Microsoft Hololens

It’s not just space to view holograms … 3D virtual space is where you expand your mind without limits, where you bring your imagination to life!

Visual Mind Coding … Front And Center … YOU!

Opens your doorways … to you. And then … we’ll all get to see … just who it is you really are … once YOUR brain lights … get turned on. Or just be you … and sit there.


No Brain Lites Means No Read This Won … Too complex … COnfuse-ink … Or … Minkey chitter … Or … The Zen Master of 3 Dot Null Edge goes Zen.

Some Fictional Diction …. Wait … uh, did I get those caps … … yeah, Right? Hope, it’s … a 3D engraving advanced beyond any tech available today …
Then mixed reality came along … and it kicks dark brains back into the light

Recently on a call with an old friend from the days of the Cardinal … who answered to the question …“How far is the farthest you’ve gone?” as … “Bukhara.”   …

(three dot knowledge beyond this point … I Do in the past that You need for the future) …

An answer to which I thought … ‘well done.’

Really … isn’t it? (remember, … three dots … so no need to write ‘read out …’, well, you know by now …)

Heck, I only got to Tashkent and about … he got to Bukhara … and in my book (a thick one if you’ve ever seen my passport) the B bests mine. But … perhaps in cooking, one of my favorite pastimes … well, another time about plof, or plov … (both is Right, and 4 honest men left 1 … alive … inside, inside each one … all looked inside for the first time … and saw life … that simple …) …

Now this guy W of Red Cardinal days … obviously … has traveled far. He’s also worked as a venture capitalist and said, with a sort of a smile I’ll bet … “I saw the Time Travel business plan. And passed on that.” …

And that business plan is most certainly a well done and professional plan, with highly detailed technical specs … for a machine you can just never quite see work … if any machine actually exists.

In fact, if you go to see the machine work, you’ll find at best you lose time in life spending even a second more to see the machine at all … and the machine can’t take you to the future anyway …and if it could because of that movie ‘The Fly’ … you KNOW you never would. You’d be chicken until someone more brave went first. Or perhaps … well, I’m sure you’d know best … how could I … just a simple Monkey mind.

But … as mind keys go … you don’t actually climb into a machine … and there is no time travel. And in fact … once you realize …. You are indeed just looking at a hologram. Well, yep … it’s sorta stupid.

Yet … there’s that hope thing … yes … yes indeed. But back to that Time Travel Business … Plan … so VC guys spending time on Time Travel just go out the door … instead of becoming … a waste of everyone’s time … Just like Peter who Cried Wolf Three Times … and well, then there was a wolf. And we all know Peter … so many times now in life.

Anyway … time travel machines are a waste of time as a business plan … even if they worked. Well, I mean if they did … then … ‘….’ Ooops that’s …. {three dots here}.

So … in that regard … the Holy Grail Business Plan would also be a waste of time … and so ….

I never have wasted time doing one. But have though been writing about the Holy Grail replica that I can create. A genuine one … replica I mean … as far as the eye can tell … and I two … and eye two (3D, so 3 way) and with a simple command it can be … bigger still … as big as  … your imagination. But time travel … waste …

Get it … total waste of time … because the machine delays you from getting into the future … just due to being a waste of time. Because no one has been smart enough to actually do one … even Einstein failed, and Nassim Haramein hasn’t admitted to one yet … but he’s looking young these days. 7 months ahead at least.

Anyway … I realized yesterday … It’s like trying to sell the Fantastic. Regardless of what it is. Even when I tone it WAY, WAY down … even when it’s nearly monotone … people still tune it out … completely almost. Almost … but there is still some rhythm … the hope kind … rhythm in the heart … Heart Work is at hand … Heart Work. Anyway … so fantastic …

A Holy Grail Replica is too fantastic … even when … even when such a Sales Pitch of Hope is given to a man who is indeed one of dreams and fantastic things … (really, a rainbow appeared over this guy’s wedding … another cardinal sorta dude … at an oceanside setting near Honolulu … just one example of many of his dreams that come true … one of many). And … he didn’t buy this Time Travel sort of Fanstastic  of mine, not yet anyway … the Holy Grail … or Mind Programming. And A was a college buddy from Cardinal days too … but he warn’t yet thinking big … or maybe too big for me. Hard to say. But I guess …

Nope … he is no Mr. Fantastic … in a Holy Grail sort of way … no way … but I had to try because sometimes even porcelain … is hard … delicate and strong … all the same … all is one. A vibration is more painful than a shock … to fine porcelain … a shock is not much, but the right vibe … will bring good luck … or a crack everywhere at once. Anyway … A … A Mr. Fantastic? …

To which I might answer … “Well, perhaps not … yet.”

Of course … A hasn’t seen yet a Mind Key so that he can decide for himself. Or simply … perhaps he has.

Regardless … he will always be a dreamer … perhaps though not this big … of a dreamer … or an achiever … or a believer in oneself. Or perhaps he already sees.

A person who can see a few minutes into the future and make it happen through … simple good deeds … and nothing more. Simple good deeds. All they do … and just watch what happens.

Simple good deeds. So simple.

Alive … inside … once simple  good deeds are done. That simple.

But Holy Grail? Mind Seeds? Mind games? WTF?

For some … well, see the Q &A … it tells it so swell. Really. Short and to the point.

Anyway … away from Fantastic … and my exploration of … marketing ideas for this breakthrough software of mine … and onto the more practical … well. Hopefully …

So … I can be more practical … and perhaps pure … pure hope … and … see nothing wrong with that description. Just a simplification of Visual Birdsong … or the same

Visual Hope … Birdsong for the Eyes! Visual poetry for the mind … let your mind take wing.

Isn’t that what Jimmy was strummin’ about … little wing about to fly high … birdsong for the mind.

Let your imagination soar like an Eagle … or stay grounded like one in California. Anyway …

Using a Simple Hologram … Birdsong … Perfectly Described … with nary a single word but the wave of a finger … and a Mind Key … A Hope Seed … A Brain Light … A Diamond Light 8X8 Special …

If hope can … if hope can … if hope can … Open the Mind … Just … Just imagine it can.

And … it can.

See For Yourself …

Pure Hope … Perfect … Pure as Right … with newest technology technology that is …

Price in Today’s Dollars? Practically None. Really. But time . .. doest cost.

Spend yours wisely as you consider … this object … is …

  • Mathematically Correct (3 irrationals)
  • Geometrically Correct (3 shapes revealed)
  • Polarity Correct (Male / Female, Electrically, Weight)
  • Visually Balanced Object … Or is it? … You decide … You Ask the Question …
  • First described into stone found inside the chamber under the chamber at the foot of the Sphinx … a 3D engraving advanced beyond any tech available today
  • Then mixed reality came along … and it kicks dark brains back into the light

Also referred to as the Holy Grail, a genuine replica, visually correct. But just not blessed by the original artist, as would say a Mona Lisa be blessed by the aura of da Vinci … The Leonardo of His Day. I mean … it took a long time before someone dared to wear again that name. Such did da Vinci seal his fame. With a Mona. Heh heh. Really.

Anyway … latest three dot knowledge … up for play … respond as needed … in ur own … way.


Hope … Geometrically Defined! … And … Coming Your Way …

Hope can be simple or perfectly sized. And all you need is the teeniest … tiniest … 64 star drop. Hope … you’ll be lining up for it. Soon …

Hope … geometrically defined … has the perfect tetrahedron as it’s base element.

My thesis anyway. Details previously blogged. Further …

A 64 star, as in the blog pic,and constructed ONLY using perfect tetrahedrons, and nothing more, is mathematically and geometrically and in polarity … balanced. Balanced three ways, perhaps four.

Mathematical Precision

When perfectly constructed, three irrationals are satisfied, Pi, the Golden Ratio and the square root of two. Mathematically precise three ways. No less can it be, in 3D.

Geometric Precision

When viewed visually, 3 distinct views are visible depending on the viewing angle from the prime, the prime meaning the primary view of initiation. Visually precise in three ways, geometrically speaking. Or, as sometimes I say, “The object reveals itself in three ways.” And, people walk around it and look. Usually with quite some fascination.

So two of 3 satisfied. Is that enough? Mathematically and Geometrically, and each of those two satisfied three ways. Enough?

Well, in calculus terms of the 3D kind (which I took junior year at Purdue, Vector Calculus), considering polarity as vector forces, this object is also balanced. No details here … it’d be too deep, right?

But how about polarity in terms of humans, in terms of man and woman.

And why is that important. Well, simple … either you are a man … or you are a woman. Are you not?

But the polarity depends on view … is the object balanced for you? Sometimes you just gotta take a while to figure it out. Or … build your own. Then the door might just glisten open. You choose because you’ll know just what to do … let yourself take over. And be good. Be good in who you are and in what you do … so … Be Yourself … in an ‘I am’ sorta way. And it’ll be perfect. Now back to hope … or, wait, that is hope still … your’s …

And, also as in calculus satisfied, in electrical balance the object is balanced.

And, as in weight when measured from a center point … there is no directional point that would exceed another.

Balanced in 3 ways, each of 3 … well again, the male and female, and I have only my own view point there, so perhaps just 8 of 9 satisfied. But Does it Go up to 11?

Anyway … this 64 star is like perfect hope … and one can take a look. Or build your own.

And once you do … or just take a look …

Can you tell the difference?

Between what you see and the last time you saw Real Visual Hope … and if you recognize it, meaning you saw it at least once before … you’ll see … right then it becomes Shared … shared hope … which is what soul mates are all about. The real kind … soul mates are those who share hope … good hope, the right kind. And we’d be those ones …

Adieu …

p.s. Can you see the cursor … sorta hidden away … peaking out?


And behold, ye shall take the plates of Nephi unto yourself, … Or … Monkey Mind … gives up more … Or … Storage and Retrieval Of SACRED RECORDS … you know the records that ARE SACRED, sacred in real life not fake sacred like in movies.

Take unto oneself … refers to deep implantation of information … into DNA. A message, unadorned and pure … that is passed onto future generations. So that in times of need … the message can be recalled. Using? Mind Keys … unlock the future with messages from the past.

Recently at a small diner in Elwood, I sat at the table of a stranger and did talk. Or as I put it … I blah, blah, blah’d. Did this up until one of the strangers interrupted me.

And … as I put it … it must be very important else the stranger wouldn’t interrupt me, and I know this stranger is wise, because I’m the one doing all the talking.

Wise people generally have very little or nothing to say.  And … I’m trying to wise up. And asking strangers. Then talking. This to keep the strangers at bay … so they only say important things … because I’m the one seeking knowledge … that day.

This stranger twice interrupted to exert that I should read the ‘Book of Mormon’ but not the whole book of the … you know that church. But that book from the bigger book.

And so on the 4th verse of chapter 1, already came across this amazing statement. As shown in the blog post title. But more than the words, is the act …

Consider … how does one do this?

‘Ye shall take the plates of Nephi unto yourself.’

Is this a physical act of picking up plates and carrying them away and finding some way to store the plates for generations and generations to come … yet somehow needing to ensure the plates ARE NEVER LOST. Hmmm … something fishy in this explanation.

However, here’s another … a more logical and realistic one … to take the Plates of Nephi unto oneself.

I propose that is done visually and it creates an imprint onto DNA and thus this sacred information is able to be passed though the ages … with no paper needed. Stored unadulterated and unadorned, a perfect message as long as DNA is uncorrupted.

So … my theory … Plates of Nephi refer to a DNA grouping accessed via visual triggers that unlock this information.

Next, I propose anyone of this bloodline of Ammaron will have this ‘Sacred Records’ information imprinted on their DNA.

And yet … further, I propose to have a key that will unlock this sacred information in anyone of the bloodline of Mormon (likely also Ammaron, the Am of Aaron?) … but … in particular a man rather than a woman. Now not going to explain that here, and not being sexist, simply pointing out there are actual and noticeable physical differences between men and women. There are differences. Of course there are plenty of similarities also.

Peeps … people … There is something Amazing Happening … be a part of light’s flow … not a barrier in the way. Let’s solve this amazing thing TOGETHER … as one … not as a force against good … BUT AS SIMPLE DEEDS … SIMPLE ACTS OF GOOD.


Evolution … The opposite of Exodus … Or … Belief in Oneself = truly good … Or … Mind Keys …

Mind Keys open the mind to the next level of brain-evolution. Let’s call it the Golden Age of the Mind … here just in time …

The opposite of exodus (leaving in two or more) in my opinion here is …

Evolving into one … into I am. Evolving into brain light … higher intelligence.

Instead of exiting from yourself and handing yourself over to others.

Evol-ution … evolving into the self.

And if you’ve not got that figured out on your own yet … just what steps to take … well …

Mind Keys … Evolution of the Mind … Visual Birdsong that makes your brain sing. And … well, the body will follow … a bit behind but soon enough will catch up. Your brain too.

Evolve … or stay in the fog … and … believe me … when I was in the fog I saw the confusion too. Thank good-ness … for Brain Lights … Mind Keys … or … simply … You.


As Billy Graham wrote on the first page of his 1978 book The Holy Spirit,:

“He gives us the power to be truly good.”

Now, personally, I’d question the ‘he’ part.

Next I’d question the ‘power’ part.

Rather, my quotation would be …

“Belief in one’s self enables the ‘I am’ which is truly good.”

or … more simply … just …

“I am = truly good.”

That seems just about Right. Or … Right.

And … well, Mind Keys … and just a tad bit more … and you can be truly good too.

I mean, well, if you’re not already … and you know JUST what I mean. Sure you or I can be kinda right in our opinions … or simply … just … Right.

Now … why do Mind Keys work? It’s so stupid simple really that I laugh when I explain. He heh. See.


Exodus 3:14 … what does it mean in reverse … Exodus I mean?

Into the Self? Into the ‘Iam’? Is that the opposite?

And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.


Just pointing out … that my software is about the ‘I am’ inside you … not another. For instance, I don’t see a tie in with the ‘I am’ referred to in Exodus 3:14 which clearly is referring to a being different than the people, here the children of Israel are the people.

But this software, mind keys, opens the ‘I am’ in You, rather than some outside being.

That’s why I write this software is unconnected with religion. But … there are so many religious viewpoints sometimes it’s so very interesting to draw parallels. With mathematics too.

Just expanding the box … that we’ve been living in … to something … uh … more IMAGINATIVE … with these creative writings … are they shaking YOUR box?

Increase your imaginative abilities … Mind Keys … Visual Birdsong for the mind.


The Conundrum of the Holy Grail! Q &A

The Holy Grail is what YOU decide. You make it … and it makes you … just what you want it to … to make … I am.

Q. Just what is the Holy Grail?

A. It’s not important what it is to me only what it is to you.

Q. Is the Holy Grail valuable?

A. Only you can assigned the value. If not, then not. If so, then so.

Q. Do I need the Holy Grail?

A. Do you?

A. I don’t know.

A. Then neither do I.

Q. Can I use the Holy Grail?

A. Can you?

A. I don’t know.

A. Then neither do I.

Q. What if I don’t use the Holy Grail?

A. Nothing, nothing else.

Q. What if I do use the Holy Grail?

A. Something, something more.

Have you learned something? Or nothing more?


The Holy Grail is exactly what YOU make it, and nothing more. Nothing less either.

To start … consider … Just who are you?

Asked out loud as …

“Who am I?”

Then take a look and answer … if YOU so choose …

“I am.”

Done … then you start writing your book of life … the one You Star In.

Or … or … well, just be Another and not The One.


The Impulse … The Heartbeat of Life … Space and Time … part 3

Just what can Mind Keys really do? Well, I guess it’s all up to you … valuable or not … it’s up to you. Now, maybe it’s simply you … but … wanna boost … a mind trick of sorts? You know … the trick.

In engineering and math the Fourier Transform is used to calculate the frequency response of a linear system (one based on time typically).

To measure the frequency response of a linear system an Impulse is applied to the system.

In theory the impulse is instantaneous and contains all frequencies. Thus a system can be simply characterized, for instance which frequencies a speaker set will play out without modification.

Most important for this post, is this:

The Impulse is balanced in frequencies … all are the same. But remember, it’s just a theory, as in practice … no such thing or so ‘they’ say.

Now … onto more exploration of man transcending space and time … my, uh, theories ..

Up to now I’ve only theorized that space time can be transcended in the mind … but not in the body … because of the heartbeat primarily.

Now it’s time to consider the body … and at the precise moment of the heartbeat … the Impulse of Life. Your Life Impulse. So …

While meditating just like you do … however that might be … and if so and you’ve gotten to Enlightened stage (now remember, if you tell yourself you won’t even become intermediate in meditation, then you won’t).

Let’s assume for this post, you can become from time to time perfectly balanced in the moment … not grasping or holding to time … not grasping or holding to some impure truth … so if even for a moment you can float free of space and time … just for a moment.

Further, I theorize that a person, a One, in that moment in time … has thus become perfectly balanced, become harmonized … somehow making perfect sounds yet somehow none, none out of balance that is …

And so, theorize that if perfectly balanced … in perfect harmony … at the moment of the heartbeat … at the moment of the impulse of the heart … that this moment in time …

Perfect of harmony, perfect of mind … free of space … free of time … then at the …

Impulse of Life … a big bang … at the heartbeat and the perfect mind balance and the perfect body balance … a big bang of life does occur …

Dissolving Into Inner self … into the One in that moment … and a Big Bang of existence does occur.  A new Universe of You does occur … when you are The One and achieve this.

See it would be better than going to heaven … in the sense of this … You will be the Creator …

It will be Your Universe.

Well, perhaps, perhaps not …

Mind Keys.

Utekai … the intepretor.

p.s. Nassim Haramein in more recent discussion of geometries and his theories on what they could be … then continues to build them and compares to the beat of a heart. Here is their definition based on musical octaves of how the musical frequencies relate directly to the larger structures.