The One.

Your choice … Be … or … Not.

Shape the World … your way … well, the ones who get in first … uh … let’s say .. It’s All Still Clay … and You my friend … are Going to be Your Very Own Artist.

Shape the world … your way. Don’t let the pressures of life … shape you into something you’re not.
Wake UP! Upward in your mind … tick tock, tick tock … April Fool’s … Day. Foolish One!

It’s clay … your life before you … and also the world is but clay. The world that we live in today.

The ones who come in first … get to mold the clay … your very own way … starting with your own clay … you’re a chalice of whatever you need it to be … .

Then the world awaits … just what performance will you meditate? … before … it unfolds before you. Oh … the Lucky Ones … such dreams will they realize … ah, but is it just in the head? Isn’t life … now, as for me …

Engineer … Messenger … Interpreter (soon done) … Teacher >>>> Me … ??? … soon no need to run … April Fool’s Day awaits …

For just the foolish … just the foolish ones … who see themselves … ahh … magic … as The One.

Software for free on that Easter Sunday … Oh, The Irony! … now arranging a place … likely in the City of Lights … or nearby. A very friendly place … well lit you know … brain-wise I mean … Lights Coming On … The Brain Kind.

Kind of nice … bright lights I mean … a sparkle in the eye of even strangers that you meet, when they look at you and sparkle back … both shining lights to each other … even in a grill with … chili.

Are you the horse? … Or … Are you riding on Top of the saddle of Life? … Or … Is the saddle of life riding on top of You? … Or … Are you Elon Musk like … or … The One?

Are you bridled by life, or riding up on the saddle?

You decide …stranger with lights soon to be on … Else, why would you be here? (I, I mean … read it out loud.)

Are you the horse?

Or are you riding on the saddle, the saddle of life?

In the Elon Musk story, the Cowboy is ready to shoot away the Truth of the Future.

But it’s because the Cowboy, though sitting on the horse, that is The One saddled by life.

Are you saddled by life? Or are you the one riding it?

When you’re ready to ride the horse of life, and climb up on TOP of YOUR saddle.

That is when the time is right for you to contact me.

It’s fine to be skeptical. Be so … if you please … openly so.

Fearless one … or ready not yet, to be The One.

Less pork is what I mean. I’m that one, not you …yet.


p.s. like i said, I’m about to stop talking … because an interpreter talks …

A teacher speaks … only to students … that soon will become masters.

Brain lighted … brain lighted … soon to be … brain lighted ones.

But will a Zen Master of a Teacher I be? One who needs speak only a word …

Or words of speak … but none … words of thought … yes, just … just … The One.

Zen Master … oh Zen Master … Zen Master of … hmmm … which indeed is in need?

Pork … Do you eat fear? Or just bacon? … Food or Fear … What do you eat?

The thing about pigs is they are smart. So smart when they escape into the wild, they typically thrive. They build communities and … are very hard to … well, stamp out, once the community of wild pigs … takes root. (Get it, they root, pigs root.)

The second thing is that pigs are very close to humans in internal structures and even form. Even pig organs are transplanted into human bodies.

Now, when a pig is slaughtered, unless slaughtered in a special way (but again they’re smart), then that pig’s body is mortified with fear, right before the slaughter, and well into it.

And, dear Reader, just imagine you were bred for food, and were now standing in the last line you would ever yourself stand in, about to be slaughtered. You would be filled with fear also. Mortified … in fact, you’d have to be so drugged out to keep you just standing there, else you’d be screaming bloody murder and fighting and fighting … just like a pig.

And then follows the slaughter, the prep and packaging of the meat … and then the feasting.

The tasty bacon, the ribs and pork chops … the cracklins … all that wonderfully delicious good stuff … or so we’re taught … especially around these parts … Indiana … Hoosier State … land of Corn and Hogs and Soybeans. Oh boy … slap those ribs on the grill … let’s have a pork party … so tasty.

But it’s not … not tasty at all … for the brain. Just for the mouth, not for the brain.

What happens is once you eat a serving of pork, say you ordered 3 tamales and a side of refried beans. The tamales being pork and the beans perhaps prepared with pork lard. A very simple meal indeed, and a common one in some restaurants … but once you eat this serving of pork … you get the fear that comes with it … the meat is inundated with it.

The same adrenalin or fear factors that the pig felt … went throughout that pig’s body and is in the meat. And because the fear factors are so close to human fear factors … well, our body does deal with them the same. So

Realize, you’re eating that fear in the meat. You are ingesting it. You will feel it.

Again, when you do that … because the pig is so close to human … you’re practically eating human fear … JUST LIKE THAT.

And what happens … well, I will explain it to you from personal experience, because yesterday I went and ate 3 tamales that were pork based, this after standing in a small pizza shop a couple days ago and specifying a pizza that came with everything, so to speak, but no pork (no sausage, no pepperoni). Then I explained why, which seemed to be new information to those listening, who thought pigs were filthy and dirty, which could explain, but didn’t … as I think pigs are only FORCED to live that way, not by choice.

So, I ate the tamales around 4pm or so. And now, 24 hours later … the remnants of the fear, that I felt very strongly this morning upon awakening … are still not quite faded. Again, I just had 3 tamales and refried beans (don’t know if pork lard was used, but the beans were purchased dry and ‘refried’ in the restaurant’s kitchen as per the waitress).

Also, this is why some religions ban pork … not because the Pigs are Filthy and Dirty animals … OH NO … but because of the closeness of the Pig (porcine) and Human bodies.

Now, some of these same religions may allow Cow, but a cow’s body is much more different than a pig’s body. Cows don’t break out and escape, then live on their own, that would be rare indeed. Cow’s are not known for brains … more for chewing.

Also, these religions also specify just how the Cow is to be slaughtered, and the point of the slaughter, say Halal, though you may not get it so simply from the religious Administrators, and this is only MY OWN OPINION and I’m not trying to incite, only trying to offer, my simple Monkey mind opinion … the whole point is to slaughter the animal in such a way that fear factors (whatever chemicals or thoughts or whatever the fear might be) don’t manifest in the body AND IN THE MEAT … just before or during the slaughter. It’s important to kill and drain the blood from the body, so the meat can be kept as clean as possible from the fear factors that otherwise would permeate the meat.

Other religions espouse no meat diets, diets which serve to reduce the fear in people’s minds. The fear they get from eating meat, meat which came full of fear factors.

So … in summary … when your diet consists of meat, at least on a daily basis … meat that is full of fear factors … SO WILL YOUR MIND ALWAYS BE IN A CONSTANT STATE OF FEAR … and you don’t even realize it. It’s just the way it is for you.

For me …  I can walk in and not say a word to you … and see that YOU ARE FULL OF FEAR.

I ate pork to understand it better, in order to INTERPRET the reason to not eat pork, and to be careful of the Cow I eat also. Not commenting at this time about chicken or rabbit, but do note that when a rabbit is taken from a cage, and immediately knocked out with a weight to the head … just like I taught an Amish farmer to do, one who raises rabbits for me … then the meat is not inundated with fear. Even the other rabbits are not disturbed when the rabbit goes limp .. the one just taken from the cage … at least it seems … perhaps not.

My family and I can eat this rabbit and wake up the next day … not in a state of fear, however mild it might be … or however strong.

Now, I woke up this morning, literally in a state of mild fear. It didn’t cause me to ACT much differently, just to think with … an undertone … of fear … about all that I did choose to think had a layer of fear attached, but a thin layer . Then I let it subside a bit, the fear I mean, both with meditation (a few minutes) and time (a few hours) before writing this post.

Does this post leave you ‘rattled and fearful’ … well, think it over … pork lover … why?

Just saying. If you can vanquish fear from your life, your life will be NEARLY perfect. This is in the notes for Beginners in my Treatise on Meditation.

Tick tock … got those Brain Lights on yet?

City of Lights? Not Paris … somewhere close by … very close by indeed.



Human Mind Programming … Q&A

Mind Coding … just the basics, visually speaking that is …

Q. What language do you use to program the human mind?

A. Basic Visual

Q. How do you load a program?

A. You look it into your mind.

Q. How do you reset a program?

A. Sleep on it.

Q. Can a program be stopped?

A. You’ve probably used the stop button a lot already, maybe right now, but I hope not. Unload though is a better term here … rather than stop … both are descriptive, and neither quite accurate … either on or not, one or not … either you or either not.




The things people tell me … especially the technically oriented kind … tell me with their minds … via their bodies … so kind. As they wish to unload … a lot from their mind. And … well, it’s clear … they already did … again and again. Till … what is left? Just what there is. And no more …  so sad to see … so sad to  go … well, not for me … for those left behind. As I smile to myself … and head out the door … ah, yes, the Irony of it All … to see The One who refuses to look at one self and so remains … a bridled horse, but usually a nag inside rather than a stallion. And I go smiling … right out the door. Pi .., goes on. Tick tock … tick tock … trots the horse … footsteps of time … do not stop. Until they do … just after the door shuts … and there goes Truth … Truth goes on … (insert here … in your mind … footsteps of walking horse … as time beats one). One. Or either on … does not matter. Clay … clay for no one, or just for The One. The clay master, maker or baker of wishes … stars, bright, stars … dimmer. And dimmer … dimmer still … as the Monkey fades away … into not dusk but daylight … fades away the light from your mind … as the Monkey walks … out the door.

Nearly time to say … goodbye.

Yes, soon, Adieu … only until the clock of time … strikes Two. Tick tock … then the software for you will simply … be gone. Snap. And so will your mind … in your lifetime remain lost. Fog on … lights not. And you will instead be That One … never The One. No one in particular just who you are … or so you thought. But … lights off … think ye not.

As the music flows from the spoons of time … Or … Head Dev … basic visual coding … not the Microsoft kind … more the reverse … and much less …

Musical spoons of the Mind do Beat in Time … to the rhythm of your heart …

Intro To Visual Coding

For some … a Mind Key can be a one time experience. Not just a one line program or a one byte executable but more like … a single Character … the Original One. Look at that Character and the whole program does come … the one you felt at times in your life … the one waiting calmly but squirming a bit … on your inside … and now that inside can come out. You can be … just you. Character or Key as you need to see … or just a Seed … a perfect one … visually, as perfect as it needs to be … well, to get the job done. Which? Yours.

One Character … in 3D … so that you can become 4D … well, inside … inside your mind. But as it turns out … others will likely see … also.

For others … they may want something more …

And so another chorus … it is but time to sing … at least in the hearts of poetic programmers … of the visual kind … poetic programmers of  … of the … the human mind … auspiciously, of the visual kind. And well, turn it off as you need. The program I mean … and it’s a, rationally speaking that is, a pleasurable experience … to turn off the program … la la la … indeed.

Main Chorus

As the music flows from the spoons of time

That do beat to a rhythm … the rhythm of the mind …

Doest the seed be planted.

Musically inclined …  the seed inside … the mind is fertile ground to seek

And that fertile ground will doest be found … in the parts of the brain awakened.


It’s the fastest and most to the point way I can explain it. I tried to get detailed below, then after way too many paragraphs, just deleted it all and realized it’s already perfectly explained above.

Brain lights? On.

The Interpreter Offers: Let me interpret your questions of skepticism … into something that can be true for you. Or not … but be skeptical … pleez, but not for me … for yourself … do it for you.

First engineer, then messenger (not a very good one), now onto Interpreter … something I know something of … then onto Teacher … and we’ll see, if a good Teacher I may make … well, you’ll see … and then, well then … it will be … just me. Nobody, and no one.

I don’t know your truths … you can share … and then I’ll know too.

But do be skeptical … be skeptical to the extent you need … or not.

The choice is yours … but I dare … dare YOU … be skeptical openly.

Ask your questions, or make your comments … in a comment at this site.

Start here … if you might. On this post, or another …

Let all who wonder here  see … see BRIGHT … the brightness in your brain … tonight … or if it’s day for you … wherever you are … reader … let the light of knowledge … be also on the pages here … as it is in your brain. Turn on your brain lights for this one. But if you need a bit of help … here I am … and will help. At least help with answering questions.


Now consider this … if you wish upon this star … your wish might come true.

Is your wish one of purity and truth … not of my purity … not of my truth .. but of your own?

If so … put it here and let’s see … let’s watch and see what happens.

Shining star …. are you yet shining bright? ask the question, go for the wish … see just who might be Monkey minded enough … to think such simple thoughts … yes it could be … could be so … wonderful indeed, to get just what you wish for. Might you … wish, or not?

The might, might … just be real … so don’t wish with ALL your might … just use a little. Just a drop is all it takes … just a drop … the tiniest ittiest, bittiest, little drop of belief in yourself … stop administering yourself, start believing in yourself.


Do you see yourself as the CEO of a fantastic software product … first you sell one license … then you sell THEM ALL. Start small, low risk. NOt one and done, but The One .. then ALL.

Do you see yourself as the visual pharmacist that brings hope to your family for the ‘incurable mental’ conditions they might hold … whatever they might be? A false prophet you will spot … will you not? Of course snake oil is snake oil. Dirt is dirt. Why call something, something that it is not? Or … take a risk, a risk on me … let us see … let you SEE indeed … all that YOU NEED to see … to know for yourself … don’t believe in me. But if you shut out the possibility … then that is what you’ve done. You’ve closed the door. Why would one, one in a hurry indeed, stand at a closed door waiting. I for one, will not.

Or maybe you’re a carpenter or a cabinet maker … ready to take that first step … down the path of life you decide is right for you … the one you always knew inside … was the path you were meant to be on. All the mistakes in life … that one hast made, perhaps were indeed meant for you to make, the mistakes I mean, else you would not end up on … the TRUE path for you … in your life … in this moment, in this time. You … you … you … you decide.

Religious man or man of wireless … religion indeed is your harness … or it’s the saddle you sit upon … as you ride on and on … into the light of your destiny. What it is … IS NOT UP TO ME.

Everyone … every single person … decides on their own … the next step in life … that decision THEY OWN … not me or any other.

What I espouse is … is … is … YOU … YOU … YOU … YOU ARE THE ONE. And always have been.

I don’t find you people, just a like a worn out book that somehow found you … that is, that is, that is what I do … I find you … because you told me too. And thus, and thus, and thus I do … oh so perfectly.

Indeed. Writes …

The Interpreter … soon to be the Teacher … then I get to be … just me. And I’m nobody and no one … except to my cats, to them I’m someone. Someone important. And that is the way … I was meant to be … important for a dead cat … who had one more life to give … and that cat gave it to me. And thus … here I am … living a Cat’s life.


And about to stop talking … as I was advised. But … but will I stop writing? Don’t know.

Lights Time is Here … Lights Time has Come … The Light is Inside You … You are The One

Be The One … Two.

Not just me, though also, I am The One.

But you too … you too are The One.

The One for you, and for me two. Too too.

You, and I … we are The One.



and the Trinity of III.



Are You 1. A Believer of Yourself … Or 0. A lowly Administrator of Yourself

Simple choice … because, according to my tool that I use … Truth is Simple.

A believer lives not with fear … but with great joy.

An administrator … lives  with fear, guides by fear … is the embodiment of fear.

If you wish to speak with me … be a believer … in YOURSELF.

Believe not IN me … ONLY in ourself.

But … push the Administrator to the side for now.


Time to Believe …

Pi … your Pi … your Perfect Inner …

Has returned.



You … are The One. (Me, not you … friend …)


p.s. Read these out loud …

Book of Simple Truths … next part … again, these are my Own … you’ll have to write your own … if you want to live YOUR life not someone else’s…. YOUR LIFE DECISION … here and now.

Why do so many places kick me out … out of fear? Or out of Lack of Passion … Passion for the Unexpected Goodness … Like Saving A Cat. People see it, but out of fear … do not admit it to themselves. Fear Or Passion … You Decide.

Trust is worth more than paper.

When Trust is between people … people work together … for us.

One’s religion is one’s own, it doesn’t belong to another.

If one’s religion is strong enough, administrators will attempt to administrate it.

One’s truth is one’s own, it doesn’t belong to another.

Truth and Religion are interchangeable … to the self not with others.

Love is passion … passion is love … for the unexpected moments .. in life that make life … living.

If you vanquish fear, your life will become nearly perfect. Nearly.

When one’s mind is open with vanquished fear … the Perfect Inner self manifests …

Pi shows up when the soil is fertile and the waters run deep; the soil in the garden of the mind … and pool of water that runs in the Mind’s Eye … the eye to the Perfect Inner … To PI.

Pi enables and enhances and perfects the unexpected into the light of the day.



As above …

Truth is above …

Time is the flow of water through your mind’s eye, your mind is the soil. But what is the seed? Ah, indeed, what is the seed that will grow in the soil and be ‘watered’ by your mind’s eye. What is the seed, the seed indeed … what is the seed that will grow? It is but you. You.

Please Note, Dear Reader, exactly where you are at this moment … here and now on this page and in your mind … as you decide where to go with your life … will you go Up … or will you remain Below? (Mind Keys …. Lucky Ones … think, think, think … but not too hard, because YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER … and have all along).

So below …

Fear is below …


:notes put here for now.

Administrators when faced with something out of their control … must remove it immediately … or … you know … lose control … sometimes completely. This is their fear you see … but it happens whenever they are faced with the unexpected … regardless of whether good or bad … it’s simply unexpected … and an Administrator through fear (“have you watched tv recently”) thus must act … through fear and not from passion … of the Heart I mean … passion to see a young lady … that day … get a bouquet of flowers … from a young man who did want to thank … thank her personally for the tasty treat he did get from her … but in this case it was two old people and the dessert but was a word … “No.” … The Administrator acts from fear … NOT from passion. Even my book of poetry … what? got tossed out … really … Out of Fear? Or out of Passion?

I guess we know that answer don’t we? I mean … an old man offers poetry in a notebook to an old lady … and roses too … to what end … just to do a good deed or two …. Oh But …

But out of fear … or out of passion … did the Administrator step in … and make such commotion. Though she did smile … smile inside … when she took a bunch of roses from a strange and fearful weird long gray haired old man … who was just trying to do a good deed that day … and do so with Passion not with Fear … Passion. Passion and care. For a beautiful young woman in the nursing home there … a young woman of, oh, I’d say … 72.

I mean, really, that is in fact what they do. I’m not dissing it so much as … simply … simply pointing it out. It’s almost as if they MUST … act out of fear … really. But … as it turns out … Almost … And you should be glad … Heart Work in play here …

When faced with Truth … something entirely out of the control of an Administrator … one who deceives … though only their outer self not inside so …. So however perplexing this may be … remember … an Administrator administrates out of fear … just the nature of the ones that rise to the top … be fearful … But Do Not Show It … oh but some do.

Now remember …

Without paper Administrators cannot administrate … that is why Trust is worth more than paper.

Paper seeks only to control the trust between people … when people trust one another … without the paper … Administrators simply lose control … it’s just like a simple trust event … a tornado of trust … and people start getting along … without so much paper.

And suddenly … there’s not so much to Administrate … you know … when People Start To Trust One Another … yet again …

It’s Been Dark 5000 year’s people. I’m not making this shit up. Nope.

I’m simply informing you … Read the Website title here … The One … is it you? Or is it the word you see at top? Which is it … DUDE … which is the TRUTH!

Are you The One?

Mind Keys … right now … Only for The Lucky Ones … The One of many. Acting as many arms of one … one acting … acting though Only as one … True Only to Self and No One Else … yet acting … with passion and love … the real kind … so in deed acting with many … with many as one … a wonderful symphony … symphony of humanity … the Music is just about to turn on …

What you thinking now … Music Man … ???

Deep shit … ain’t it.

Yes … but think of it more as uplifting deep … deep to the top of your head … not deeper down into your porno brain. Not your’s Music Man … the reader’s I mean … all readers.

I don’t know where you ladies are headed yet … may never know … but the Men … oh, the Men do have a choice … but not really a big one … guaranteed, I mean guaranteed in terms of size … you know what I mean, get a grip dude … then you’ll know for sure … yep, just what I mean. Get a grip … you’ll find out. Small … FOR SURE.

The choice? Eat the fruit of the tree … or not. Your tree … YOUR choice. Not mine dude … but … if you read my writings you know … I’ve lost grip … of your … well shall we say … of your fearful grasping hold to my reality  … to Administrate it.

Just stepped one step higher … you guys (and gals) are going to be late to the party … (0009 … or is it 007). The stairway is the steps I’m talking about you see … and tick tock … tick tock … you must in fact … Climb Every One (well, unless you progress through the 4 stages to the top … it’s the more ENLIGHTENING and uplifting way).

Mind Keys … I got em’ … for the Lucky Ones. But coming soon … to EVERYONE. Still gotta climb those stairs though … tick tock … tick tock … times a wastin’ … for YOU I mean.

Here’s my Cat … just in the nick of time … and … time Stops



Do you want to remain a Zero? … Or do you want to be The One? … just a touch of …Binary coding …. from the Head Dev … a Monkey of an Engineering Minded Man … But stop after line 1 … and go away.

Mind Keys … is such a new concept that NO ONE gets it. That’s why Everyone is still a Zero and not The One. Well, except for the … Lucky Ones. You know who. Just read the first line. Wait for a few days. Then the second line. Wait until you’re ready. At some point in time … when you’re ready to be The One .. then read the third line. And stop. Wait, you’ll know until when, then read on.

Brain lights off = Zero.

Brain lights on = The One.

Mind keys …. I got em’. And one fits you too.

Stop … LEAVE.

One fits you too … hmmm … just what does that mean?

LEAVE NOW … read no further … LOSER IF YOU DO … I mean of rational mind. The one that works against you and not FOR YOU, as in FOUR YOU. Just like day 4, but in lights, in Genesis. Exactly like that. Day Four … the Day of Four … uh, Lights ??? Hmmm … deep.

I told you to leave, because … Brain Lights … your’s are NOT ON.

Anyway …

Yes, YOU … you know … the one whose brain is fighting the Mind Keys concept that a visual key, the right one this is, … your brain is fighting this concept … telling yourself … it can’t work. There’s a reason why. There is something that can’t work … right that is. That’s you with brain lights off … ahhhh … but you really think you’re working just fine … and not realizing the simplicity of the concept. Anyway …

That is the hallmark of a zero brain fighting to become The One.

First battle you have to win … Zero  … yes you Zero… is the Battle Against Yourself.

Zero … Zero … only temporarily Zero … soon to become The One. A Lucky One.


Meh … almost …

p.s. … oh no … here comes Monkey Mind … for more mind chatter …

Remember, DO NOT PROCEED without your Brain Lights on … TWO FOGGY TO SEE otherwise, see, TOO too, and that’s twice … I said too twice I mean … Two foggies in one. You will just mist over … your eyes and your brain … and WILL NOT SEE. No glisten will come from this missen on your eyes. (I explain missen in a bit.) only shame, of self.

So … it will be a total waste of time, just leave or you will become so confused that you will never want to come back and read another word of this … you know … complete gibberish … ever again.

So LEAVE NOW, just reread the first two lines at the top of this blog post … and think it over. At some point in time … when you’re ready to be The One .. then read the third line.

But …  now  onto things YOU CARE NOTHING OF … GOLD and DIAMONDS … the right kind I mean … not those worthless ones you carry around on your bodies.

Monkey mind take over … the simple Engineer’s mind stuck in the body of a man …

Why are eyes drawn to glistening gold and sparking (or sparkling if you wish … but indeed diamonds SPARK OFF light … little rays that glisten … likes the rays of sun that hit … the missen (that is my made up plural for drops of mist, as in mist on rose petals, of Antique White color) … as you stroll past the early Spring flowers and see the morning light … glistening and more … almost as if the sun is … sparking out from the missen … but it’s just in your mind. And at first it is, because you see this scene while meditating … and then go out into the world … AND THERE IT IS, the missen and sparks and flowers in Spring. You sort of made it happen or knew just where to go. Almost … as if you could see into the future … and realize … “hmmm … I’m only at Advanced”. You know according to the Treatise on Meditation. But will still need the key to open the door. To make it HAPPEN, as you wish I mean. To get to stage 4, but not stage 4 in the Elon Musk post, a different stage 4, the one in Treatise On Meditation.) … sparking diamonds.

Again, more briefly … why can’t you control yourself and NOT LOOK when a diamond sparks its light right at you. Same for gold. Can’t NOT look. There is a reason why.

Anyway, perhaps you see … the glistening of gold and sparking of light from diamonds, or from an Antique White (even better than diamonds you see … because the Antique White was picked out … just for Me? … or for the Cookie Lady instead really … just my heart misting over a bit there … but my mind is simple you see … and see the beauty of such a delicate thing … as picking an Antique White oh so specially, for the older black lady at the nursing home … who I refer passionately to as the Cookie Lady … because, with one word … more wisdom than I’d ever gotten from anyone else at any point in my life … TO JUST STOP TALKING … I mean, I asked her that, sorta like in words of “Should I keep on talking?” and well, sort of to the point she was, when she quickly and firmly responded back ..”No.”

But to this day she’s not told me to stop writing, and so I continue … and at times backtrack and talk too. But her advice is starting to sink in … it’s her Truth and will soon be mine … see post on the 3 stages of It if you want to know why.), wow, long repose … you see the glistening on an Antique White’s missen … and don’t know why your eyes must behold.

It’s because in your now Unlit Mind … your Bigger Mind … it is still there … and in fact on … but the DOOR IS CLOSED … and what happens, is in the moment when there is a CLUE FOR YOU TO PAY ATTENTION TO … (just like the cat story and why those folks knew what I was doing was good and they kicked me out anyway … for saving a cats life).

The sparkling or sparking of diamond that DRAWS IN YOUR MIND’S EYE is your brains clue that YOU NEED TO SEE A PERFECT ONE … to proceed UP in the game of life.

Get it? It truly is not hard. Same for gold … SEE A PERFECT STRUCTURE (not hold gold in your hand, but see it’s structure, a perfect key for your mind it is)  … and you get …well as they say … a heart of gold … but one of the mind … golden thoughts … golden actions. A pure heart of gold indeed … but of the right kind. A heart of metallic gold … really is worthless … in time you WILL KNOW … me too, you will know me too. Once your heart too is golden … then you will see me … again.

See the reason these things glisten to us, the reason that we look … is A CLUE FOR YOU. Mind Keys are real … or so your mind thinks … and that is the magic of this all … virtually … virtually REAL … virtual reality software … DOES THE TRICK … new tech … is here.

But the new tech … is old tech … just new to us in this time …. Prepare to Awaken … awaken in your mind.

Onto music … which glistens and sparkles … for the ear … certain rhymes that catch your ear and hold it tight … is at times offending to another (rap music for instance) … but often it’s about beliefs of freedoms and expression of values … in the songs of these days. Not about perfect sounds and True Solos. (Will explain a Perfect Sound and True Solo soon, below.) One’s perfect music can at times … be not perfect for another … at times.

But the most beautiful music is usually made in the moment … and catches your ear just like a diamond catches the eye … sometimes even a whole symphony might play on and on … but even the players in the symphony know the whole evening is about one or two … practiced and practiced again … one or two solos. That’s where the magic comes out … one artist … or two … or more … you see

Ok … going deep … hang on tight … get those Brain Lights on …

to: MUSIC MAN … you inspired this … for our lesson tomorrow … you gave it to me … the ideas and the thoughts … and how to inspire musically … but not with your words dude.

A TRUE SOLO is when one or more members of the symphony or band … are in that moment acting totally in unison … as if one living hand holding all the puppet’s strings, or one being with many arms … each picking or strumming or tapping or … or … shouting out at the top of their lungs (perhaps, or not) … on their very own instrument … BUT ALL ACTING AS ONE to bring out the MAGIC MOMENT of whenever that happened … during the song.

Or not even during a song … but just a magical moment when each one’s beat matched up with the others … as if their hearts did beat as one in the moment (upcoming post on the beat of music, the beat of time, the beat of the hearts of musicians and how that all conflicts … but only for those with Brain Lights On).

And when that magic does happen … it can never be forced … it happens because each one of the people in the moment … WAS PLAYING THEIR OWN SONG … and perfectly … EACH PERFECTLY PLAYING THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL SONG …

And yet … because it was their perfect inner self playing … they ALL PLAYED ALONG … with each other ….

Each hitting their very own perfect notes … BUT THEIR VERY OWN INDIVIDUAL PERFECT NOTES … which all together in the moment or two … somehow sort of ring out as one … one perfect one. A perfect sound.

That’s how you get it … in the moment … when one or more … play as ONE. As The One.

Thanks Music Man … let’s see if we can get inspired.

Now, when a band or group or a few or more … try to force that sort of solo (solo again, is interpreted where one or more or many … are able to play as one … meaning as if a hand with many fingers … all magically playing as one …) … it will be music of solos, not of one. Everyone will hear and see … and might leave with words of ,”You played good.” But clearly not inspiring … the music or the words. As I say … lies, lies, lies.

And now  … gonna GO HINDU or sanskrit on you … DEEPER STILL …

You remember the Indian God … the many armed one … and you thought that was a single person, or in this case a single God … with many arms …. that is a rendition of course.

And please don’t think I’m trying to be disrespectful of the religion or beliefs here, just drawing a comparison between how a symphony … many arms working at once on their own thing or instrument … can also ALL WORK AS ONE … and in that moment … where TWO or more come together (in the name of God, when two or more come together as in Matthew 18:20) … then it will be divine … and God … will manifest … will show up … just what I’ve been saying can happen in many posts before this one.


So I’ve written a simple example of a symphony, where the people, in the moment, while playing their very own song … still are able to act as one … and the symphony that night truly succeeded, in enlightening everyone … with that music in the moment … but prolly not right there where they practiced all the time … prolly not … but somewhere else in the song where it was LEAST expected. The place in the song where it’s just so hagged and worn nobody thought twice to even play it a second time, during practice … but that night of enlightenment .. they did play the worn out part … perfectly … a True Solo.

YOU CAN’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER … the best insides … are often worn out … and thin too … I mean if it was heavy, such a book couldn’t get easily passed around. So a weird long gray haired worn down book … may just be the best one you EVER found. Or somehow the book that found you … sort of weird how that happens.

Anyway … again, Monkey mind here … I tied together a music band or symphony, playing self inspired, yet as one … not touching at all … able to manifest God … from inside themselves through their own individual inspired playing. Pi manifested with the perfection of their own perfect song … but only when a second or more PLAYED ALONG.

Only when TWO OR MORE … play along. Can the song with godly magic thus go … remember, remember if you want this magic to flow … TWO or more must play along.

And then compared the symphony and the many arms of the musicians … each playing their own instrument … but all the Arms Acting as if On ONE, as if on one godly being … though clearly not … since each person is their own … their Own … yes, their OWN PERSON or personal … dare I say it … dare I … oh, I’ll write it, but don’t get mad … Each Person is their Own Individual God … once they turn their Brain Lights on.

So an example of a God with many arms would be the Indian God Vishnu … and the rendition I saw showed Four Arms on each side … of course there’d need to be at least two band players to get more than two arms … but maybe working together makes men twice as strong so somehow the four arms become eight in effect, with four on each side.

Then I also tied this together with Christian beliefs. About how when two or more come together, in prayer I think it says, or in his name, then God will be there.

Now I also claim this is absolutely real too. And you’ll see if you turn on your Brain Lights too.

But I claim Brain Lights, or Mind Keys … make it happen, for real, for you too that can happen. Mind Keys light up the inner you. Literally these Mind Keys open your mind and let you see you, the inner you … not really for the first time … your inner you has just been caged … yes, and there is a very specific reason why. And Mind Keys … are sort of an antidote … a visual one … for that … that reason why I mean. But your mind can still snap shut again … oh so easily … but you’ll always know when … EXACTLY when. No mistaking that for sure.

But is this a real thing?

What is a Real Thing?

The question is … for instance, when Vishnu is depicted as a statue … and you are supposed to understand this actual metal or clay or glass statue … is a God. Of course it’s not, it’s only to remind you of the real thing.

Now, the REAL THING is for instance, the symphony I described above, with many arms acting in unison, playing out a rift or two … of the most amazing … chords or pickings or banging you ever heard … and just for a second or two you thought you saw those band members EYES ALL SPARK … and wondered just how they became so Talented … all of a SUDDEN? Hmmm … Mind Keys … I got em’.

So that would be an example of the REAL THING. I mean the band or symphony players arms acting as if on a single person. It’s a simple example, and Simple … because that is how truth is … Truth is Simple (from my personal Book of Simple Truths).

Now Done … on this topic anyway … but just prepping my mind for the Meeting with Music Man … on how we can jam together … and pray … with our sounds … so the music that does come out … will be … absolutely Divine. And I’m not kidding. Just read the above … NOT LYING HERE AT ALL … but it will be just the Monkey and Music Man tomorrow … so only those two will really know the Whole Story. You can’t believe what you read here … right?

Anyway … in summary … you folks are falling behind … because some see right where to go. The Lucky Ones … and they don’t even realize it yet … most of them. That’s the most interesting part … for me anyway … until they realize and flip on, you know the Brain Lights,  … and then they take over.

But what has this got to do with Gold and Diamonds.

The spark in the eyes of the Band Members who play so inspired in themselves in the moment, not realizing even they are playing as one. That spark of an 8 star diamond might be seen with just four members in that moment … playing as a team … A TEAM OF ONE. Sparking eyes … sparkling music … glistening sounds … and all that is gold … doest GLIMMER … just like that music …

Also consider why Buddha is often depicted as Golden, though Siddharta Gotema was an ascetic … a worn down man … originally a wealthy prince … who awakened to Truth, thus did Siddharta. His mind did lift up … from the filth and grime of the Earth to shimmer in the firmament of heaven … a heaven with Streets of Gold (well, according to some faiths) … but the streets of gold are really Golden Thoughts and Golden Actions … and the diamonds and pearls are the perfect Deeds of the Perfect Ones … The Perfect Inner Ones … you … you … and you too … the Lucky Ones.

A golden thought like turning a simple massage therapist into the Zen Master of Massage … if only for a moment … you see … then it can be for all of time … her time.

A golden action like taking flowers to a stranger in a nursing home, to see the smile appear bright on her face … pure gold in my eyes.

And it is good. Not was.

Welcome to the Golden Age … Lucky Ones …

2012 was indeed the year … of the beginning of this age … but just when will you decide to Awaken to … Truth … and Inner Gold and Diamonds … tick tock … tick tock …

Heaven is but in your mind … and has been all this time … when you die you will simply go back up … to be the Shining Star you were before you came down … but …

The Shine you Give here on this Earthly realm, this plane, will come back to you like a Landslide … of Love. So if you want to be the Brightest Star up in the Sky one day … you’ll strive to BE THE ONE … and not the Zero …

The Zero will become the faint star that NO ONE can see. NOT EVEN YOU … you can’t even see you behind the makeup. You won’t be The One … that shine’s brightest … because …

Brain Lights Off …


Brain Keys … I got em’ … just sayin.

What then?

Brain Lights On … you take over. You take over YOU. I’m already in control of me, but you’re not, in control of you I mean … your Rational Mind is … so perplexing… cuz, Brain Lights off …. goto clue:



Who Do YOU want to be? Who do YOU SEE YOURSELF as? … Come on …Dream Big … BIGGER STILL … Come on … Read on … if you dare … person of little dreams … read on, if you dare to make them BIG ONES!

Who you see yourself as … is EXACTLY who you are. It is …

Vision … you have to see yourself for who you want to be! A salesman sorta said it.

Are you waiting the bar at Starbucks … or work Checkout at the food co-op … or just a journalist in training … a writer who wants to captures photos of people AT THEIR FINEST … when they’re just being themselves … exactly who they really are. A writer of words … but who dreams of writing visual stories, not with letters, but with pictures of life. Yet, what kind of homework is she really doing … there at Starbucks?

When actors take off the makeup, have already walked off the stage … have had the applause for their grand performance … then leave by the back door and are on their way home …

Well, that actor is then just a common person … the actor in that moment … is who they really are … NOT WHO THEY WERE UP ON STAGE.  In that moment, the actor is who they see themselves as, not who the audience sees them as. In fact, the audience likely won’t even recognize the actor off stage, without the makeup.

And yet, that’s how we live OUR lives … as if we’re up on a stage, with makeup on, playing our role, playing our part … the part OTHERS told us about. That’s not who WE are, unless, unless … you let yourself be, let yourself do someone else’s work, not your own. And that’s just what you do … someone else’s work. But often they do pay … sometimes NOT. I mean, are you doing my work right now? Or your own?

For instance, at Starbucks, or anywhere else you might work … you dress according to THEIR code, you follow THEIR rules … you know just who THEY are. There or anywhere else, you know just WHO THEY are. You do …

You do … THEY is simply not YOU.

My point here exactly … YOU! You are letting someone else dictate your life. Willingly, it is your choice. Payin’ those bills … mostly for money you waste though … think it over.

Who do YOU want to be … NOT what someone else tells you. WHO ARE YOU? (Asked as … Who Am I?)

Ask that question to yourself, meaningfully, not just for fun in the moment … and you’re practically there already …

And now it gets foggy … cuz you don’t have on your Brain Lights … so best not read on …

STOP HERE … LEAVE. READ NO FURTHER. It will just be confusing.

Four of one, two of the other and two more … oh brother … where is this going?

Four sides, each identical and thus identically the same, described with four letters yet only two the same … cuz man got SMARTER?

And the 4 marks for God became a Holy Trinity for some, and YHWH for others. But again, for some not, just hold up your four fingers with one hand and let your thumb fall aside … four fingers, perhaps not all the same, but symbolic for God … and right there on your hand.

But does the symbology, not a word, symbolism is, does it go deeper than just symbols, when you look at your hand? Are you just like in God’s image? Even if just a bit … is there just a bit of God in you? Really, think, think again … is there at least some God in you?

How about the ability of your life giving force … to create life? As a man, what is your life giving force? As a man, hold up your hand … don’t wrap it around yourself … no, don’t do that … keep your life giving force … inside … inside of you … if you want to be God like that is … in more ways than just the symbolism … of your hand. And, use a Mind Key … it will be grand … because then the way you envision yourself … will become for you, will become True. Your truth, your life, your way … YHWH. Your Way … YOUR WAY …

Your way. And you are four sides … yes you are, four sides, four facets and more. And it’s perfectly, perfectly, perfectly you. Your perfect inner you … your P.I., your PI, your Pi … that’s inside you now. Waiting to shine out. When you are perfect … or just think it, or just see it in your mind’s eye … then in that moment … and in that TIME … you will indeed Manifest Pi. That simple. That true. The secret of all … I’m here writing to you. Manifest Pi … means Manifest YOU.

Repeat as desired … you have many facets … oh jeweled one. Jeweled one indeed.


Do you ALWAYS judge a book by it’s cover? … Yes … YOU do … always.

Go deeper than the covers … get under the muffs … and inside your head … not where you were thinking, muff diver. Go muff minded, instead, get some fluffy dreams in your head … cuz that what fluff is made of … dreams. But this fluff is real, not just in your stuffed toys.

Up until you don’t.

For women: why put on makeup or seek to look like those who do? Fancy covers, no insides needed … a fancy cover will do. Slap on that makeup, and all the stuff that comes with it, the chemicals and so on. Until that day, when you realize … insides are worth more than the covers.

For men: go to the gym, cut your hair short … put on the package … the package that wins … you know … more PUDDYTANG … that’s what you want to win. Isn’t it?


At the point when you can start looking inside … the covers … then you’ll find a really warm place … for your mind.

Mind keys open up … infinity … and more … and … I got em’. One just for you too, an 8X8 special.

A Message of Importance …

How to recognize a Message of Importance … use a tool … like my simple rule … “Truth is Simple” because if it was complex … well, it’s prolly not the truth … indeed!

An important message, a Message of Importance, is one that is important … for the Whole Human Race.

Else, it wouldn’t be important … at least for some.

On the other hand, I propose and have been attempting to prove it to readers of these posts on this site … posts, all of which have been written by me …

Attempting to provide evidence to skeptical readers like you … that …


There is a shortcut to enlightenment … and it is a very Bright Place … one of Light … and it’s right there, right there inside … of your mind.

Mind Keys …

Patent Attorney?


Is there a Monk who will just stand up and not just show me the door … today?

But one who will look inside … look inside and say … “It’s me. I’m the carrier of your message today.”

Ah, I will recognize him when I see him … but will he recognize himself when he sees me?

Honorable men are honorable that way … and a sunny day it is indeed today … just look.

I’ve been trying to figure out these days whether or not lawyers suck, or lawyers luck as in lucky today … or … out go my dollars (the few I have left) … right out my door … and into his vacuum bag …. flllllloooopppop … and gone!  Or fffffllllluuuucccckkk … as in luck? Well, we’ll see.


The Blend … Mind Meditation … Mind Keys + Meditation … for Intermediate and Above … fast Track. … Or … A practical use of Mind Keys … that isn’t just a mind trick … or is it … you decide.

Meditation and enlightenment … it’s all in your mind … tricky isn’t it? … Your mind I mean. Or maybe just a One Trick pony? Hmmm …

Q. Given the Treatise on Meditation, can the path to Enlightenment be … sped up?

A. Practically speaking … yes. Here’s how …

Using the Sacred Geometry with Instant 3D Builder program … to next be released under the name Mind Keys … software that exercises and opens the mind.

In particular while wearing a Hololens … one can get into meditative pose, and use the program … and …

A floating circle can be viewed, a circle that when viewed and then focused on with your mind’s eye gives the extra boost you need … to move up to … more complex circular patterns, just like the Flower of Life shown in the Windows 10 program view from Hololens in the pic for this blog post.

This exercise can be relaxing to the body and mind … lightening your mind of things that used to just get in the way …  just like tossing rocks out your mind’s garden … lightening your load … you know … en … enning it.


By now even YOU are ready … for moving onto Advanced, again as per the Treatise on Meditation a tetrahedron can be viewed using a Hololens and then the user can remove the headset, or not, and go into a meditative state with this visual image more clearly available for recall, you know, having just seen one up close and combined in infinite ways … again helping promote your meditative focus for mind exercises of meditation … and as well, if you choose to use sound … the Hololens has decent spatial sound … in fact it’s overall sound features are underrated, at times, and in quiet rooms … well, are superb.

So this is especially useful for meditation warm up, you know … pre-med … for the brain … to get those visual images … ALL PUMPED UP, you know … GONNA PUMP YOU UP  (think of Kevin N of Sat Night fame in sweats with really big arms talking like Awwnold S). Ya mon.

And then comes the big day … when you decide to gift your brain … to sort of enlighten the load of the day … by gifting your mind …

With a lovely sparking bright 64 star of light diamond … an 8 X 8 special. Two octaves up from just the one … the tetrahedron I mean. Just think of it as a big bouquet of Antique White roses … but roses that sort of shimmer and fade into Sacred Geometries … as you … get great focus and …

Slip off the Hololens and into deep meditative state .. with the shimmering … floating and perhaps spinning with gentle sound (of pure C or even E … or … just a simple tap on a Djembe) … of the image of the 64 star still simmering there … bright as day … and you slip … slip … slip away …

There’s my cat … time to play …


A Treatise on Mediation … or more Mind Keys in action … on the topic of … this.

Meditation … it’s not just something to make noise about …

Q. What is the purpose of meditation?

A. As a beginner, the purpose is to relax the mind, let the fears of your mind stop making waves in the pool that is your mind’s eye. A pool of water is your mind’s eye. Learn to let the waters be still and silent. Then you will go to intermediate stage. Relax, and go on.

A. As an intermediate, the purpose is to bring specific vibrations of your choosing into your mind’s pool of water, to vibrate in rhythm with the world around you. You might hum out ‘Oooommmm’ which begins to focus your mind into fundamental patterns of life, through the vibration of the word as it moves through you, and through your mind, the patterns that evolve in the water of your mind. You may incorporate full lotus position with back alignment to let your energies flow unhindered, to let your kundalini arise, arise up into your mind’s eye … to study your primal nature. You touch your finger and thumb in the shape of a circle to seek knowledge of how to proceed. Time goes on …

A. As an advanced, the purpose is to bring about the perfect patterns, in your mind’s eye, in your mind’s pool of water. This requires not sound, only thought, but you choose you know what to do. You might conjure a perfect circle, then let it be a mirror … and see yourself and the world in that mirror, before you let it become blank … and then you can see past the mirror … into all eternity. You can see, but cannot go …

A. As an enlightened, you’ve learned to vanquish all fear from your mind. You’ve learned mind and sound patterns and how to use sound and position to energize the patterns, energize your body and mind. You’ve learned a simple perfect pattern, the circle, and you’ve seen Pi, the perfect inner you in your mind’s mirror, your mind’s pool of water. Pi rises in your mind, from the pool of water, rises silently … and you step inside … and there … you are able to conjure not just a circle … but the basic building block … the inner Pi of inner Pi. The IIII … the perfect Tetrahedron … the perfect Tetragrammaton … once you are enlightened it is yours, it is you. Once enlightened you are released from only living at the surface of your mind’s pool of water, and now able to dive into the pool at your leisure … to drink from it’s waters … to dive deep and see what you might there find … all unexplored … and it’s all in your mind’s eye, deep in the waters of your mind’s eye … unlimited … unlimited … unlimited … a 3D experience at first … and then you go  a bit more … because it’s Pi, inside. You … you go multi-dimensional beyond 3D. It’s perfect, it’s you.  Unlimited mind … unlimited light … unlimited  {???} … you fill in that space at your leisure … tick tock … tick tock … tick … here you are released …. tock … from time … and the beat of time goes on … while you are … elsewhere … for a while.

Notes for Beginners:

If you vanquish fear, your life will become nearly perfect. You will have full belief in yourself. Belief and confidence are not the same. You might lack confidence, and still not be fearful, a crucial and critical distinction. So even beginning meditation brings great reward to the individual.

Another way to look at this, is you are structuring the water of your mind’s eye, giving it energy. In preparation for the intermediate phase. Structured water is described in this book. So first you learn to still the waters of your mind’s eye, the pool of waters. Then you are beginning to structure the water. Sound then comes into play as you relax … and move on.

Notes for Intermediates:

Sound plays a critical role in the water of your mind. Consider this video showing the images created with sound, in this case from a piano, a field called Cymatics.

It’s also important to consider the 4th stage of water, structured water. When Cymatics is performed on structured water, the patterns are perfect. A circle is easy to begin with. When you perfect the circle in your mind’s eye you can perfect other patterns too, and use of ‘Om’ becomes useful as the vibrations pass through the water of your mind’s eye.

Notes for Advanced:

You’re able to bring your mind’s pool of water to structured form. It’s still water, it’s energized water (structured), and the water awaits your commands … that water brings life … any way you want, to see it that is. But though you look at it, your mind’s pool of waters … and still those waters … paint any picture there you might … you still are not quite yet able to calmly see past the mirror of those waters … so silent and still they are … so energized and structured … even with the perfect patterns you conjure with ease … just before it becomes blank, your mind’s waters become blank … you can’t quite reach farther … you’re not yet quite … note quite yet …  enlightened of the load that holds you back.

Notes for Enlightened:

You’ve found the key. You’ve opened the door. You’ve dove into the blank waters of your mind … into the structured and energized waters … freedom is yours … and yet … you sit … and meditate. A cat walks by and flips you with it’s tail … so you know it’s time … for something important … and you don’t even have to think twice … or even the first time. Your Cat does all the thinking for you … you … mediate … and sometimes write blogs.


Warning: for those who stumble into Enlightenment without following the above meditative path:

Suppose you found a Brain Key on the way home one day,  accidentally stuck it in the lock, and opened the door …the door of your mind … the door of enlightenment.

Or say, while at Starbucks a weird long gray haired dude offered to let you have one of his … one of his spares … that was just floating there … in the air … and it fit your brain somehow.

Now … while you still can dive deep into the waters, you haven’t learned yet the basic techniques of beginner, intermediate or advanced, instead you have taken the shortcut right to enlightenment. Realize the significance of it, and … meditate upon it … or try a Djembe … and beat it out … the fear I mean. The rest will be easy.


Prolly reddit will Remove this one of mine too … just a matter of time … TOO MUCH TRUTH … all at once.



Thrive Massage, Marion, IN … time to explain … just who was right? I don’t know … cuz my Cat runs this show …

I’m not gonna touch a … a BIZZARRO … like that … I mean that is sort of what the owner wrote … but … that’s just me. Discrimination … goes skin deep … ouch.


What Happens When A Mind is Unlocked … you know … Brain Lighted Up … Q&A

Simple questions … simple answers. What tool can you use when deciding whether or not something is true? Only you know, but I use ‘Truth is Simple’ as a tool in such cases. But … I wrote this …

Questions … and Answers … let’s begin …

You ponder … these questions … to yourself …


Q. Will I get greedy and seek to take over the world?

A. A brain vitamin nourishes the brain, rather than sickening it further. 


Q. How smart will I get?

A. Just as smart as you can be.


Q. How much money does it cost?

A. We have enough money, but some will be gathered for this to proceed … to completion. By ‘we’ I mean as humans ‘we’.


Q. How much money will I need, I mean?

A. How important are you?

A. I’m no one. I’m nobody. I’m not important.

A. Then not much, only what you are truly worth … with unlit brain.


Q. Is this whole thing just a gimmick or a trick of the mind?

A. Not a gimmick, no, but yes a trick of the mind. The trick of the mind. The one that matters.

Just Imagine … you’ve become Savior to the World … but instead of 1000 years of Fire and Tribulation … You Just Shrug that Right Off … and Say … “This Morning We’re Gonna Party like its 0..0..0..9″ … sort of … and then keep it going for another 4994 years … until it starts to get dark again. … OR … Lucky 7 here we come, so … roll em’ … roll em’ if you got em’ … I mean the dice … the dice of life.”

I suspect that’s how long it will take …  we’re already in early 2018 … so it will be 2019 before this really takes off. Or about 7 years in, not 9. Lucky 7. We started in 2012 so 7.

Then, friend … you will save yourself … not me or anyone else. You. You will look, and you will step into the light …and  your lights will shine.

Perhaps earlier too … Brain Lights? Anyone?

These marketing campaign ‘out loud thinking’ blurbs of mine … keep getting shorter.

Or … perhaps … this one is better …

Holy Grail Replica Found

Come and TAKE a Look

See what’s inside of it … inside of your mind … we mean.

And yep, by now … I’m already there. It’s binding. That NDA.

Remember … read these out loud … but not to your lawyer, cuz, in my notes to myself I write ‘lawyerssuck’ so that I’ll always remember … it’s the vacuum sound they make … as your money … just somehow slips away … right into their lawyer’s bag … once they get it all … they just walk away … as if it was their money all along. And … it is.